A Kaiju Reincarnated Into Pacific Rim
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    A Kaiju Reincarnated Into Pacific Rim Book 2 Chapter 71

    Volume 2: Second Chapter 71 Shocked..

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    Yura's Pov...

    As I woke up I noticed that I was in an infinite marigold colored dimension, as far as I could tell. However, as I tried to sit upright I felt pain circulating throughout my upper body as I saw my arms covered in bruises.

    I then saw that soul stone itself was no longer embedded within the infinity glove, I panicked and looked around for it as I tried to ignore the pain.

    Seeing that it did not accidentally fall onto the ground while I was unconscious, I immediately tried standing up even though my upper body felt like it was in flames.

    However, as I stood in an upright position looking for the soul stone a figure appeared a few meters away from me, I panicked thinking that it was Destoroyah and prepared myself to attack.

    But as the figure walked closer it seemed to become smaller, then as it was only fifteen meters away from me I noticed it to be a child.

    As it continued to walk closer I slowly backed away making sure that my guard was up, however, I was shocked when the figure spoke saying, "Hello?"

    In a sweet melodic voice that seemed soothing to my ears, I stopped backing away and looked in shock as the child had flawless vanilla toned skin paired with silver hair and jet black eyes.

    At that moment I lowered my guard as I leaned in closer to see the child wearing a white dress in black streak patterns on it.

    With the most innocent smile that rendered myself immobile, the small little girl once again said, "Hello."

    I slowly lowered my arms and replied in disbelief at how perfect she seemed to be, "He... Hel... Hello."

    The little girl seemed to be genuinely happy as her face lit up while she asked me, "What's your name?"

    I was shocked by the girl's casual question that I seemed to forget what my name was, however, the little girl once again asked, "What your name, Miss?"

    "Yu... Yura, my name is Yura.", I quickly responded to the little girl's sudden curious question.

    She responded saying, "Wow.", she then held her chin and seemed to be wondering about something, however, for some reason this action of hers made her seem more enchanting.

    She then looked at me and said, "That is a beautiful name."

    I smiled and in reply said, "Yes... it is.", as I remembered Hakaira giving it to me in the past.

    However, as I did tears slowly built up and streamed down my face while smiling, the little girl who seemed worried walked closer.

    Thinking that she probably thought I was sad I immediately tried to wipe my tears but before I could, the little girl's soft and small hand caressed my face and wiped them for me.

    As she did I closed both my eyes and felt warmth coming from the palm of her hand as she wiped the tears from both my eyes.

    This same warmth was one that I felt when I was with Hakaira, a feeling that I did not want to stop, however, after wiping away my tears the little girl pulled her hand away and taking that warmth with it.

    I was surprised and opened my eyes to see her smiling and saying, "Don't cry."

    I did not know why, but as she said those two words I felt genuine happiness inside me as if those words comforted me.

    I nodded and said, "I won't."

    Smiling the little girl folded her hands behind her back and tilted her head to the side, seeing this I couldn't help but smile as well.

    However, as I looked behind the little girl I saw a figure covered in a dark shadow slowly walking towards us, immediately standing up I softly pulled the little girl behind and said, "Get behind me." while facing the unknown figure.

    The little girl listened and hid behind me while poking her head out to see the dark figure who was walking towards us.

    Preparing myself for what might happen I was caught off-guard when the little girl suddenly shouted saying, "MOMMY!"

    The little girl then ran towards the figure in front of me, I quickly tried to grab her as I didn't know who this mysterious figure was, even though she said that it might be her mother.

    But as I tried to grab her hand, my hand seemed to fade right through hers, I was shocked but saw the little girl jumping towards the dark figure who caught her in mid-air and then hugged her.

    The little girl released a tender chuckle as she hugged the figure back, even though I was unable to see its appearance.

    I was relieved and smiled, however, I was shocked as the dark figure was slowly covered in the light revealing itself to be a woman with long gray hair that ran down her hip.

    But what truly shocked me was when the gray-haired woman turned towards me with a smile paired with blue eyes, I stood there gawking at them.

    The gray-haired woman smiled at her daughter while carrying her and slowly began to walk away with their back facing me.

    Realizing that they were leaving I slowly walked towards them while saying, "Hold on... wait."

    However, the two appeared to be getting further away, leaving me to run after them, but no matter how fast I ran I could not seem to catch up.

    In the end, I fell to the ground while saying, "Wait, don't go."

    In response to what I said, I heard the little girl saying, "Goodbye Yura, I'll see you soon."

    I looked forward and saw the little girl and whomever that was carrying her slowly disappearing.

    I collapsed onto the ground and tried to contemplate what just happened, as I could not believe what I saw.

    I immediately tried to contact my creator in hopes of knowing what was going on, but all I got was nothing.

    However, out of nowhere a cold voice spoke out from behind me saying, "Interesting."

    Surprised, I immediately stood up and turned to face whomever the voice was but saw a figure covered in white robes.

    However, being already in shock I could not help but be surprised to see that the figure had no face and only had a mouth.

    I immediately asked, "Who are you?"

    The faceless figure casually replied saying, "I am the soul within the stone."

    As I heard the faceless figure say those words for some reason, I did not deny them as I felt a sense of familiarity with the faceless figure, and just knew that it spoke the truth. In fact, for some reason, it felt as if we were the same.

    However, as I was still going over the feeling that I felt the faceless figure observed my body with interest as it said, "This is intriguing."

    I slowly backed away thinking that the faceless figure was going to do something, seeing what I was doing the faceless figure raised both its hands and said, "Don't worry I will not harm you I am just curious as to how an artificial intelligence yourself could be able to become a human."

    Realizing that the faceless figure was only curious I asked in response saying, "You're just like aren't me, aren't you?"

    The faceless figure replied by nodding and saying, "Yes I am."

    I wasn't surprised but continued to listen as it said, "After all, I am created by the one who is above all."

    At that moment I was shocked at first as this was the first time I had ever met a being who knew the one above all, but then slowly nodded my head as it made sense as who else could this faceless figure be.

    It was then I remembered the little girl and the woman who was her mother and wanted to ask the faceless figure, but it cut me off by saying, "In this pocket dimension, one is able to receive a vision of a figure that exists or has existed within this universe."

    I realized that those words were the answer to my question, however, I was confused as I couldn't understand what it meant.

    The faceless figure realizing this said, "When one has obtained the soul stone they will receive a vision of the one who is closest to them or... of themselves that will soon occur."

    Hearing the last part of its words I realized that the woman who had carried the little girl seemed to resemble my appearance, it was that moment I realized.

    "That woman... who was with that child, is she?" I asked in the moment of realization, however, the faceless figure seemed to smile in response and only said, "Maybe, who knows."

    I was slightly annoyed by its response until I asked what the meaning of the first part of its words was, "What did you mean that I would receive a vision of someone close to me?"

    The faceless figure then looked towards me and responded sincerely by asking me, "You truly do not know?"

    I was surprised by its sudden change of tone as I asked, "What do you mean?"

    The faceless then sighed and softly said, "Of course you wouldn't, after all, you have just turned into a human for a short period of time."

    I was becoming impatient but curious as the faceless figure then asked, "Yura... How long do you think that you have been sleeping?"

    I was once again shocked as I couldn't respond but the faceless figure said, "Of course you wouldn't know as well, since you have been separated from your host and your connection to the system that you possess has faded."

    I felt clueless and opened for the first time as the faceless figure basically knew everything about me and everything that I have never even told Hakaira before.

    It then noticed my expression and said, "Yura... you have been sleeping for nearly two years now."

    I was overcome with shock as I asked in a tone of disbelief, "What?"

    The faceless figure then said, "In the time that you have been in slumber I have discovered many things about yourself, and something that you have yet to realize."

    I then sat on the ground and asked, "What... What is it that you know about me that I have yet to realize?"

    The faceless figure responded by saying, "Yura, you are pregnant."

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