A Requiem For A Dead Universe Chapter 17

    Chapter 17: Broken

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    Inside a crystal themed room sitting a beautiful and fair maiden that was showing an extremely worried look while glancing at the window from time to time. She was holding a broken crystal figurine of a man holding a curved thing. A dark figure that seemed to have been finished decorating the walls head to the maiden and spoke in a tired voice.

    Uncle John "Madam shouldn't be worried about Sir Layperil, Madam Suriela would most likely enjoy the date they are having due to the beauty of the place they are in right now."

    Teylora "But I can't stop feeling something was amiss."

    Uncle John "Madam Teylora, I believe it is most likely that the source of your unease was that broken figurine. If Madam wants it fixed I could include it to the repairs in the crystal cavern. My colleague will arrive 2 days later."

    Teylora "No, I feel something really happened to him."

    Uncle John "Madam, it maybe just a product of you not being able to adapt to your body right now. It is only a day after you moved your body while the last time was more than 500 years ago. I think madam should take a stroll outside to ease your tension."

    Teylora "No, I'll wait for them here. I will surprise him when he arrives. How about I go-."

    Uncle John "As I have already told madam, Sir Layperil and Madam Suriela are currently having a personal time for each other. If Madam Teylora were to interrupt, it might implicate your future relationship with Sir Layperil."

    Teylora "How about I spy on them secretly?"

    Uncle John "It is quite unbecoming for Madam to use such method."

    Teylora "I'm sorry for my inappropriate thought."

    Uncle John "Madam, I recommend to get used with the normal physical actions lest madam accidentally use inappropriate strength again."

    Teylora "I think you're right. I should buy normal clothes too."

    Uncle John "Be at ease Madam, I believe right Sir Layperil already finished his dinner with Madam Suriela. Once Madam Teylora finished your venture we can greet them."

    Teylora "Sorry John, I even needed you to decorate my own house."

    Uncle John "Madam Teylora, we existed to serve the crystal skies, be it menial task unto sacrificing our own life, it is not a burden to us."

    Teylora "But still, thank you for all the things you did."

    Uncle John "You are welcome Madam, I would implore Madam to hurry lest Madam miss the chance to interact with Sir Layperil if ever they take a rest earlier due to fatigue."

    Teylora "Thank you again and, Goodbye."

    After the maiden bade farewell, the dark figure picked up and store the broken figurine inside a box. The dark figure then proceed to place the box near the pile of boxes seemingly containing broken pieces of crystal figurines or decorations. After ensuring the stability of the piled boxes he started to unpack the content of inflated traveling bags and place the dresses in large wardrobes.


    Inside a crystalline cavern was a broken rabbles of what was once an enchanting sight. The intricate patterns on the floor was now riddled with various cracks as if an intense earthquake occurred. The former crystal veins like wall was now filled with craters and signs of sharp and blunt impacts were shown through the scorched marks and broken pieces of the wall. The delicate and beautiful crystal statues were now torn and fragmented as if they are collateral damage produced by a great disaster. The previous majestic giant crystal in the middle was now only half its size while above it was broken surface as if what ever was inside was forcefully pulled out. While near it was a large scorched crater surrounded by black shards as if something made of black crystal exploded. It was a sight invoking sorrow for what was the beauty from before became a mess that breaks heart like how those fine and delicate crystal broke into. It was a place that showed a sight giving conclusion that a great battle and struggle occurred but who ever tried to defend was not able to last. Observing such disastrous sight was a man whose face was devoid of emotion yet have eyes filled with tears.

    *It's because you were so weak you couldn't even have the right to know what happened. You weren't even have a way to know. You're so pathetic you even struggle getting here. You're so weak you couldn't even understand how the battle occur. You're so worthless all you know was to use her and you weren't even able to know how she was captured, how she struggled to resist here. You remembered that those enemies are much stronger than them? How those enemies can thrash them? See those black crystal? Do you remember who that black crystal was? That guy who can kill you with a stare. That guy can kill you without effort and yet he's there, he's there lying in pieces. The enemy made him explode. You're so fucking worthless you can't even survive his stare.

    *That butler who you know was pissed off by your lack of manners gave his all to the woman that you did not respect even an ounce when you spoke with her. That butler who gave you the things you need without asking anything in return. You even need Chloe to remind you to thank him? Isn't that right you worthless piece of shit? Now what? See him? See those pieces? Even if you beg for forgiveness to each of those broken crystal you won't be able to redeem your sorry ass.

    *And her. Teylora. She was here, she was here waiting for you right? She gave you a fuck ton of treasure and what did you do? You asked for more. You haven't even thank her properly you even borrowed her own place to have a date? That so fucking low! You're so fucking thick faced you don't even ask her personally. Now where is she? You don't know right? You don't even fucking know where! You just used her! You're just using your payment for a job that you weren't even qualified to have you fucking sack of bullshit human! You're so fucking low you even cheated someone who gave you that amount of treasure. She just asked you to accompany her for some time. No!.

    *Who the fuck are you telling those fucking lies. You know! You fucking know! You know why she did those for you! You know why she was acting like that! You fucking know why she was smiling like that too! You fucking know that what she saw isn't a simple future. It was not a simple you save her, No! No! No! It wasn't as simple as you help her. You became something more than a friend. That's why you felt her agitation whenever Chloe was spoken about. You felt her tenderness whenever she speaks to you and that smile. The smile that greet you on that mirror wasn't a smile of a person who wanted to be friends with you. She didn't tell why she's here because she knows that you can change what you feel about her. She gave you a thousand years worth of treasure isn't because you can use it you fucking thick face shit bag, no! It's not because she just wanted to waste money on someone that'll save her. It was because you weren't just someone that'll save her and go away. There is something with you two. You heard her whisper but you ignore them, every time she would show jealousy. You saw her reluctant eyes, her worries and her hope. Whenever she mention that savior bullshit, she doesn't show the raising expectation for the future savior, you fucking feel it, you feel it, because you knew what she feel whenever she mention savior, she feels the longing for the person she loves. That was why you were irritated by that call. You don't want to face the truth. Do you want to know why? Wanna know why you ignored what she felt and focused on those minerals? It's because your so fucking weak you can't even deny her.

    *You were so fucking weak you can't tell her you can't give yourself to other people right? It's because you can't have her either. You can't love her because you still can't love Chloe either. You still can't cross the Astral, you can't improve yourself you can't even survive a slap from a woman. You're so pathetic you can't even love. What kind of fucking lower existence are you? Human shit?

    *The person that you love will slowly face a torture. She would keep her belief that you can be accepted by her family. She would believe that you can be hers until you change but no! Once she goes to the Astral world she will meet people better than you, much much better than the shitty person you are. She will understand how hard her family endured, understand how much her family sacrificed just for her to ignore them and choose you. Once she knows how heavy the consequence what her actions will do then you'll be left all alone. Once she crossed that place you'll be just a painful memory for her. You're so fucking worthless she can't even love you even if she wanted and you know that. But you fucking selfishness incarnate chose to love her still, you let her believe those lies of being together. You fucking fake and broken person destroyed her future.

    *Now Teylora, the person who fell in love in your future. What kind of fucking thing that made her do that? How can you deserve someone who was able to wait more than a thousand of years just for you to fail her? Only she did that and only she was the one who bore the weight of your worthless shitty pathetic life. She entrusted you with her own life and poured you all her feelings but what? You just used her because deep inside you knew how she felt. You made her believe in false hopes. You made her believe in a facade that you might develop something. You are aware of what you did, you are aware of the effects of what you told her. You knew that if you showed great interest in her gifts she will give more. You just used her and made her believe in lies.

    *Just like those you "saved" right? Like those you deem "rescued" from the hell you went through. They all believed your words and they don't know that you just victimized them. You think you're saving them from pushing them away from the abyss? No you fucking shit brain, you are the one that pushes them in the abyss. You think they will be saved once they found out that the new view in the world you made them see is only something good for you? You think the peace of heart you made them do will keep them from feeling those hidden fears and trauma? No, it's just a panacea for a terminal disease. They will only believe your lies until they realized that the real world isn't as simple as you explained to them. Once they realized your lies they will not only return into the abyss they will also sink even deeper all because of your lust, you fucked them till they believe in your lies about a better tomorrow but you know that the tomorrow they expect was nothing but lies you fabricated. You fucking think your a hero? You're fucking worse than a villain. You think your doing something good but in reality you're just ruining their lives. Chloe, Christina, Teylora and more people who listened to your lies are now either in danger or soon will be.

    *You are nothing, you think you can hide me? By constantly thinking? By constantly muttering? By constantly explaining? You can't stop my voice inside your head. I am the truth. You are just a worthless piece of shit who wanted to get things you never deserve. You think you can just ignore what I say? No! You know that what I say is the truth. You think you can run away from the truth. Just accept the fact and live the rest of your worthless and pathetic life enjoying everything. Go and sink those people who are as worthless as you. Make them all drown in what ever hell you are in. If you do that you'll have people like you. You can't save them. You can't prove yourself to them. You can't keep your promises to them. You are nothing and so make them like you. You're so fucking alone and the only choice you have is to let them sink with you.

    As the sight of the man remain unchanged, his teary eyes slowly lost its life as if in a state of succumbing in darkness. It continued as he was being consumed by the abyss when one of his pockets produced a sound. The lifeless hand of the broken man picked up and pressed the thing in his pocket before an angry voice yelled out. The man then kneel down, he squeezed and instantly crushed the thing in his hand.

    *HAHAHA! see how worthless you are? Not only she doubted what you told her she even suspected you of meeting another woman. Not only she do not believe you she even suspects you're just lying to her. You don't even amount to her trust and you believed her? You believed her words? She cannot even give you a slight of her trust and you believe that she loves you? You believe she really cared for you? She just wants to use you. She just want those cabins that you'll never see. She just want you to get people for her. You really believe her bullshit love story to you? You believe that she fell in love while listening how you fuck other girls? She can't even trust that you care for her and you believe she will return here for you? You fucking spineless pathetic retard should understand that she's just making you believe so that you will find people to love you when she's away. She wants you to change so you can fall in love with other people because once she goes away she will find other people too. Accept the fucking truth that you are no one to her. She just let you fuck her so that she could control you. She just did those things so that you won't look at other women. Stop believing in bullshitting from others, you're already bullshitting your own mind, you're already bullshitting your own life. Stop listening to her lies, she just wants to let you fucking believe in a better future like how you make those people believe in a better world. Once the truth comes out you'll be so fucking low you won't have a chance to know what's real anymore.

    *That Teylora took a gamble on you and she put her own life and now she's gone because you chose to chase a hopeless fake love. You know how she felt for you and didn't even bat an eye and now you can't even thank her for the things she gave. You told her you'll return here right? You told her you'll train in that fucking realm with her right? Now what? You chose to spend your worthless time arguing someone who argues for the sake of arguing. Teylora was willing to wait for you until you become strong while that woman? The woman you love? She can't even trust you. She was doing all those controlling shit because she knows you can't cross. She didn't even believe when you said Teylora exist. Now what? You lost the person that love you and now you will slowly lose the fake love you're receiving.

    *You should just do what that receptionist did. You should just accept that other people had the right to enjoy life better than others. You should just accept the truth that you don't deserve love. You don't deserve anything.

    The kneeling man closed his eyes while letting tears fall freely on the broken floor. After a while he opened his lifeless eyes and stood up. The tears in his eyes seemed to have run out and the wetness on his face seemed to have dried itself. He slowly walked toward what's left of the giant crystal before picking up a semi transparent bluish fragment that was once a part of a glacier like mass of crystal. A piece of a giant crystal that was once containing a maiden whose whereabouts now is unknown. After reminiscing the few memory he had with the woman while tightly gripping the fragment, sound of dripping blood resounded in the cavern of broken crystals. After a while he slowly walked towards the scorched ground where fragments of black crystal was around before picking up a piece. He tightly gripped the crystal that was once a part of a courteous crystalline butler. He held both crystals on his bleeding left hand and walked towards the elevator.


    Inside a second floor of a majestic and massive concrete structure stood a recreational center. In this center was courts prepared for a game akin to dodging the incoming high speed projectile, playing such game is an alluring figure wearing a veil on her face. The proportion of her body was akin to a hi breed between elf and succubus while her black hair that was dancing in the air was akin to how long a mermaid possess. She was akin to beauty personified but her veil that only revealed her thick eyebrows and eyelashes did not reduce her appeal but instead gave a vibe of a mysterious beauty. This beauty that was dodging the projectiles was no different from a maiden dancing seductively and so multiple passer by stopped and watch the marvel. She was about to break the current record when another woman with voluptuous body approached the court and called for her. She then catch a projectile and the game immediately ended due to the projectiles contact with her skin. The dancing woman then approached the voluptuous woman before speaking while panting.

    Subhadra "Is it really that hard to convince them?"

    Siddhi "Somehow because of what ever the price the new owner gave, our offer was still not enough."

    They started walking towards the elevator while talking.

    Subhadra "Then I'm still at the bottom?"

    Siddhi "No, someone went to the bottom and we went higher for one level."

    Subhadra "Can't we do something about the new owners?"

    Siddhi "We can't, we're secretly moving so raising alarms are forbidden and, that overseer from the high cliffs is still watching. Even if he cannot use his mortal eyes, he could still feel any anomalies if we messed up mortal matters."

    Subhadra "How come we can seduce that mortal if we're not allowed to mess with mortal matters?"

    Siddhi "Love isn't a mortal matter."

    After entering the elevator, the voluptuous woman started to kneed the breast of the maiden with the veil. She then proceed to feel in between the thigh before finally feelings the butt part as if weighing it. The maiden with the veil does not have any reaction as if everything was normal. The voluptuous woman then spoke in a surprised voice.

    Siddhi "You just played there for an hour and you actually lost some fat."

    Subhadra "It's not like that, I've been a picky eater this past week so I think I naturally lost weight."

    Siddhi "Oh, it's only been a month since the last I measured you but you look the same so I thought you're maintaining your weight. Ganesa just opened a deli this morning why don't you go there?"

    Subhadra "I already did but I still wasn't able to enjoy it that much."

    The elevator door opened and the two walked out and head to the exit of the place while talking. After a while a shirt less muscled man wearing a boxer short was waiting for them. When the women realized that the watch and rings and other accessories were also not present with the half naked man, both woman started screaming and throwing punches at the man before the three of them rode a roofless hover car.


    Inside the fourth floor of a grand structure that was seemingly a giant among other buildings was replica of complicated maze like house. Inside people are using fake guns to shoot at each other. One of such places was currently occupied by a lot of shady personalities while watching two people wearing head gear and gloves. These two people were giving out punches and kicks at each other. Watching such sight was a young and beautiful maiden wearing sunglasses with a sinister smile. Beside the alluring beauty was a celebrity looking old guy that was sweating bullets on his head, the old guy then spoke in a meek but reasoning manner.

    Lucifer "How can I know it'll suddenly change? I was chased by Gabriel in my own sanctuary because Uriel saw me talking with you. I died 3 times before he questioned me, you know. I can't monitor here because of that."

    Sophia "It'll be harder now that I'm lower. You should do something about it."

    Lucifer "The overseer from the high cliff is still here while Gabriel is watching me so he will be notified if I meddle with mortal matters."

    Sophia "Tsk, you're pissing off two overseers of lower realm just for a mortal?"

    Lucifer "Once you know his worth you might even forget the sanctuary and just grab that man for yourself."

    Sophia "Isn't that the plan?"

    Lucifer "No! You need the protection from old man if you want to keep that mortal for yourself."

    Sophia "Still, if I get this man I might be able to skip that possession ritual right?"

    Lucifer "Why are you so afraid of inheriting Sophia's god soul?"

    Sophia "What? I am also a living person. If I let that thing control me then how is it different from dying?"

    Lucifer "It will just influence your mind for a bit, see me? Do I look like a cunning and manipulative fallen angel? I always dreamt of becoming a superstar since young but when they made me inherit this god soul I became an old superstar. But I still have my mind, I can also use powers of Lucifer."

    Sophia "For you it's okay, for me it's not. The Sophia governs knowledge and once her memories merge with mine I will surely lose myself."

    Lucifer "You have a point."

    Sophia "So do everything to raise mine, I'm taking a gamble for my own freedom here so I'll let you have half the merit if your old man agreed on removing the previous Sophia's memories on the gods soul."

    Lucifer "Okay I'll try to do something but don't expect too much."

    The two people then stood up after the match ended and paid for the drinks after the old guy took his winnings on the bet. They walked in a crevice revealing gambling tables and the likes on to a door where a burly guy is guarding. They walked out of the door and head for the elevator. When they reached the ground floor they departed in different directions.


    Inside a luxurious fashion mall were shops of various sizes and themes. One of the shops where various simple looking but expensive items being sold, stood two young maidens. One was a golden curly haired mature looking and beautiful lady wearing a sweater seemingly made to reveal the shape of her body while the other one was an innocent looking beauty with brown long wavy hair wearing a plain green colored jacket. They are picking up and putting the shirt in front of their body while facing a mirror when the innocent looking maiden asked the mature looking one.

    Artemis "Do you really know that guy?"

    Athena "Yes. In fact I was acquainted for some time,.... and some ways..."

    Artemis "It's going to be easier then, so do I or do you?"

    Athena "Well I'll try first, I was here because of the advantage I have. It was a good thing I still have some connection if not we might not have that high place."

    Artemis "It's a pity there's already someone above us."

    Athena "It's the most I can do, if we increased the payment the overseer of the high cliffs might see our action."

    Artemis "Maybe we can convince the top to exchange with us?"

    Athena "We can't, the old guy already said that he already finished the decoration and when I saw what kind of decorations were there, I already chose not to convince them."

    Artemis "Is it so bad or is it so goo"

    Before the innocent looking maiden finished her word, a woman bumped into her and a bunch of paper bags had fallen on the ground.

    Woman "Sorry, I-I wasn't able to see you."

    Artemis "It's okay, why are you carrying so many bags anyways? Is ther- oh my god why are there so many paper bags?"

    On the ground was a bunch of paper bags enough for 5 people to bring. Each had at least five pieces of clothes given that some content was also sprayed on the ground. The matured beauty walked away while glancing far from time to time. While the innocent looking beauty was left with the woman.

    Woman "It's, I think they looked good so I bought them, but I seem to have bought too many."

    Artemis (Too many? That's enough to last you half a year even if you throw away one after using it.)

    Woman "Excuse me?"

    Artemis "Miss I think you should call for some help, they will provide you a carrier service if you purchased these,...these many."

    The matured beauty then returned with 2 burly man wearing the same uniform like jacket with a name plate. The two man then approached the fair maiden who was previously carrying all the paper bags. When they saw the number of fallen bags and items they immediately put a surprised expression and looked at each other before one of them decided to approach the woman.

    Carrier "Hi, mam we would like to offer some services for carrying your luggage through a hover truck. The fee will be deducted based on the weight of the items and the distance of the delivery location."

    Woman "Oh, thank you. If I buy things can you still deliver it?"

    Carrier "As long as mam rents our services."

    Woman "Well then can you follow me and get the things I buy? I still want to visit 4 shops. I thought I will need to give up on the very first shop because I can't carry anymore. I still want to buy things here so can you wait here for a bit?"

    The two carrier service provider started to sweat and gulp cold air while feeling some ominous signs when the woman said visiting another 4 shops. The woman the turned around facing the two beauties.

    Woman "I almost forgot, thank you."

    The woman removed one of her bracelet with intricate pattern and floating sand like design around it and gave it to the matured looking beauty while she gave the innocent maiden a gem bearing ring that can create tattoo like designs on the palm. The two dumbfounded beauty unconsciously receive the items while raising eyebrows on the woman.

    Woman "Don't worry I just worn that today, it's not even 2 hours so they are practically brand new."

    The woman then walked away and started choosing other clothes while the carrier men called for reinforcements while picking up the scattered items. The innocent looking maiden worn the ring and saw that if she rotate the gem different kinds of patterns will appear on her hand. After a while she smile awkwardly and spoke.

    Artemis "Is she a daughter of some mayor? A tycoon? Or an heir of an Astrahuman family? If you're really so rich you can buy anything huh?"

    Athena "Well, I think she might buy the whole store later so you should pick some clothes right now, I already had mine so I'll help you with yours."

    Artemis "Thanks."

    The two beauties continued their shopping while occasionally glancing at the woman who buys anything that fits on her.


    Just beside a plain looking 7 story building, a considerably big pool was located. It was a descending type where the farther it goes the deeper it went. Small cleaning droids are floating here and there while some are strolling alongside the pool. Inside the pool was a tan skinned petite body swimming as if the water is a part of her body, sitting at the edge of the pool was another tanned skin beauty sipping a glass while watching the swimming figure. She watched her for a while until the content of the glass was finished before she spoke to the swimming person. The petite looking woman approached the sitting lady, her long silky hair was kept very straight by the water and it was able to reach her bottom and her lined eyebrow and long eye lashes gives off a strange sense of seductive appeal. Once she was floating near the sitting woman she spoke while breathing heavy.

    Neith "What did you say?"

    Iusaas "Are you sure about your plan?"

    Neith "To be honest not, but men are easy to manipulate."

    Iusaas "How come they always rule then?"

    Neith "Even a king should bow to her queen in bed."

    Iusaas "If you can seduce that man then you can make him bow, but if not?"

    Neith "I'll just give up, I won't do anything rash. Are you really going to inherit Iusaas god soul after this?"

    Iusaas "We've been stuck at that place for 3 years already. I want to regain my freedom, even if I can't use my power in mortal realm, just to have this kind of life again."

    Neith "You might become like Hina you know."

    Iusaas "It's because her will was not strong enough, but she still treat us like before. It's just that she's more serious right now."

    Neith "Still, it feels like she's not who she was when we befriend her. Take care okay? If you became like her I will be really lonely."

    Iusaas "Then get that man already, if you can rope him in we won't even need to find those other inheritors. We can party all the way we want if you succeed."

    Neith "Of course I'll do my best."

    Iusaas "I'll go and refill my drink, want something?"

    Neith "Something light."

    Iusaas "Okay."

    The petite woman returned to her swimming laps while the other enter a door that leads to the bottom of the building.


    At the roof top of an apartment stood 2 figures. A stout middle age man wearing a leather jacket and a golf cap was holding the hand of the maiden while muttering something. The maiden was a rare tough looking beauty that was in contrast with her sexy and petite build. Deep and wavy red hair reaching the end of her spine and porcelain like skin. Strangely, one of her hands was wearing a delicate and fashionable thin gloves while the other had a metallic leather glove twice the size of her hand. The man was holding the metallic gloved hand while muttering incomprehensible words and as the muttering goes the glove slowly decrease in size and slowly turn into a delicate looking one the same as the other. The stout man then proceed to place his hands on the over sized belt of the lady but he seemed to hesitate. After a moment he moved himself to the side of the woman and place both his hands on the left side of the belt before proceeding to murmur words again. After a while the over sized belt turned into a fashionable leather one. The lady then spoke apologetically to the stout man.

    Theya "Sorry for bothering you uncle Heimdall and making you feel uncomfortable"

    Heimdall "It's okay, it's okay,... it's just quite a new thing I need to consider whenever I need to transform, your equipment."

    Theya "I'm sorry."

    Heimdall "It's okay, I um, ahh,... I placed you near the middle so people won't suspect you. Just try to do it moderately. That man already had a woman so it will be a tough battle. But, I know you can win any battle be it fighting world eaters or battle in,,. Women's battle,..."

    The stout looking man had an awkward expression while the young maiden had a helpless look. The lady replied in a tired tone.

    Theya "I will do my best uncle."

    Heimdall "I wish you luck, here."

    The man waved his hand and a tear in space appeared depicting a place that resembles a living room. The stout man then spoke.

    Heimdall "Um, everything you asked was already placed inside, and um, the clothes you wanted was currently being delivered via mortal means as to reduce suspicions."

    Theya "Thank you uncle, I'll go now."

    Heimdall "Good luck once again and, just ask me if you need help."

    The woman nods before stepping in to the tear in the space. The man let out a big sigh after closing the tear in space. After a long while a winged handsome man slowly descended near him, the stout man gave a helpless sigh and spoke in a tired voice.

    Heimdall "I just sent a critter away, don't worry about it."

    Gabriel "After causing a great commotion the other day, any of your actions are all in need of caution. What kind of critter that needs such secretive and small fluctuation to be sent away?"

    Heimdall "It's a mortal who got lost, why are you here anyway?"

    Gabriel "Making sure our older brother kept being nice, he sneaked in one of the peace sanctuary so I need to monitor him to know his motives. I'll need to stay here to observe and find out what he's planning, that's unless you know something about his action."

    Heimdall "As if I would know, you know that many of my past lives died in his hands and more than many of his true lives was ended by mine."

    Gabriel "But the current you doesn't have any conflicts and, the Lucifer now is,... a bit odd."

    Heimdall "Oh!? How? Did she turn into a woman too?"

    Gabriel "Well, even if you die and reappear in another body you still don't know how to lie."

    Heimdall "Well, yeah I already met him and, he seems not the cunning type."

    Gabriel "Or maybe he is, pretending dumb, becoming your ally and then, destroy you from behind."

    Heimdall "It's a good thing I wasn't his ally."

    Gabriel "That's right."

    The two stared at each other for a while as if waiting one another to speak before the winged figure flew away.

    Heimdall "That damn worm of a snake, inviting another overseer in the game. It's a good thing that mortal isn't here if not,..."