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    Great Demon King Chapter 916 - GDK 916

    Chapter 916: Not Letting You Off

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    GDK 916: Not letting you off

    All along, Han Shuo had been denying his feelings for Donna, trying not to increase the size of his harem. But in the depths of his heart, just as Donna said, he had considered her as his woman and his actions reflected his subconscious mind.

    On that day, with Donnas interrogation, Han Shuo was forced to confront his true feelings. When Han Shuo observed that his realm state was destabilizing, he realized just how deeply he felt for Donna and that he must stop burying his feelings.

    Although Donna was confrontational and it seemed as though she was going to kill Han Shuo, all her anger vanished when she was in Han Shuos embrace. Every last bit of pain and hatred were erased off her mind.

    The weeping Donna embraced Han Shuo tightly as though she wanted to squeeze herself into Han Shuos body.

    Han Shuo felt sympathetic. He stood silently and let Donna cry on his chest while gently caressing her soft, long hair.

    As the grief and grievances that had been accumulated over the past many years went away with her tears, her heart gradually calmed down. For all these years, having to constantly move around and hide with her family, there had not been a day that she felt at peace. But in Han Shuos broad chest, she felt safe and a sense of tranquility.

    How I wish I could lean on his chest for eternity thought Donna who had put on a faint, blissful smile after she stopped weeping. Happiness had displaced all the sorrow in her heart.

    After a long, long while, after having vented her feelings, she moved away from Han Shuos chest somewhat embarrassedly. With her wet eyes, she saw that Han Shuo seemed rather nervous and somewhat at a loss. She thought that the Han Shuo now was very adorable. There wasnt a hint of his usual proud and lofty demeanor showing on his foolish face.

    "Hehe!" Donna, whose cheeks were still wet, couldnt help but laughed. She reached out with her hand and gently pinched Han Shuos face, "Why would you make this silly face? You make it look like I had forced you to confess!"

    Han Shuo forced a smile and thought, Well, but you did force me to confess, right? But Han Shuo was glad that the hidden knot in his heart had been untied. Han Shuo still felt somewhat embarrassed and therefore avoided Donnas eyes and lowered his head slightly.

    When his gaze moved downward, it suddenly stopped and turned affixed when it came across Donnas massive bosom.

    The front area of Donnas dress had soaked up most of her tears. When her thin garment was dampened, they became semi-transparent and stuck closely to her breasts. It looked almost as though she was not wearing anything. The mesmerizing, enchanting curves of her giant globes were exposed.

    Donna was curvaceous and busty, to begin with. After seeing her almost bare breasts, Han Shuo couldnt move his gaze away.

    Perhaps having noticed Han Shuos gaze, Donna put on a faint smirk and stretched her body. When her arms stretched backward, her chest was raised and the tip of her soft, plump bosom gently rubbed against Han Shuos chest for a brief moment.

    Blazing light instantly burst from Han Shuos eyes and steam could be seen escaping from his ears.

    "Hehe!" Donna laughed mischievously and stood upright before she joyfully said, "Bryan, Ill stop teasing you. I need to get going as soon as possible. But Ill look for you soon!"

    All thoughts left Han Shuos mind when he heard that Donna was leaving. He hastily grabbed Donna with a hand and asked, "You are going to Hushveil City?"

    "Yup, the Darkness Overgod has appointed my father to manage Hushveil City. This is a once in a blue moon opportunity for my family clan. We need to make good use of this opportunity to restore our former glory. Sigh, my family clan is already very weak now and we are lacking manpower. I cannot leave my dad at such a critical time," explained Donna.

    "Then, then, what about us?" asked Han Shuo stammeringly.

    Donna placed her hand on Han Shuos cheek, put on a sweet smile, and tenderly said, "I will look for you soon. You have destroyed my life and for that, Im not letting you off, forever!"

    Han Shuo heaved a sigh of relief and replied, "Then I can be at ease."

    "Alright, go and do whatever you should be doing. I know that you are at the Fringe. As soon as my Lavers Family have established ourselves in Hushveil City, I will come for you!" said Donna smilingly. Then, as though having recalled something, she giggled and said, "But by then, I am counting on you to pacify your other girlfriends. Im afraid that they will murder me or something "

    "Alright then, take care of yourself. I will be waiting for you," said Han Shuo smilingly before he suddenly went forward, grabbed Donna into his arms, and went in for a nice long kiss before she could react. "Woo Hoo!" He then went on his way while cheering happily.

    Donna stomped her feet while blushing and pouting. "You cheeky little rascal!" she murmured before tucking her lips inwards and licked them as though trying to savor and preserve Han Shuos mark in her heart.

    When the members of the Lavers Family were on the brink of losing their patience, Donna finally re-emerged from the forest.

    Before entering the forest with Han Shuo, Donnas eyes were filled with hatred and anger. Even Felder was worried that Donna might try to attack Han Shuo and worried that something might happen to her.

    But unexpectedly, not only did she return safe and sound, she came back full of energy and not a trace of gloom could be seen. The difference was night and day.

    The Lavers Family were stunned and puzzled. They couldnt understand what happened to her in the forest or how the spiritless Donna could turn alive in less than half-an-hour.

    Felder looked deeply at Donna and he seemed to make out something. He raised a brow and asked, "Where is he?"

    "He left, hes returning to the Fringe." Donna had done her best to conceal the happiness on her face but she could not conceal it in her voice. Anyone could observe that her demeanor had transformed.

    "Oh, ok." Felder nodded before he glanced at the members of his family clan and instructed, "Why are you all still standing? Get moving!"

    Dolores and the others hastily replied affirmatively and continued with the journey. But they would secretly peek at Donna and gossip about her in their minds.

    Felder and Donna were traveling at the very front of the company. After they had pulled some distance ahead of the others, Felder softly said, "Donna, I will do nothing about the matter between you and him. But, as always, try to avoid troubles for our family."

    Donna stared blankly for a moment before she puzzlingly asked, "Father, you, you wont make me break up with him?"

    Felder lightly sighed before he replied, "Could I?"

    "Father, actually I " Donna hastily tried to explain that she understood the position of her family clan as Han Shuo and the Lavers could still be considered enemies.

    Felder raised a hand and interrupted Donna, "Theres no need for explanation, this is all my fault, I had failed you. If I had listened to you and at least met him the day he first visited our Lavers Residence, perhaps none of those things would have happened. Sigh, it was with my arrogance and stubbornness that I had pushed the House of Lavers into the abyss. I had even nearly sacrificed you to that good-for-nothing son of Larikson "

    "Father, why dont you expel me from the Lavers? Then I cannot bring the family clan any troubles," suggested Donna.

    Felder shook his head resolutely and replied, "No, it is me who is in the wrong. Why would I punish you for my mistakes? Alright, thats enough, dont overthink. Although I do not know why, I suspect that the Darkness and Death Overgods want him to live. With that, the thing between you and him shouldnt be an issue."

    "Father, do you mean, you approve of our relationship?" Donna was so elated that her voice trembled slightly.

    Felder nodded slowly, sighed, and lamented, "I had not treated you fairly and had made you suffer too much for our family. Though I may have been a good patriarch, I had not been a good father. This is the least I could do to make it up for you."

    "Thank you, Father! Thank you!" Donna could not be happier. She thought that after Han Shuo killed Avery, Felders brother, the grudges between Han Shuo and her family clan will never be resolved. But unexpectedly, Felder would let go of the offense and approve of her relationship with Han Shuo. With those words of Felders, there were no longer any knots in her heart.
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