A Wizard's Secret

A Wizard's Secret Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Crisis

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"Let's go! Our mission is to investigate the situation of the Dark Vampire Bats. Now that we've found this out due to the Shaman's doing, we'll go back to the Dark Magic Region and report the situation. Then, they'll sure send strong Spell Casters here to annihilate this Shaman."

Wizard Holmes immediately took a step back and ran toward the dark passage. He understood well that the Dark Vampire Bat was not easy to be dealt with. Moreover, they had completed their mission. If they returned to the Dark Magic Region now, they could still collect the reward for this mission.

As for the silver-haired old man and the strong Dark Vampire Bat, they would be dealt with by the Dark Magic Region. Not only would they send a Fourth-level Spell Caster or above to kill the Dark Vampire Bat which had not completely evolved into an Elemental Being but also the Vampire Bat King which had completed its evolution with its strength comparable to the level of a Fourth-level Spell Caster's.

After all, the era of ancient witches had passed long ago. It was the Spell Casters who held absolute power now!


Just when Wizard Holmes retreated, a door made of rocks immediately came down and completely closed off the two passages. It would take quite some time to break it open.

Under the hostility of the strong Dark Vampire Bat, it was impossible to break the door which blocked their way. Instantly, Holmes' expression turned dark.

"Hehe, want to leave? You don't have the chance to do so anymore."

The silver-haired old man smiled grimly. At the same time, the gigantic Dark Vampire Bat dashed toward Merlin and Holmes.

"It seems that we can only give our all!"

Wizard Holmes said through gritted teeth.

"Confinement Wind!"

Wizard Holmes quickly cast Confinement Wind a few times. A violent gust of wind appeared out of thin air and binded the large Dark Vampire Bat.

However, this seemed to be futile as the speed of the Dark Vampire Bat did not slow down. A normal Zero-level spell seemed to have no effect on it at all.

Even the Ice-type spell which the Dark Vampire Bats most afraid of was also the same no effect at all.

"Ground Dragon Spike!"

"Explosive Ice!"

"Scorching Flame!"

Wizard Holmes cast the spells continuously but they did not cause much damage to the Dark Vampire Bat. Even slowing it down was a difficult task.

Considering that the gigantic Dark Vampire Bat was about to collide with Wizard Holmes, Merlin squinted his eyes and acted. He knew that it would be very difficult to deal with this Dark Vampire Bat on his own so he needed to work with the others to gain a slim chance at defeating it.


Merlin's powerful Mind Power was simulating the Spell Model in his Awareness frantically. He had continuously cast Frost three times. One after another, he had almost frozen the Dark Vampire Bat into a thick ice statue.

However, in the blink of an eye, the Dark Vampire Bat had broken out of the ice. A normal Frost could not threaten it at all.

"Large Frost!"

Merlin cast Large Frost, a more powerful and infinitely close to a First-level spell. It seemed to have a slight effect on the Dark Vampire Bat as it was now frozen.


However, the ice was soon smashed into pieces. The Dark Vampire Bat turned into a shadow and instantly crashed into Wizard Holmes.

The mysterious runes on Holmes' robe immediately shone a bright light, protecting his body. Even so, the powerful impact of the Dark Vampire Bat still threw Wizard Holmes to the ground.


Merlin could not help but shudder. His Frost and Wizard Holmes' robe could not withstand against the Dark Vampire Bat at all.

Fortunately, Wizard Holmes was protected by this robe, so it was just a slight shock as he did not sustain much injury. However, his expression did not look good. He might be fine this time, but the Dark Vampire Bat's attack earlier had caused the light on his robe to darken.

If the attack continued until his robe was destroyed, he was afraid that he would be unable to stop this terrifying Dark Vampire Bat then.

Holmes stood up and took a glance at the silver-haired old man standing on the altar and shouted to Laurinka and Ryllis, "The Shaman uses Mind Power to control the Elemental Monster. You guys kill that silver-haired old man. Then, this Dark Vampire Bat naturally won't be any threat to us."

Laurinka exchanged a look with Ryllis and they immediately approached the altar respectively.

However, the silver-haired old man did not show any hint of fear. He mumbled to himself and the Dark Vampire Bat instantly turned its gaze to Laurinka and Ryllis.

"I still have one last scroll, Earth Cage. Hehe. This is a First-level spell that is used to bind a strong presence. Even a First-level offensive spell can't break out of it. Go!"

Wizard Holmes gritted his teeth and took out a black scroll. This was the First-level Binding spell, Earth Cage, which he had specially exchanged from the Resource Tower for this mission.

Originally, Wizard Holmes had exchanged a few scrolls. However, when he faced the Dark Vampire Bat in the passage, he had used a few to finally annihilate it. Now, he only had one more Spell Scroll left.


Wizard Holmes directly initiated the Spell Scroll and released Earth Cage. In that instant, the whole cave seemed to shudder. Thick earth walls as hard as steel suddenly rose from the ground and turned into a cage, trapping the Dark Vampire Bat in it.

After Earth Cage had trapped the Dark Vampire Bat in it, Holmes and Merlin heaved a slight sigh of relief. Laurinka and Ryllis were approaching the altar. Both were Spell Casters from the Dark Magic Region. Even if that silver-haired old man might be a roaming Wizard, how would he be able to stand against both?

Once they killed the silver-haired old man, the Dark Vampire Bat which had lost its controller was nothing to be afraid of.


Suddenly, a strong fluctuation of Dark Element appeared in Earth Cage. Merlin's expression changed, and he said in a low voice, "Not good. Dark Vampire Bat may be casting a spell!"

"Thunderbolt Net!"

Merlin did not hesitate and cast Thunderbolt Net. It was not the ordinary Thunderbolt Net but a stronger and strengthened version, hoping that it could paralyze the Dark Vampire Bat.


However, it was to no avail. Two thin black lines instantaneously penetrated Earth Cage and flew toward Laurinka and Ryllis unexpectedly.

This was a Darkness-type spell Darkness Rays that had a strong penetrating effect. Moreover, it was Darkness Rays released by a Dark Vampire Bat which was halfway into a complete evolution, demonstrating an even stronger penetrating effect. Thus, even the First-level spell Earth Cage cast by Holmes using a Spell Scroll, could not block the penetration of Darkness Rays.

In an instant, Laurinka and Ryllis were facing a life-or-death crisis.