Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo
OngoingBook 3 Chapter 72

    Arrange Marriage With Demon Ceo Book 1 Chapter 1

    Volume 1: Marriage Events Chapter 1 Saving The Child

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    ''Hurry up! Catch them."

    "OK BOSS.'' The black haired man bowed to green haired man. He start to chase the girl.

    The girl run toward the town with a child in her arm. She was suffocating. She looked at the bun in her arm. He has sparking eyes like star and soft cheeks. The child was frighten and sweating. He was shaking in fear.

    ''Child,Don't worry. We are safe now.'' The girl slowly pat his head.

    She start to walk toward the police station. It was hard to run with child in her arm. She was injured while protecting the child. She start to feel heavy and sufffocated.


    She collapsed on the road.

    People notice the girl collapsed and beside her child who was trying to wake up. They called ambulance first and then police.

    --2 hrs ago--

    ''Yes, mom I am listening.''

    ''Yong soojin, You brat! Where are you? Why didn't you show on your blind date? '' Yong soo Roared at her daughter.

    ''Mom. I am not going to marry. Why are you forcing me?'' Soojin complained.

    ''Shut up! I am going to arrange another date and you're going. Mark my word you're going.''

    ''No, I'm.....~thud~.....she cut the call?....s**t'' soojin throw her phone. Soojin start to kick the floor.

    ''Hello, I've done my work. I kidnap the child.''

    Soojin was puzzled for a moment. She thought she was imagining thing. But she wasn't. Slowly she walk the direction the sound was coming.She peeped from the far away.

    There was a man was carrying child forcefully. The child was struggling to freed from him. He looked looked like a thug. His hair was dyed in green.

    When soojin collect her thought. She start to get panic. Her first reaction was to call for help. She start to search for her phone.

    'phone!phone!phone.....shit. I just broke it. ' Soojin start to hit her head.'You stupid women.'

    She wasn't able to call for help. If she went to search for people it might get late. She can't save the little bunny.

    'What should i do? What should I do?'

    She start to get Anxious. She tried to calm herself before taking any action.She took a long rod and collect her her courage and tip-toe toward them.

    She hit the man head from behind. She used all her full force.-bang-

    The blood started to creept out. Soojin pull little boy from him. She looked at the boy who was sobbing. His face was covered with mud and tears