A Sorcerer's Journey
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    A Sorcerer's Journey Book 9 Chapter 501

    A Sorcerer's Journey Volume 9 Chapter 501 The Descent Of The Seven Rings

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    It had been more than six months!

    On this day, the spiral funnel in the sky grew larger, to the extent where it broke through the clouds under the turbulent layer, while gradually approaching the land.

    The Stigmata Sorcerers, who had already casted the legion of soul slaves away, were witnessing the law chains of the Infernal Spirit World as they intertwined with the law chains of the Abyss World. Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer was slaughtering within the vortexthe vortex which was nearly breaking through the last membrane of the world veil.

    Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer appeared in the lower part of the funnel vortex in the form of a normal man, with his body slightly bent. As if it were a thin membrane, the World Veil separated him from the Infernal Spirit World.

    An intimidating force was being unleashed in all directions, with most living creatures of the Infernal Spirit World having already escaped without a trace as the fight between the Sorcerer and the Infernal Giant went on.

    Yet at this moment, the living creatures even further away from the battlefield began to tremble, desiring escape yet not being able to move a muscle.


    As if a balloon had exploded, a dull noise could be heard. The World Veil which became the vertex of the Spiral Funnel by rule, was broken through by Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer. The actual body of the Sorcerer had finally succeeded in descending upon the inner part of the Infernal Spirit World.

    "Ha, finally a successful descent."

    A low, weary voice could be heard.

    The law chains of the Infernal Spirit World and the law chains of the Abyss World were flicked a couple thousand meters away by a vast energy wave right at the very moment Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer's actual form descended.

    Crunch! Crunch!

    Like the shrill sound of metal friction, multiple law chains were being propped to the limit by energy waves emitted from Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer. Snap! The Sorcerer, whose body was slightly bent, straightened his body while holding his twisted metal staff of blood and flesh as the Seven Rings' Will Ripples broke out in all directions.

    In a split second, layers of law chains were broken down into nothingness, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer forcibly descended into this small world that made him feel somewhat breathless.

    Puff puff puff puff puff puff...

    At that moment, with Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer as the center of a million meters' radius, one after another, level one weak creatures with independent thoughts suddenly self-exploded, turning into clouds of blood mist.

    This was caused by the scouring, crushing and shaking of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer's will.

    Somewhere even further away, no matter if it were the on-watching Demon-Hunters or the soul slaves, all grew silent.

    In the eyes of these lower-level beings, it was as if the sky of the whole world was ripped apart, while the appearance of a dark area of horror followed.

    All the lower-level beings could muster, were the instinctive trembling of their bodies.

    "Greetings to the great Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer!"

    Blood mists blossomed throughout all the land, inadvertently adding countless kills to Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer. However, to the Sorcerer himself, the desire to protect these creatures from being killed was as difficult as a normal human attempting to step on the ground without stepping on the ants in the grass.

    Not paying heed to these Stigmata Sorcerers, his eyes set forth to the seas outside of the Infernal Spirit World.


    Abaddon stood above the whirlpool of the deep sea.

    Behind him was approximately ten tremblingterrified Giant Kings, as they felt the presence of the horrifying Giant who had completely descended upon the inner part of the Infernal Spirit World!

    "Hahahahaha, despite the distance between us, we can still feel this strong presence. Indeed, this is the wrath of the Eternal Dominator!"

    Every inch of flame on his body was burning with excitement, carrying the Purgatory Furnace with eagerness, he glanced toward the land of the Infernal Spirit World. After Abaddon had led the final Purgatory Giant into the whirlpool of the sea, he snuck into the World Aperture and returned to the world of purgatory furnaces.

    In between the World Aperture, golden flames surged and gradually filled up the aperture.

    "Bloop!" The whirlpool of the Infernal Spirit World resumed to its serene state.



    After expressing ever so coldly, the eyes looked toward another direction.

    This time, after a hint of coldness flashed by the eyes of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer, his figure transcended into a dim light and later vanished.

    Clearly feeling the wrath of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer, none of the Stigmata Sorcerers dared utter much, breathing lightly under the heavy pressure.

    Puff puff puff puff puff puff...

    Blood mists exploded all the way ahead, all of them being traces of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer stepping on the small creatures.

    In just a few days, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer had straddled across half of the Infernal Spirit World, reaching a small island after passing through the Infernal Spirit World and the vast seas.

    Leaving the waves shocked and turbulent all along the way.

    A sharp look flickered past his half-pale face which was not covered by his metal mask. His right hand casually swung the twisted metal staff of blood and flesh.


    In a split second, the mysterious black hill on the island was wiped out by an invisible giant hand, and an enormous secret place was exposed.


    Spatial energy waves flashed by as the First Acraepoid King attempted to escape, but Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer rapidly cut open a black crack, exposing the shocked First Acraepoid King.

    His pale hand ignored the surrounding black flames and the exotic spring beneath him, grasping the neck of the First Acraepoid King as if drawing him toward him.


    "Puff!" The pale hand shattered the neck of the First Acraepoid King in a split second, after the fallen body was devoured by the twisted metal staff of blood and flesh, the other hand shoved the head of the First Acraepoid King into a transparent test vessel filled with green liquid.

    "O great master of eternal springs, I am willing to offer"

    Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer threw the vessel into his private quarters as he sets his eyes onto another direction while letting out another snort coldly.

    "It doesn't matter what avatar from whichever world you are from, if you don't get out now, then you might as well never do!"

    A sigh escaped.

    Layers of waves rolled up from the deep sea and disappeared into a twisted spiral in the sky.

    "Puff!" Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer turned into a dim light and vanished once again.


    A few days later.

    Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer who had once again traversed across half the world pressed toward the Sea of Whirlpools.Violent winds scrambled while swirling the clouds, the whirlpools of the sea were being wiped out one by one, leaving the last whirlpool intact while an angered cry of an enormous crab was emitted from it.

    "Do you have a death wish!"

    The staff of blood and flesh in his hand underwent a transfiguration, becoming an indescribably twisted monster, wanting to enter the whirlpool.

    "Puff!" The whirlpool immediately vanished as Mount Serpentine broke off all connections shared with this world.


    Returning back to the few Stigmata Sorcerers, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer coldly glared at the fearful bunch of them.

    "This Demon-Hunting expedition is now over, hand in the strategy plan details and the abyss experimental data of the expedition."

    A hand took the coordinates given by Bone Bell Tower as left behind by the Purgatory Giant World while Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer said coldly.

    The fall of the Black Isotta Tower's Stigmata Sorcerer. It might not be much to the Sorcerers World, but to the Holy Tower of Seven Rings, it was not a subtle loss!

    The wrath of the Celestial was indeed not one to be beared with easily.

    "Yes, sir!"

    The Stigmata Sorcerers lowered their heads.


    A few months later...

    Wicky, Solumn, Millie and Claudia flew out from the Acraepoid Kingdom. Along with the other Abyssal Summoner Demon Hunters, they were stunned by what they were seeing.

    In less than a year's time in the Acraepoid Kingdom, the Infernal Spirit World had...

    The lot was terrified for a while, but then a wave of relief took over as soon as the fear passed.

    If it so happened that everyone was here, then two of the Stigmata Sorcerers would have fallen, the level of danger would be unimaginable. Regarding the purgatory furnace in the hands of the Purgatory Giant King Abaddon, even the actual descent of Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer could now only be fathomed through the historical remains left behind.

    Well, what of Grimm?

    In the midst of doubt, after another forty years had passed, Wicky, Solumn, Millie and Claudia, returned to the Sorcerers World following the sorcerer legion who had just ended a Demon-Hunting expedition mission.