Accidentally Married A Fox God The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Willing To Do It With You

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She waited patiently for him to speak, and once he did, a piece of her heart had finally relaxed, listening to the sound of his voice returning back to its usual tone. He revealed his tragic situation, "By the time my father had found me and taught me how to cultivate, I was already afflicted with a terminal illness. I was infected with poison from a rare, venomous bug. We tried seeking a cure for years to no avail." Li Meirong brought a hand to her mouth, concealing her shock. He was actually so pitiable! Her heart went out to him.Taking note of her sympathy, Zhu Qingyue cleared his throat and said, "Alas, despite my skills and fast cultivation methods, I don't have long to live. Since you rejected me I shall spend the remainder of my days in solitude."At this point, Li Meirong was rubbing the back of her neck. The persistent twinge in her heart bothered her still, and she tasted sourness in her mouth.It was a sticky situation for her. She didn't want to get into a relationship like this but she was second guessing her decision to reject his advances, now that she felt so sorry for him. In a way, she imagined herself as a vile, brazen brute stealing a sickly girl's first time without remorse. Her conscience wouldn't allow her to refuse this dying man's wish.Since he had a terminal illness, that also meant he didn't have long to live. She should, at the very least care for him for the rest of his final days and, not that she would ever say it aloud, but to herself, she was able to admit that his kisses and warm touch felt quite pleasant. As Li Meirong was rethinking her options, she stared absentmindedly at the well crafted sculptures hanging from the wall, lost in thought. One of them caught her eye. It was of a burly man with a big gut covered in leaves and twigs. Instead of a human head, that of an intimidating ox was crafted. Li Meirong found a strange sense of familiarity as she looked at the statue of the ox man. She hadn't noticed Zhu Qingyue's pointed gaze directed at her. His eyes glinted with confidence.Eventually, she looked away from the unusual statue, bashfully folding her arms and staring at her lap. "About your request" Li Meirong started speaking and stopped with a hint of hesitation."My request?" Zhu Qingyue inquired. His deep voice made Li Meirong feel especially shy. She just rejected him and now she's going back on her words? Doesn't that make her fickle? Nevermind. She decided to be kind to him in his final days. He saved her not once but twice now. She owed him this much! Li Meirong thought to herself."You know what you said, I agree. I mean, I'm willing to do it with you. Ah!" She closed her eyes and cried out, slapping her cheeks with both hands. Why was it so difficult to speak the words?! She was sounding way too ambiguous!Zhu Qingyue hadn't uttered a word, but if one was to look closely, one would be able to discern his mouth twitching in reaction. Breathing deeply, Li Meirong tried again, "I'll be responsible for you! A-and I'll be in your care too. And um, thank you for saving me twice now." She was glad to have finally been able to speak the words she wanted to say and didn't forget to acknowledge his kind hearted rescue. After she finished speaking, she immediately added as she rose to her feet, "I have to get my pet now so I guess I'll see you tomorrow!" Before Zhu Qingyue was able to speak a word, Li Meirong dashed outside, teetering as she fled, leaving a highly satisfied Fox Lord in her wake.