Apocalypse: Picking Up Attributes And Becoming Stronger Chapter 433

    Chapter 433: : Special Method

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    "Little brother, is my daughter okay?"

    Luo Tinggan asked nervously.

    At this time, he was not a domineering Rashomon master, just a father worried about his daughter.

    Long Chen nodded, and then shook his head.

    "It's okay for the time being, but the root cause has not been resolved. If the root cause is not resolved, your daughter will do it again."

    Long Chen said.

    At this time, there is another soul living in the girl's soul sea, let's call it Yinling for the time being.

    That Yinling resentment was very strong, so the girl's soul was completely suppressed and her body was out of control.

    Just now, Long Chen's finger injected his own divine power attack, knocking back the Yin Ling.

    But it's just repelling. If you want to really solve it, you have to kill the ghost.

    "Ah, what should I do, little brother, maybe you can completely cure my daughter?"

    Luo Tinggan immediately became nervous when he heard what Long Chen said, and asked quickly.

    "I said that if I can cure her, I will definitely be able to."

    "It's just that my treatment method is a bit special later, and no one else is allowed in the ward, including you."

    Long Chen looked at Luo Tinggan and said.

    Special method? No other people allowed, including yourself?

    Luo Tinggan frowned when he heard Long Chen's words.

    He didn't fully believe in Long Chen, and he was worried about leaving this lone man and woman in the ward.

    "Why can't someone?"

    Luo Tinggan asked.

    "I said, because the method is special, but you can rest assured that it is not what you think. I will not do anything wrong with your daughter."

    Long Chen said, of course he knew what Luo Tinggan was thinking.

    But his Long Chen has been in the different world for thousands of years, and he has seen countless beauties. His wife, Dugu Lengyue, is like a fairy.

    Although this girl is also very good-looking, she is too young after all. She is only fifteen or six years old, and her face is slightly immature.

    No matter how shameless Long Chen is, it is impossible to do disgusting things to such a little girl.

    However, when Long Chen said so, Luo Tinggan still didn't believe it very much.

    The girl is his favorite daughter, even if Luo Tinggan is willing to die for her.

    He would never allow his daughter to be hurt at all.

    Seeing Luo Tinggan's still dubious appearance, Long Chen shrugged.

    "Otherwise, just believe me, you all go out and wait, or I will leave now, and after one night, your daughter will continue to return to her previous state, and in three days, she will not be your daughter."

    After Long Chen finished speaking, he stopped talking, quietly waiting for Luo Tinggan's decision.

    His last words were not exaggerated in the slightest, and in three days at most, that ghost would completely devour the girl's soul.

    "I don't have much time, I don't want to waste it with you, since you don't believe me, so be it."

    After waiting for a while, Luo Tinggan still did not make up his mind.

    Long Chen shrugged, turning around as he said.

    Seeing Long Chen really wanted to leave, Luo Tinggan finally couldn't help it.

    "Wait! I believe you."

    Long Chen stopped. To tell the truth, if he didn't need the yin spirit in the girl to recover from the trauma of the soul, he would not waste so much.

    "Then go out quickly."

    Long Chen said.

    Luo Tinggan stared at Long Chen for a few times, and finally made up his mind.

    Call those little brothers to leave the ward.

    "Door, do you really rest assured that that kid and the young lady are alone in the room?"

    A key member of Rashomon asked worriedly.

    The girl he grew up watching when he was a child, and he cared about girls not much less than Luo Tinggan.