A Gorgeous White Bl
OngoingChapter 55

    A Gorgeous White Bl Chapter 55

    Chapter 55: || Chapter 52 || Are You Lost, Little Doll?

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    It was cold and silent.

    Within the dim-lit room, the faint light of the small lamp shone on the small figure curling on the bed in deep slumber. Night had come and the bright moonlight peeked from the curtains of the window beside the bed. Pink toes were exposed to the nightly air inside the room, curling and seeking warmth.

    Laying on the bed, covered with a plain yet soft blanket, a particular youth shifted in his seep out of discomfort. His silver hair spreads out over the large pillows, glistening under the lunar light.


    A sleepy moan sounded. Moulin's brows furrowed, his forehead creasing. Not long, his lashes fluttered open. Silver pupils peeked out from the thick rows of lashes. Moulin's gaze stared out in the open for a few seconds before he rose from the bed. His movements were unhurried.

    He blinked. Where was he?

    He looked around and realized that the room he was currently resting in was extremely unfamiliar. A sense of vigilance's overwhelmed his sleepy form and he quickly removed himself from the bed. As his bare feet touched the cold floor, he stood quietly assessing his surroundings. The room was simple and small. A few pieces of furniture, wooden and breakable looking, were placed by the sidewall. The walls were painted white and there was a small lamp on the wooden bedside table which was the only light source in the room aside from the light of the moon beaming through the curtains. When he realized the soft fabric against his skin, he examined his clothes. Gone was the black uniform he had worn during the trials. What replaced it was soft loose sleeves and slightly tight pants. Clothes he had recognized that belonged to his wardrobe. Confusion etched his face. Who had changed him?

    Shaking his head he shifted his attention back to his surroundings.

    He was alone. Moulin frowned.

    As his gaze explored the room, his sight landed on the small note pressed beneath a bottle on the table before the bed. Moulin walked over and silently read the note.

    'My dear brother Moulin,

    This is your room for the time being until the Candidate Selection to be carried tomorrow at noon. I'm sorry, this little room was the only place decent enough that I could choose for you. Your brother will promise you a warm scented bath next time. I cannot join you for I am needed in the Council of the Elder Guild. Rest and don't wander around. Snow is under my care so don't worry and I will send a servant to bring your dinner soon. You have done well in the trials. I am very proud of you. Rest your body and eat more.

    Your Dashing brother Emlen'

    Moulin held back a laugh as he reread the letter. Dashing? What was he implying? He could imagine the disappointed look on Emlen's face as he chose the room for him. Moulin smiled.

    Although he partially finds the letter funny, he felt a delicate warmth in his chest. He folded the paper and tucked it in his pocket.

    He falls back down on the bed and stares at the ceiling. His breath was steady and his thoughts were overwhelming his mind. The previous events during the trials filled his head.

    He did it.