A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Book 2 Chapter 2582

    Vol 2 Chapter 2582: Feng Lu Let's Start Again

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    Feng Lulu felt that Alpine was intentional, but she couldn't say anything.

    She snorted at Gao Han and she closed the door.

    While Gao Han looked at Feng Lulu humming him, he was in a good mood.

    He skillfully took out the slippers in the shoe cabinet. At this time, the little girl struggled to come down on her own.

    Gao Han put her on the ground, the little girl took off her gloves and hat, and she said excitedly to Gao Han, "Uncle Gao Han, the house over there is bigger than this side, then you can sleep in my house. "


    Feng Lulu changed her slippers. She came over and took the aunt to the living room. She picked up the little girl and took off her shoes.

    "Mom, can we invite Uncle Gao Han to live at home?" The little girl seemed particularly attached to this, and she couldn't help asking.

    "Smile, Uncle Gao Han has his own home." Feng Lulu sighed, and really lost to his daughter.

    Alpine listened to his joy, and he came over.

    Only the children sighed in frustration, "Well, then mom, can I invite Ming Da and his dad to live at home?"

    The little girl had big round eyes and looked at her mother questioningly.

    Wen Yan, Feng Lulu frowned slightly, this girl was too enthusiastic.


    Feng Lulu had not spoken yet, and Alpine spoke directly.

    Gao Han hugged the little girl directly from Feng Lulu, "Uncle Gao Han wanted to come and live at Xiaoxiao."

    "Really?" The little girl heard the surprise on her face, "It's so good, that mom will never be afraid at night again."


    "Yeah, one night when a bad uncle kept knocking outside, his mother was very scared."

    Gao Han frowned, and he looked at Feng Lulu and asked, "When did it happen?"

    Feng Lulu didn't want to ignore Gao Han, she reached over to undress her children.

    Alpine grabbed Feng Lulu's wrist, "Feng Lu."

    Feng Lulu looked at him and saw her cold face, "I think it is more appropriate for you to call me "Feng Lulu"."

    After hearing this, Gao Han opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.

    He said too much in the hospital yesterday.

    Feng Lulu, are you so lowly?

    "Feng Lu, I..."

    "That was the beginning of the year. Things like this often happen when I am not smiling. Isn't it normal for a single woman to be harassed by someone inexplicable?"

    Feng Lulu's tone is full of don't care, because I am used to it, so I don't care.

    Listening to Feng Lulu's dull tone, Gao Han shook his heart, and he knew too little about her.

    Feng Lulu earned his hands, "You can let me go, I'm not as vulnerable as you think."

    Gao Han listened to her and felt very uncomfortable.

    He wanted to know more about Feng Lulu, he wanted to protect her.

    In the days to come, she will have him, and she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

    But if he said these things to her, she would definitely be disgusted.

    Gao Han held Feng Lulu's wrist tightly and had no intention of letting go.

    "You let it go." Feng Lulu struggled to earn, but she couldn't earn it at all.

    The little girl looked at the two adults curiously, and her big eyes looked between them.

    "Mom, are you tug-of-war with Uncle Gao Han?"

    "Smile, there is a new picture book that Mom bought in the bedroom. Please go and see if you like it."


    Feng Lulu took the little girl away.

    At this time she and Gao Han were sitting on the sofa, Gao Han always holding her wrist.

    "Alpine, are you fooling?"

    "Feng Lu."

    "Why don't you continue to call me'Feng Lulu'? That's more in line with my image in your heart, isn't it?" Feng Lulu continued to say sullenly.

    Feng Lulu has always been sore about what Gao Han said in the hospital, and he was questioned casually by his favorite man.

    It's really sad.

    Others do not understand her, do not know her life, do not know her suffering, they can feel free to evaluate her.

    And Feng Lulu won't care.

    But alpine is different.

    She cares about everything he says.

    "Feng Lu, I'm sorry, I was impulsive yesterday." Gao Han stared at her closely, with a low tone of apology.

    Feng Lulu turned her face away, she didn't want to listen, she struggled hard, but she still couldn't earn it.

    "Feng Lu, let's start over and start a new relationship."

    "Why should I start again with you?"

    Feng Lulu's stubborn temper immediately came up. Yesterday, she said she was him, and today he will start again.


    "Don't I make you feel sick? With people like me, aren't you sick?" Feng Lulu was originally angry, but as soon as she said this, she thought of the situation that Alpine said of her yesterday.

    She couldn't help but red eyes.

    Gao Han put her in her arms with a hard effort.

    Fearing that the child would hear, Feng Lulu did not dare to force it.

    She punched him in the chest with a fist, motioning him to let go of her.

    But Alpine didn't let go at all.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, forgive me. I'm in my thirties, almost forty, I haven't been in love with anyone else, I can't speak.

    Alpine's big hand was wrapped around Feng Lulu's shoulder, and he leaned in her ear and whispered urgently.

    Feng Lulu earned her money before she ignored him. He has never talked about love, what does it have to do with her? This old man.

    "Feng Lu, good boy, I'm wrong, I won't say that again in the future."

    "Do you like to say something, what do you tell me to do?" Feng Lulu's voice was still tempered.

    "Feng Lu, Feng Lu." Gao Han's hands were clumsy and he didn't know how to coax Feng Lulu. He whispered her name vigorously.

    But Feng Lulu did not forgive him at all.

    Think twice before saying hurtful words.

    Feng Hanlu's words could not help Feng Lulu slowing down.

    Her initial misery, coupled with Alpine's sarcasm, only felt that life was more difficult.

    "Feng Lu, Feng Lu."

    Seeing that Feng Lulu ignored him, Gao Han kissed her.

    At first it was ears, then cheeks, then small mouths.

    "Woo..." Feng Lulu whispered.

    Feng Lulu hurriedly reached out to stop him. She lowered her voice and said nervously, "Alpine, don't be fooling."

    Gao Han lowered her forehead with her, "Feng Lu, I'm sorry."


    Gao Han this stinky man!

    After Gao Han finished speaking, he began to peck at her small mouth again. Feng Lulu bit her lips subconsciously, and Alpine licked her.

    Feng Lulu pressed her hands on Gao Han's face, her face was ashamed, and her eyes shone with stars, "No, it's over when you see it with a smile."

    "Then we will change places." Alpine voice said hoarsely.


    When Feng Lulu was puzzled, Gao Han hugged her.

    "Ah!" Feng Lulu hurriedly covered his mouth with one hand, and hugged Alpine's neck with one hand.

    Gao Han took Feng Lulu directly to the bathroom.

    "Alpine, you don't want to mess around." Feng Lulu scolded him as he hugged Alpine's neck tightly.

    Alpine put her on the washing machine.

    He lowered his head, and the two looked straight.

    Feng Lulu was panting at this moment, with a bit of blame in his eyes.

    Gao Han pressed his forehead to his head, "Feng Lu, stop looking at me like this, I'm afraid I can't control it."

    "Wh...what can't control it?" Feng Lulu said blushingly, angrily.

    Gao Han hooked the corner of his lips, he leaned in her ear and said something.

    Suddenly, Feng Lulu's face showed a hint of coyness, and small hands thumped on Alpine's shoulders, "You are not allowed to talk nonsense."

    Gao Han kissed her lips again, "I'm not angry anymore, okay?"

    "Huh~" Feng Lulu put her hands around Alpine's neck. She lowered her eyes and felt a little wronged on her small face.

    Gao Han said to her in a dumb voice, "Yesterday, I was dizzy and forgot to think. Letting you move to me is because I owe it. I should respect the fruits of your labor. It's time to stop you."

    After talking with Bai Tang, Gao Han figured it out completely.

    He felt that it would be good for her not to let Feng Lulu work. In fact, he was belittle her in disguise.

    A woman who lives by relying on a man has value in addition to selling sex-love and feelings.

    He was only thinking about letting Feng Lulu live a good life, but he forgot to think about Feng Lulu.

    A woman abandons her work and moves to a man's room. When the two are good, they can get tired of it all day long.

    If there was a quarrel that day, the man said to the woman, "Get out of my house with your things."

    This is fatal for women.

    By that time, she not only lost love, but also became a homeless wanderer.

    This is what Feng Lulu is afraid of.

    She is used to being homeless too many times, but she loves the cold and she cannot bear the consequences.

    "Feng Lu, I support everything you want to do, we can discuss things. Let's start again, I will pursue you again." Gao Han finished, and kissed the tip of Feng Lulu's nose.

    What he looks like is tempting Feng Lulu.

    Feng Lulu raised his eyes and grumbled to him, "How can you just kiss someone just after you have pursued someone?"

    He is overbearing.

    After Feng Lulu finished speaking, Gao Han laughed.

    His laughter was too loud, and Feng Lulu was afraid to hear it, but her hands were wrapped around his neck, and she had to close his mouth with a small mouth.

    Feng Lulu's initiative kiss was indeed effective, Alpine froze directly.

    Feng Lulu, like punishing him, took a soft bite on his lips.

    Gao Han frowned slightly, but fireworks exploded in his heart.

    A heart, restless again.

    Alpine's big hand hugged Feng Lulu's waist and brought her closer to him, and he kissed it.

    "Woo..." Feng Lulu whispered, and the overbearing man tried so hard.

    Men are always self-taught in this regard.

    Alpine, however, ran away directly on the course of the overbearing president.

    He hugged Feng Lulu's waist with one hand, and touched it with her hand along her sweater.

    When his finger touched her cotton underwear, Feng Lulu stopped him directly.

    Gao Han loosened her, and the two men pressed their foreheads together, panting.

    "No, you were just'pursuing' me, you can't do this." Then, Feng Lulu took his big hand out of the sweater.

    "Then I touch your waist." Gao Han discussed with her.

    Before Feng Lulu agreed, his hot big hand was attached to Feng Lulu's waist, stroking hard.

    "Hmm..." Too sensitive. For the first time touched by a man like this, Feng Lulu couldn't help but whisper.