A Cute Wife Was Hard To Raise And A Black Bellied Husband Had A Generation Gap Chapter 836

    Chapter 836: "The year of forgetfulness and Mo Yanhuan" 240. It was not optimistic

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    Lu Huanzi felt speechless.

    She felt that all the men in the world.

    Mo Lichuan was not the only one who would act shamelessly.

    However, since nothing had happened, Lu Huanzi did not have the heart to care.

    Hence, she quickly got up.

    After tidying up her clothes, she said, "when are we going back to the country? "

    Chen Huaijin also got up.

    However, he said slowly, "there's no rush. I contacted some neurologists here last night and brought you over for a check-up today. "

    Lu Huanzi's heart skipped a beat. "You want to bring me over for a check-up? For what? "

    Chen Huaijin said, "I don't know much about your illness, but I tried my best to find some people. They didn't say that they would cure you, but since you're sick, you have to receive proper treatment. From today onwards, I'll help you see a doctor. I can invite the best doctors in the world for you. Without any special medicine, I'll set up a research institute for you to research and develop. "

    Chen Huaijin walked over.

    Looking at Lu Huanzi's serious expression, she said, "I'll let you live, make you happy, and be willing to be my bride. "

    When Chen Huaijin said this, Lu Huanzi was touched.

    In this world, until now, no one had treated her so well.

    However, Lu Huanzi could not accept this favor.

    She said, "there's really no need. Life and death are fated. If my fate is really like this, then forget it. Anyway, my life was picked up a year ago. At that time, I thought that Mo Lichuan saved me, so there's always a kind of retribution in my heart. En, my heart was so deep that I fell into a deep hole. Too deep a favor is really a kind of pressure. I don't want to owe anyone anymore. Anyway, I've already returned your ring to you. After returning to the country, let's not contact each other anymore. Of course, I'll have to trouble you with one last thing. Explain to the media that we've already broken off the engagement. You can use whatever reason you want as long as it doesn't hurt your reputation and interests. As for the rest, I don't care anyway."

    Although Lu Huanzi said a lot later on,.

    Her words did not move Chen Huaijin.

    He still insisted on seeing her.

    Lu Huanzi did not have a passport.

    She could only take Chen Huaijin's private plane.

    Therefore, she had no choice but to follow him to see many doctors.

    She had been staying in New York for the past few days.

    There were always experts from all over the world coming to diagnose her condition.

    The CT scans she had done were reviewed, studied, and researched.

    But the results were not told to her.

    Instead, they were reported to Chen Huaijin.

    Chen Huaijin's worries seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

    Lu Huanzi know probably he also finally clearly know his condition is probably not optimistic.

    But Lu Huanzi was in a good mood.

    Occasionally, when I have time, I will go out for a walk.

    It's like a vacation.

    There may not be much time left to come to New York.

    It's a good time to have some fun.