After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 81

    Chapter 81: Extra Five

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    [Story not told]

    "Senior! Wait a minute!"

    A crisp female voice came from behind, and Song Yi turned around, a girl with black hair, wearing a red cap with a back button, a thick foundation on her tender face, red lips, perfume smell It's thick, it's hard to tell if it's not in school uniform.

    Song Yi frowned, didn't even know this one, "Are you looking for me for something?"

    The girl put her hands on her knees, panting as she ran, "I am Cheng Mei from the second and seventh high school class."

    The name sounds familiar, Song Yi seems to have heard it somewhere.

    Cheng Mei straightened her waist, tucked her hair, and blinked a few times. Song Yi noticed that she was wearing only a thin sling in her school uniform jacket and a black ribbon around her neck, which looked like Bengdi just returned from the bar.

    "Hey! Senior, are you single?"

    Song Yi realized what she wanted to say. There were a lot of people chasing him at school. The first time I saw Cheng Mei this type, "Sorry, I don't think about these things."

    Cheng Mei wasn't very happy, and she was not polite immediately, putting her hands in her waist, "I'm not pretty"

    Song Yi couldn't tell whether she was beautiful, but she said politely, "Pretty."

    Cheng Mei refused to give up, "Since I am very beautiful, why don't you follow me"

    Song Yi was helpless, "I have to prepare for the college entrance examination with all my strength recently.

    Cheng Mei stared at him for a few seconds, turning a deaf ear to Song Yi's explanation. Anyway, she wanted to play friends with Song Yi, "Do you know who I am?"

    Song Yi pretended to be very honest, "I know, you are Zhao Jiangwei's younger sister."

    He could think of it. Zhao Jiangwei was the leader of the Black Dragon Gang in the school. In the current language, he was called the school tyrant. Cheng Mei was the god-sister that Zhao Jiangwei recognized and a well-known figure in the sixth middle school.

    Song Yi had heard that as long as the boy Cheng Mei liked, he would do everything possible to get it. If he couldn't get it, he would let Zhao Jiangwei threaten and intimidate him.

    Cheng Mei's boyfriend can line up the corridor on the first floor of No.6 Middle School.

    Unfortunately, Song Yi attracted her this time.

    Cheng Mei nodded her chin, glanced up, and looked at Song Yi, "You know that I am Zhao Jiangwei's sister, and you dare to refuse me."

    Song Yi said, "You should know that I have someone I like." No matter what, Cheng Mei is also a girl. He always speaks implicitly and tenderly to girls.

    Cheng Mei curled her lips, "Shen Li, I know." He turned halfway around, holding his shoulders and leaning against the wall, "I care who you like, you have to follow me."

    Song Yi thought to herself, this is even more unreasonable than Gu Xingchuan, "I think I made it clear, I don't think about dating."

    Cheng Mei's eyes widened, and her eyes with black eye shadows were a bit fierce, "You are so brave, I will ask my brother to clean up you."

    Song Yi ignored Cheng Mei, holding the heavy book in her hand, and walked slowly past Cheng Mei, "Trouble borrowed."

    There was a fire on Cheng Mei's head. He had been arrogant in the Sixth Middle School for so long, and hadn't met Song Yi who didn't know how to promote him, "Song Yi!"

    It's time for get out of class, and heads are poking out in the corridor to find out.

    Song Yi walked around the corner as if it had nothing to do with herself, stopped, took a deep breath, and calmed down.

    I'm not afraid that Zhao Jiangwei is fake. He is only eighteen years old. Zhao Jiangwei is a school tyrant. He can't afford to get rich and powerful in his family.

    The reason why he is so confident is that he has studied well and has a sense of presence in front of the teacher and principal. At this time, the college entrance examination is approaching, and there are many large and small activities in the school. He needs to attend, and he must be beaten with a blue nose and swollen face. Zhao Jiangwei also Can't eat and walk around.

    The second class is the key class of the sixth middle school. Everyone is discussing voluntary applications. Either it is a first-class university in China, or it is going to study abroad. Each has its own plan. The classroom is bustling and noisy.

    Song Yi put down his book and sat in an empty seat. Shen Li was taking piano lessons in the music classroom, so he was alone all afternoon.

    He picked up the flat volunteer list on the table and a thin piece of paper. This thing did not do much to him. A few months ago, he had taken time off to participate in the art test of X drama. The three tests were among the best, as long as the college entrance examination results. If you reach the score, you can successfully enter the X Theatre Academy.

    The homework that should be done still had to be done. Song Yi lowered her head, took out the textbook, turned a page, and before she even started to read it, a burst of noise came from the door of the classroom.

    Gu Xingchuan chatted with a few boys in the class. He sat on the podium casually. The Miami basketball uniform he wore seemed to have just been showered in the gym. His black shredded hair was wet, and the uniform was half attached to his body. Maybe It was walking in a hurry, and the corner of the shirt behind was tucked into the sports shorts, revealing a thin and powerful waist, with smooth muscle lines looming.

    There were a few girls sitting in the front row, their faces flushed, and looking down at the textbooks, they were ashamed to remind him.

    Song Yi glanced at it and wondered if it was Gu Xingchuan. If they were their math teacher, that white belly would really be the eyes of a hot audience.

    After Gu Xingchuan finished speaking, he walked in the direction of Song Yi a few strides, and he was not polite at all. The arm holding the basketball was loosened, and the dirty ball bounced a few times and rolled to Song Yi. Under the feet.

    Song Yi was used to it a long time ago, and read the book when it was time to read, don't say anything at this time.

    "Where is Shen Li" Gu Xingchuan put his hands on the edge of the desk, and water or sweat dripping from his hair onto the desk.

    Song Yi stared at the drops of water for a few seconds, then took out a paper towel and wiped it clean.

    The girl sitting in the front row turned her head and whispered: "Shen Li has gone to piano lessons in the afternoon."

    Gu Xingchuan gave an unsalty "um", without any feedback on Song Yi's disliked actions, tapped his slender fingers on the desk, "Get up, I want to sit in Shen Li's position."

    Song Yi moved the book in, and sat motionless, "Sit in your seat." After a pause, he looked up at Gu Xingchuan and reminded: "Class is about to start, and Teacher Zhao will be here soon."

    I hope Gu Xingchuan won't be tossing about it, he is already very big when he meets Cheng Mei today.

    Gu Xingchuan glanced at Shen Li's seat, without a doubt, "Get out of the way, I will sit here today."

    Song Yi had the heart to kill him. He closed the book in his hand and said in a cold voice, "Gu Xingchuan, don't worry about it."

    Gu Xingchuan leaned close to him, oppressively, "Song Yi, I can **** eat you."

    Song Yi just didn't want to sit with him, as long as Gu Xingchuan sat next to him, like a time bomb tied to his back, he turned his head slightly, "Can you have a good class?"

    "Yes." Gu Xingchuan's face was cold, and he nodded with his fingers. Song Yi raised his chin provocatively, without fear at all.

    The class bell rang on time. Gu Xingchuan was not so foolish. He put his hands on the edge of the table and made a leap. He flipped it over easily, simply and neatly, like a professional gymnast.

    The moment he passed by, Song Yi smelled the very light shower shampoo on his body, the light citrus smell, it should be some sporty shower gel, he had no time to think about the smell, "What are you doing!"

    Gu Xingchuan glanced at the invincible color in his eyes, and stretched out his hand and took his textbook from the back row like a okay person, "I said I want to sit here."

    Song Yi really wanted to twist his head off and kick the ball. How could it be difficult for a strong man like Gu Xingchuan? He tried to maintain a cold expression, "You are a bandit."

    Gu Xingchuan snorted, dismissing it.

    This is a physics class. Teacher Zhao is very strict, twitching his ears and swearing. His teaching ability is among the top six in the city. The city has won an education award. The students respect her and fear her, so few dare to be in her class. Messing up.

    Thanks to Teacher Zhao's blessing, Song Yi quieted a class, but when it came to the self-study class, he was not so relaxed.

    Gu Xingchuan leaned on the back table, fiddling with his cell phone, playing games that he didn't know, and a small voice made a tinkling sound.

    Song Yi focused on writing the test papers, listening to the voice calmly, touched Gu Xingchuan's arm with her elbow, "Can you turn off the silence, everyone is doing homework."

    Gu Xingchuan glanced at him. Song Yi's profile was handsome and his nose was straight. Gu Xingchuan, who didn't care much about his appearance, thought it was pretty. He adjusted the mute button, put the phone in his pocket, and opened the table. Textbook, "How to write this question"

    Song Yi turned his head to scan, and thought for a while. Gu Xingchuan hadn't asked him about his homework before, and said patiently: "We assume that the coordinates of points a and b are (x1, y1)..."

    Gu Xingchuan pursed his lips slightly, and squinted at Song Yi's profile. His mind was not in the book. He thought Song Yi was quite interesting. He was his love rival and a type of person he admired. These two feelings were very complicated.

    Song Yi talked for a long time, then turned his head, and happened to collide with Gu Xingchuan's eyes. He squinted unhappy, "Did you not listen at all?"

    "Listen." Gu Xingchuan picked up the pen and wrote down the process of solving the problem in a brush. "So when m is equal to 1, the side of ac is the longest..."

    "You will ask me what I am doing" Song Yi looked at him irritably.

    Gu Xingchuan's lips curled slightly, "Because I'm bored."

    Song Yi was helpless, and whispered: "If you don't want to go to college, I want to go to college. Don't disturb me."

    "You take that university"

    Song Yi took sick leave when he went to the x opera test. Few people knew, "Don't worry about this, you must be different from you."

    Gu Xingchuan curled his lips, picked up the black ballpoint pen on the table, and chanted on the paper while writing, "According to your usual grades, you will have no problem with the test. I checked it on the Internet. The best job prospects in the next ten years are communication engineering, Computer networking, these two x are mostly professional."

    Song Yi tilted her head and listened, and gave a faint "Um", not planning to tell Gu Xingchuan that he would not consider x-big.

    After Gu Xingchuan finished writing, he pushed it to Song Yi's eyes. There were several universities and majors on it. He took a red pen and circled it, "I'm reporting this, it's very close to X University."

    Song Yi glanced at him, "You won't go abroad"

    "I have to supervise you in the country, lest you attack Shen Li when I am away."

    "Shen Li is going to study abroad."

    "Is that right?" Gu Xingchuan looked slightly wrong, raised his chin slightly, and looked at him arrogantly, "I want to report to that school, just report that, you can control me"

    Song Yi rolled her eyes and didn't want to give it to him, "I think you are suitable for studying mechanical engineering."

    "I don't learn that stuff."

    "Not learning is really a waste of your talent for carrying the bar."

    Gu Xingchuan smiled lightly, "You say that, I think you are suitable to study forensic medicine, only the dead can stand you."

    Song Yi also laughed, "That's a good feeling. When you die that day, I will give you a 20% discount when I dissected you."

    The two of them ran on each other with a word of you and a word of me, and no one spared anyone.

    School time always flies quickly, and the depressing June arrives as scheduled.

    Song Yi was busy studying while writing a speech for the college entrance examination mobilization meeting. This time it was organized by the Municipal Education Bureau. He was selected to represent the Sixth Middle School. The local TV news station also came. If he could get the first place , The college entrance examination may be able to get points policy.

    After the evening self-study class every day, he still has to leave an hour to memorize the speech, and the principal and dean will guide him on-site to ensure that the speech is foolproof.

    One week before the college entrance examination, the school was closed. There was only one high school and two high school in the school. In the whole high school, only Song Yi stayed on the post like Rivet.

    On this day, he came out of the principal's office. The classroom in Class 2 was empty and the desk was clean.

    It was getting dark outside, and she was going to give a speech in the city the next day. Song Yi plugged in her headphones and listened to the speech. While meditating in her heart, she opened the locker with one hand.

    "Bang Dang" sounded.

    A metal lunch box fell to the floor, and the echo wandered through the classroom.

    Song Yi was startled, frowned and picked it up. A few days before leaving school, many people confessed to him, and they had everything to give away. He didn't expect someone to hide something in his locker.

    Song Yi weighed the lunch box, it was heavy, it seemed that the school girl made a loving bento.

    It's a pity, it should be rotten after a few days, it's a waste of this thought.

    Song Yi took the lunch box and put it on the table, reading the speech, and opened the lid of the lunch box with one hand.

    In the summer of June, Song Yi almost vomited when he heard the smell. He took a step back reflexively and looked at the box in astonishment.

    There was a corpse of a juvenile animal that I didn't know what it was. It was decayed and it was dark, and it was disgusting at first glance.

    A piece of white paper is glued to the back cover of the lunch box, which has now been dyed yellow, with a line printed on it.

    "Dare to fight me, Song Yi, have you taken it?"

    Song Yi strode to the toilet on the floor, lying on the toilet and vomiting dimly. The dumplings he ate on New Year's Eve were almost vomiting out, but the rotten and smelly smell still followed him.

    He rested for a while, stood up, washed his face, rinsed his mouth, looked at the pale face in the mirror, and gritted his teeth.

    The first time he encountered such a bad thing, he couldn't figure out who had offended him. Gu Xingchuan was the one who didn't deal with him the least in the school, but Gu Xingchuan...

    Song Yi felt that Gu Xingchuan couldn't do such a frantic thing.

    Song Yi understands Gu Xingchuan as much as he understands himself. Gu Xingchuan has a bad temper, unreasonable, and just like an uncle, but in the final analysis he is still a high school student, and his nature is not bad. Aside from the Shen Li relationship, Song Yi quite agrees with Gu Xingchuan's character.

    This is why he is still willing to talk to Gu Xingchuan.

    Song Yi pounced on the water, took a few deep breaths, and couldn't think of a good way for a while.

    He can only force himself to calm down, no matter who did it, it will not affect his speech tomorrow. He has to forget about it as soon as possible and cheer up.

    He must work hard to master his life.

    This afternoon, when taking a history test, this thing was the biggest headache for Gu Xingchuan.

    He grew up in a foreign country when he was a child, and has not been influenced by traditional culture. When he was a child, he learned 300 ancient poems and heard idiom stories. What he learned about the Battle of Waterloo and the Conqueror William the Great. Although it is also history, it is not at all. thing.

    For this reason, the old man in the Gu family specially found an old scholar to supplement his history. There is one class a week, the old man said, lest he forgets the book like his father.

    When Gu Xingchuan came out of the classroom, the sky was full of sun, and the crowd was crowded downstairs outside the school, all parents who came to pick up their children.

    Gu Shaoyuan is not among them, he is busy discussing business, and he still doesn't know which country he is in.

    Gu Xingchuan didn't care, he would still talk about him when he came, and he wouldn't be brought down.

    The driver at home came, Gu Xingchuan pulled the door and got into the car. The driver opened the refrigerator in the car and handed a can of Coke. "Master, there is a traffic jam today. We have to wait a while before we can go home."

    There were people everywhere, Gu Xingchuan nodded his chin, held the cold Coke can, and looked out the window.

    The car drove very slowly, a short road, wriggling like a snail.

    Passing by the traffic light intersection, a few student-like people riding motorcycles, Gu Xingchuan looked familiar, they belonged to No.6 Middle School, but they couldn't be named.

    He vaguely heard a very familiar name, and shook the car window, now he heard clearly.

    What they said was "Song Yi."

    The one riding the motorcycle in front was called Zhao Jiangwei. He knew that his father was in a local real estate, he had a little money in his family, and he was a bastard. Gu Xingchuan didn't like this man at all.

    A girl sat behind Zhao Jiangwei's motorcycle, dressed like a nightclub lady, complaining about Zhao Jiangwei, "Who asked you to put things in Song Yi's cabinet!"

    "He doesn't like you, I have to clean him up." Zhao Jiangwei comforted in a low voice.

    Cheng Mei turned away angrily, "I want to talk to him about friends, don't you scare him! He is still taking the exam today!"

    Zhao Jiangwei squeezed Cheng Mei's face, "I will go to him today. He dares to offend you and wants to take the college entrance examination."

    Cheng Mei was startled and stunned, "Brother, what do you want to do"

    Zhao Jiangwei squeezed his wrist and laughed, "Dont worry about what Im doing, dont you want to talk to him about friends? He wont be admitted to the university, so he must go back to school. This will be done with you. "

    Cheng Mei hesitated, "Why don't you forget it, I don't think this is good!"

    "Don't participate, I'll help you fix him." Zhao Jiangwei turned around, full of confidence.

    At this time, the red light was on, and vehicles filed past, and the roar of cars overwhelmed all the surrounding noise.

    Gu Xingchuan looked gloomy, stared at the back of Zhao Jiangwei and his group for a few seconds, and slowly said: "Uncle An, follow them, call my fourth uncle and say that I need him to deal with something."

    His family has a big business and the situation is complicated. The fourth uncle took the job of his old man and went to work as a policeman. Over the past few decades, he has been doing well now. Now he is an official in the hall. He is very rigid and can't look at him. Dad fought for coins abroad, contributed gdp to the lighthouse country, and called his dad a traitor, and did not eat at a table during the New Year.

    But the fourth uncle treated his nephew very well and was very close, and told him that he would be heard when he heard something.

    When the driver heard the situation just now, his heart was clear, and he kept up with the people in front of him without saying anything.

    Zhao Jiangwei and his party were mighty and crowded in an old alley. There were too many old alleys like the Imperial Capital. There was a narrow road where cars could not get in, only motorcycles and bicycles could get in.

    Gu Xingchuan knew that Song Yi's house seemed to be here.

    The driver drove a white Carlson. It was too conspicuous at the entrance of the alley. Gu Xingchuan was worried that Zhao Jiangwei and his group would run away. He confessed to the driver and got out of the car and followed.

    The alley extends in all directions, and it seems like a maze. Gu Xingchuan walked around, Zhao Jiangwei and the group did not know where they were hiding, and their tails were invisible. He simply leaned on the telephone pole at the entrance of the alley, smoking while waiting for Song Yi to return.

    The nearby middle school is over, and the students in large and bloated school uniforms are bustling, noisy, and especially annoying in the summer weather.

    Gu Xingchuan is tall and long, and he looks good. He leaned towards this and got pierced. Like that star came to shoot a vintage magazine, the students passing by only dared to look at him with their eyes, while whispering discussions.

    Gu Xingchuan waited for a long time but didn't see Song Yi. He was thinking about whether to go to Song Yi's examination room to find him. When he looked up, he saw a delicate girl pushing a bicycle.

    He had seen this girl at the gate of the school, Song Yi's sister, he couldn't remember her name, she looked nothing like Song Yi.

    "Hey! Where's your brother"

    Song Jie was startled, a little scared, and a little embarrassed. She didn't even look at Gu Xingchuan. "My brother and classmates went out to play."

    "That classmate"

    "I do not know either."

    Gu Xingchuan frowned. Song Yi was just a few friends. The only one who could eat together was Shen Li. When he thought of this, he hummed, "I see."

    "Can I leave?" Song Jie asked timidly.

    With Gu Xingchuan's permission, she slipped away on her bicycle.

    Gu Xingchuan lazily hugged his arms. As a rule, Song Yi didn't care about him anyway. It would be better if he couldn't pass the college entrance examination, so as not to hinder the two-person world between him and Shen Li, but he was vaguely unhappy.

    Anyway, Zhao Jiangwei should not be allowed to bully Song Yi.

    He took out his cell phone from his pocket and started to call Song Yi. After ringing for a long time, he shut it down. Gu Xingchuan probably couldn't manage this. He had to call until Song Yi answered the phone.

    Gu Xingchuan made more than a dozen calls, and the mobile phones he used started to get hot, and all the students around after school were gone, leaving only the grandparents who came out to buy food on the road.

    The sun is sinking to the west, the golden sunset sprinkles on the concrete floor like splashing gold, everything looks lazy and calm.

    Zhao Jiangwei's group came out of the box. The motorcycles didn't know where to stop. A few of them didn't bring anything, and they didn't carry their schoolbags. Gu Xingchuan scanned it. One, two, three, four, five, plus Cheng Mei, a total of six people.

    The jeans worn by Zhao Jiangwei, with a switchblade in his waist, are now looking at special soil. But ten years ago, the young and Dangerous boys in Hong Kong gangster movies were like this. Zhao Jiangwei is the coolest, many dizzy little girls. Just worship this.

    A few people hooked their shoulders and put their backs on their backs, no different from the blind people in the society, and walked forward while joking.

    Gu Xingchuan hesitated for a few seconds, knowing that he shouldn't have anything to do with this group of people, but this group of people wanted to really catch Song Yi, who was as slick as Song Yi, it might be so scary that he could not run away.

    He tightened his jaw and put away the phone, "Zhao Jiangwei, where are you going?"

    Zhao Jiangwei had seen him a long time ago. No one in Gu Xingchuan Sixth Middle School didn't recognize him. He stopped, winked with a few brothers, walked slowly towards Gu Xingchuan, and said with a smile: "Who do I think? It is our Young Master Gu."

    He said, winking at his buddies, and said in a weird manner: "Do you know who his dad is? You can't afford it!"

    A few friends laughed before they finished talking, and didn't know where the laughter was. It was like seeing a lot of bad Hong Kong and Taiwan movies.

    Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, stared into Zhao Jiangwei's eyes, and said every word: "Zhao Jiangwei, don't ask Song Yi for trouble."

    "Oh! I'm so scared!" Zhao Jiangwei was very ostentatious, and then looked at Gu Xingchuan teasingly, "Aren't you arrogant if you want to pay?"

    "How much?" Gu Xingchuan narrowed his eyes into a line.

    Zhao Jiangwei saw that he was serious, calculated it, raised a finger, and the lion said, "At least two thousand."

    Usually this kind of thing is in the hundreds, but Gu Xingchuan is different. Zhao Jiangwei knows that Gu Xingchuan has money in his family. He doesn't know exactly how to be rich. He only knows what wealth list Gu Xingchuan's father has been on. It is estimated that he is very rich. Up.

    Gu Xingchuan burst into laughter. Zhao Jiangwei's brother made his smile look unattractive. Gu Xingchuan lifted his jaw, "The money is in my pocket, you can get it yourself."

    When Zhao Jiangwei approached, Gu Xingchuan looked at something in his jacket pocket. Without thinking about it, he reached in for it, and touched a tough mobile phone. Before he could react, Gu Xingchuan punched him on the side of the face.

    The nosebleeds were falling like a goddess scattered flowers.

    This time, Zhao Jiangwei's brothers were beaten up.

    Zhao Jiangwei was dizzy and took a few steps back, sitting on the ground with a "plop", watching the blue sky above his head is red.

    Gu Xingchuan had already unloaded Zhao Jiangmao by eight pieces in his heart. Taking advantage of Zhao Jiangwei's brothers still looking dazed, he stepped forward and violently kicked Zhao Jiangwei on the ground, "You **** dare to blackmail me!"

    Zhao Jiangwei's brother reacted, and he used his hands and feet to help Zhao Jiangwei up, hemostatic, hemostatic, and dusty, messing up.

    Zhao Jiangwei hadn't lost this person, half of his face was red, and he would definitely swell up later. His two eyes stared at Gu Xingchuan fiercely, his eyes bulging out like a frog, "You dare to beat me! You **** Do you know who I am!"

    "Aren't you just Zhao Jiangwei?" Gu Xingchuan's expression was casual and unconcealed.

    As soon as Zhao Jiangwei saw his expression, his blood surged up his head. He didn't know what he was thinking. He wanted to save face in front of his brother, whether he wanted to be a hero in front of Cheng Mei, or to teach Gu Xingchuan, he felt cold in his waist. The cold switchblade rushed up in several strides.

    Song Yi bought two cones from the cone trolley, one with strawberry flavor, pink and white, sprinkled with chocolate chips, very cute, one with chocolate flavor, and an Oreo cookie inserted.

    "You choose that"

    Shen Li sat on a bench in the amusement park, looking left and right, "I want to eat both."

    "Only choose one." Song Yi teased him deliberately.

    Shen Li reluctantly looked at that, and looked at Song Yi eagerly, "I want both."

    Song Yi couldn't resist this look, and sat next to him, handing the two cones over, "Okay, I will give you both."

    "Thank you." Shen Li took it happily, taking a bite on the left and a bite on the right, showing no image.

    Song Yi looked at his appearance and wondered if they had a child in the future, they would probably be the same as Shen Li.

    "Hey! I want to play that!" Shen Li's eyes lit up.

    Song Yi followed his gaze. The jumper in the amusement park was only recently on the floor. The words on the top were invisible. There were a line of people sitting on it, screaming, and his voice was almost torn.

    Song Yi is not afraid of heights, but he is afraid that this will go up and down. He is embarrassed, "Can you change one?"

    Like a child, Shen Li jumped up from the chair, "I want to play!"

    "I'll buy a ticket for you, and I'll wait for you below." Song Yi thought for a while, if he can't stand with soft legs for a while, this would be a shame.

    Shen Li looked at him, nodded sloppily, ran forward a few steps, and inadvertently ran into the person next to him. Both cones fell to the ground and none of them fell. He also got all the clothes on his clothes. ice cream.

    Song Yi hurriedly took out the tissue and handed it to someone, apologizing and apologizing, saving a curse.

    Shen Li ran under the jumping machine and waited without looking back.

    Song Yi was very helpless. He still had to wait in line on the jumping machine. He didn't know how long he would have to wait. He handed the number plate to the cashier, leaning against the railing of the playground boredly, and reached out and took out the phone from his pocket.

    I turned off the test in the morning and forgot to check in my phone.

    He usually doesn't have any important phone calls. As soon as Song Yi turned on the phone, dozens of text messages bounced out.

    All missed calls sent by the operator.

    Gu Xingchuan's name repeat rate is extremely high.

    The two of them don't make phone calls, and they keep each other's phone numbers because they are written in the classmates. Except for the school, there is no intersection in normal times.

    Song Yi was stunned. Gu Xingchuan couldn't call him to play in his spare time. There must be something. He was about to call back when Gu Xingchuan's phone came in.

    Song Yi answered directly without even thinking about it, and there was no sound on the other end of the phone for several seconds.

    He heard that Gu Xingchuans breathing was not steady, and he didnt even hit the receiver for a while, "Song Yi"

    "It's me, what's wrong with you"

    "You **** just answered the phone!" Gu Xingchuan sounded very irritable, just like eating people.

    Song Yi sighed, "I forgot to turn on my mobile phone, why are you calling so many calls to me"

    After a few seconds of silence, Gu Xingchuan said fiercely, "I really convinced you, are you **** dating Shen Li today?"

    Not far away, Shen Li was sitting on the steps, rolling up his sleeves, revealing a piece of white arm, holding his fingers to wipe the sweat from the tip of his nose. It was very vivid and beautiful. Song Yi watched for a few seconds and said very honestly:" I asked Shen Li to come out to play."

    "Is it fun?" Gu Xingchuan sounded very angry, still a little bit wronged.

    Song Yi said lightly: "It's fun, if you're okay, I'll hang up."

    "and many more."

    "what happened"

    Gu Xingchuan's breathing was heavy, and he seemed to be gasping for breath, "Can you not play with Shen Li"

    Song Yi tilted her head. He felt that Gu Xingchuan was not quite right, and could not tell what was wrong, "I know what you want to say, but emotional matters can only be fair competition."

    "Forget it." Gu Xingchuan was disappointed. This was not the answer he wanted. He tried to breathe as smoothly as possible to prevent Song Yi from hearing the difference, "I'm so **** annoying you, go out!"

    Song Yi laughed. Today, playing with Shen Li for a day, calling Gu Xingchuan was his most relaxing time, "I bother you too, you treat me like you, and you **** me too!"

    "Goodbye." Gu Xingchuan finished these words coldly and hung up.

    Song Yi thought that he could still confuse each other a few words like before, but he didn't expect Gu Xingchuan to give in so quickly. He looked at the interface of the phone to terminate the call a little unexpectedly, and sighed neither slightly nor seriously.


    Things in the world are also delayed. At that time, I was at a loss and didn't realize it until many years later.

    On an ordinary summer night many years later, Song Yi sat on a chair on the terrace, blowing the wind from the Seattle coast, wrapped in Gu Xingchuan's black jacket, and the golden lake and bright neon lights in front of her.

    He suddenly reacted, what exactly did Gu Xingchuan's call mean.

    He got up from his chair at once, pushed open the patio door, and strode into the bathroom.

    Gu Xingchuan took off half of his clothes. Seeing him coming in, he raised his eyebrows, "I want to wash them together."

    Song Yi glanced at him and pressed her lips hard, "You called me the day you graduated from high school, did you want to confess to me?"

    "You give me a bath first, and I'll tell you." Gu Xingchuan raised his chin proudly, his arms stretched out, and he didn't take off his clothes.

    Song Yi untied his nightgown profusely, and pinched the tight muscles of his waist very smoothly, "I just remembered it, I almost forgot about the past."

    Gu Xingchuan stepped on his long legs and stepped into the bathtub, pinched Song Yi's chin, and bit him, "If you forget, forget it. Now the most important thing."

    "That's what I said." Song Yi turned his face and sat on the edge of the bathtub, reaching out to hug Gu Xingchuan's shoulder, "I think you must have wanted to confess to me."

    Gu Xingchuan chuckled, "No."

    "Then what are you going to say"

    Gu Xingchuan leaned back a few inches, and touched the tattoo on his abdomen with his fingertips. It was a black tattoo to cover the scars. Song Yi was surprised when he saw it for the first time that year.

    "You know what this Greek means"

    Song Yi's eyes lit up, and she asked closer, "Is it my name?"

    "The beauty you want." Gu Xingchuan stretched out his hand to touch his smooth face, and squeezed it vigorously. "This is'Orpus,' a Greek mythological character."

    Song Yi put aside his hand, buried her cheek in Gu Xingchuan's shoulder, rubbed it, and said softly, "I've heard his story, why is this tattoo?"

    He had read it in a story book, and the story of Orpus was not good at all.

    Gu Xingchuan lowered his head and slowly smelled his hair, and put his fingers in Song Yi's fluffy hair to play with, "I like it."

    Song Yi raised her head and glanced at him, curled her lips, "This has something to do with your confession to me."

    "It has a lot to do." Gu Xingchuan's lips touched his hair, his fingertips jumping on Song Yi's neck like playing a guitar, "but I won't tell you, lest you feel guilty."

    Song Yi smiled lightly, raised her head and rubbed the tip of her nose against Gu Xingchuan's chin, "You are mysterious, and you are not afraid of suffocating you."

    "Anyway, you can just listen to me in the future, you have to remember that I am your man." Gu Xingchuan smelled the smell on his body, and his breath changed.

    Song Yi got up slightly, untied his jacket and threw it on the sink, leaned back, "Okay, you have a bad temper, I don't care about you." Gu Xingchuan's hand was placed on the button of his shirt.

    After receiving his hint, Gu Xingchuan quickly peeled off the shirt buttons that were in the way, and lifted his chin, "Anyway, I like you, so don't babble and listen to me obediently."

    Song Yi gave him a white look, too lazy to bother with him, "I see, I like you quite a bit."

    "Just pretty"

    "I like it very much, I really like it."

    "It's pretty much the same." Gu Xingchuan was barely satisfied.

    Song Yi laughed and relaxed, leaning lazily on Gu Xingchuan's shoulders, enjoying Gu Xingchuan's considerate service. The blue coast outside the window was undulating, and there was his favorite person beside him. There was no happier time than this moment.

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