Am I A God?

Am I A God? Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Collapse

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As Kensei Yagyu joined the fight again, Apollo looked at the blood red cocoon Kaede Hattori used to defend himself. He tilted his head, stretched out his hand and clenched his fist.

“Black hole Radiation.”

Using the gravitation ability application developed by America’s supercomputer, the gravitation that was acting vertically downwards on Kaede Hattori changed and all started acting in different directions.

At the same, all the other American Apostles also followed suit and used the same attack. Kaede Hattori felt like he was sucked into a black hole, gravitational force was acting on him in all directions and was pulling him apart.

Even his Divine Rays of Terror could not withstand the gravity. It could only act in the opposite direction to neutralize the force.

The hundreds of Apostles were constantly changing the direction of their gravitational force. There was no way Kaede Hattori could change the direction of his Divine Rays of Terror according to the hundreds of Apostles. Hence, Kaede Hattori was badly injured almost immediately. The blood red cocoon shattered around him, cuts started appearing on his skin. Blood was oozing out from his wounds and flowing upwards due to the gravitational force.

Apollo commented coldly.”Do you know that gravity travels at the speed of light? This means that you have no where to hide. Hattori, you have already lost this battle.”

Despite hearing that, Kaede Hattori continued his attack on the Apostles. However the Apostles who were hit by the Divine Rays of Terror remained in their positions and appeared untouched.

Kaede Hattori’s face turned solemn,”They are all projected images?”

Apollo smirked,” Other than traveling at the speed of light, gravitational force has another characteristic. It is that it acts on everything even at the greatest distances, from the smallest cells to galaxies. Currently, we are attacking you from somewhere that is beyond your reach. Hattori, you do not even have the chance to fight back.”

Gravity travels at the speed of light. Furthermore, having hundreds of Apostles attacking in every direction, it made up for the weaken gravitational force caused by the long distance.

This resulted in Kaede Hattori being unable to defend himself. In fact he was pinned to his position by the violent gravitational force. Unable to launch a counter attack, unable to hide.

This was an attack planned specially to counter Kaede Hattori’s Divine Rays of Terror. The effects of these hundreds of Apostles attacking would be far better than thousands of Apostles with different abilities attacking together.

Zhao Yao was cautioned with what he saw. Even with such strong abilities like Kaede Hattori, once he is targeted, he was defeated badly. This further proves his belief of remaining low-key and hiding his abilities.

This is the importance of military intelligence in a battle between the superpowered. Kaede Hattori was overconfident. Although he had strong abilities but he was still mortal after all. All mortals have weaknesses.”

“Unpredictability is what makes superpower truly powerful.”

While thinking, he gently pushed his palm forward and the shadow blade from Kensei Yagyu was freezed in midair by the Deflective Field.

On the other hand, Kensei Yagyu used Shadow Jump and was charging towards Kaede Hattori. To Kensei Yagyu, Zhao Yao was only an insignificant person from China. Before this he had wielded his katana and sent his shadow blades to slash Zhao Yao.

In Kensei Yagyu’s eyes, Zhao Yao was a dead man. He placed all his attention on Kaede Hattori and continued charging towards him.

Kaede Hattori was the strongest enemy Kensei Yagyu ever met. He had to kill Hattori, even if it means that he had to give up his honor and attack him while he is surrounded.

If Hattori lives, the Kujyo and the entire Yagyu family would have to suffer the wrath of his revenge.

However, while he was charging towards Kaede Hattori, he was unaware. In fact the whole hall was unaware.

Of the fact that the black sword aura attacking Zhao Yao, was freezed in midair and shattered into pieces before it even reached Zhao Yao.

The next moment, a fish ball was raised up in the air by the Deflective Field and glaring bright light soared into the sky like a mini Sun lighting up the hall.

Kensei Yagyu suddenly realized that there were no longer any shadows around him. He had lost his chance of shadow jumping.

Next, a Ragdoll cat ( Catherine) appeared in front of him. The moment he saw Catherine, his subconsciously relaxed, fell into deep sleep and was no longer in Shadow mode.

Then, he body tensed up and open his eyes again. He was lifted up by his head.

Instinctively he wanted to retaliate but no matter how hard he tried, nothing moved. Be it his hands, legs, body or even his eyes. His ability to turn into shadow had also completely disappeared.

He was thrown off guard,” He took me down without even showing himself? Who is this person?”

He squint hard to try and see the person. Looking at the glaring red light from the person’s eyes and the cold face. Kensei Yagyu was astounded,” He is the China dude?”

After seeing Kensei Yagyu’s change in facial expression, Zhao Yao frowned,” Roly Poly, how many times must i tell you? My head needs to be invisible! My head needs to be invisible!”

Roly Poly curled his lips in annoyance and whispered to himself, “You keep changing what you want. How am I supposed to know?”

Concurrently, Zhao Yao asked Elizabeth to activate her illusion powers and Zhao Yao now looked like Kaede Hattori’s dead grandfather, Matsuyama Hattori. Furthermore, Zhao Yao took the mask from Dust Ball’s mouth and wore it.

Dust Ball opened his mouth again and released Sphynx cat. Zhao Yao said,” Sphynx cat, go with Roly Poly to look for the Americans.”

Roly Poly grabbed onto Sphynx cat’s neck and both of them shot off to go look for the location of Apollo and his men. Although the other supercats do not have the ability to stay invisible but Elizabeth used her illusion powers and hid them from sight.

This is a dangerous and fierce fight, hence once he starts fighting, his strategy is to stay steady and safe. Hence, the first thing he did was to released the invisible Sphynx cat and then use the Power Up card.

With a flick of his palm, Zhao Yao had activated Ares’s Deflective Field. Kensei Yagyu was thrown out immediately and he crashed through two walls before falling onto the ground covered in blood.

Kensei Yagyu wanted to stand up but he vomited out a mouthful of blood instead. With his eyes wide open, he glared at Zhao Yao who currently had the appearance of Matsuyama Hattori.

The abnormal situation quickly caught Apollo and Hideki Kujyo’s attention.

Apollo frowned in disbelief,” Matsuyama Hattori? You are still alive?”

Hideki Kujyo eyes were also filled with doubt. After noticing the special sound waves in the air, he was puzzled,” It is the same kind of fluctuation again. What is this exactly?”

The rest of them who were hiding- Nanako, Sylvie, Kappei Hattori and others- were all equally shocked by the appearance of Matsuyama Hattori.

Upon hearing Apollo, a thought came to Zhao Yao’s mind,” Am I seeing an illusion? This means they are not far away. Sphnx cat go and search the roofs nearby.”

On the other hand, Kaede Hattori was also very shocked to see Matsuyama Hattori. ” Grandpa?”

Zhao Yao laughed loudly and used Old Cat to translate,” Kaede, you did well. Grandpa faked my own death and hid in the mountains for 30 years to train hard for Fist of the World King. Now, watch closely, this is the Fist of the World King that has been passed down in our family for generations.”

While speaking, Zhao Yao was covered in golden flames and he punched forward. The golden flames were like a magnificent dragon swallowing Kaede Hattori completely. At the same time, it disintegrated the gravitational force that was attacking Kaede Hattori.