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    Chapter 910: Reciprocating

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    GDK 910: Reciprocating

    The godhunter led Han Shuo all the way to a pond below a tall and steep waterfall. But before they got close, a squadron of godhunters intercepted them. They were led by a man who had a deep red nose. He unmannerly shouted, "Lamb, what are you here for? Your chief is busy discussing business and you should be out there patrolling!"

    Although the guy with a red nose was shouting at Lamb, his eyes would repeatedly shift towards Han Shuo. As godhunters of the Ronson Canyon, despite having different Chiefs and in different factions, the godhunters were acquainted with each other. The godhunter with a red nose could tell that Han Shuo was not one of them and was therefore rather cautious towards him.

    Lamb bowed his body slightly and took a humble posture. He smilingly replied, "Please notify my Chief that an important guest would like to meet her."

    The red nose furrowed his brows and said in an annoyed manner, "Did you not hear what I say? Your Chief is in the middle of an important meeting. All matter can wait until the meeting is over. Do you not understand the rules?"

    Lamb stared blankly for a moment before he turned to Han Shuo and helplessly said, "Im sorry, but we will have to wait. I believe the meeting will be over soon."

    Han Shuo bunched his brows. With one thought, a demon general of his stealthily flew into the waterfall and entered the expansive cave underneath it.

    Han Shuo saw that Scarlett and a number of faction leaders were having a heated discussion. They seem to disagree on when they should strike their prey. They were flushed with anger and their voices were growing fiercer.

    After the demon general went around the cave system and surveyed the situation, Han Shuo calmly announced, "Im going in."

    "But " Lamb was surprised that Han Shuo wanted to intrude the cave. He anxiously tried to persuade Han Shuo to wait but was interrupted.

    "You are a bit deaf arent you, friendo? Imma kill you if you take another fucking step," warned the red nose in an unfriendly voice after immediately stepping into Han Shuos path.

    Han Shuo gently lifted his left hand and patted the shoulder of the red nose. Crack! The loud noise of bones shattering sounded from every inch of his body. He spasmed as blood gushed out from his orifices.

    Then suddenly, Splat! His head exploded and his brain matter painted the flat gray rock nearby like abstract art.

    "Enemy! Enemy!" those godhunters standing behind the red nose shouted at the top of their lungs after their leader was murdered.

    "How, how could you?!" Lamb was frightened and alarmed. He did not understand why Han Shuo would do something so reckless.

    Han Shuo cracked a grin and said to Lamb, "Dont worry, you will be alright!" Then, Han Shuo transformed into a trail of shadow and weaved among the squadron of godhunters, butchering them in an instance. He continued walking leisurely towards the waterfall.

    "Enemy! We have an intruder!"

    "Enemy outside the cave! Everyone gather!"

    The panic cries of godhunters sounded everywhere and those who had been hiding around the waterfall immediately rushed to the crime scene. They were all effortlessly killed by Han Shuo and their divine souls were collected into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon.

    Lamb was terrified. He kept a safe distance from Han Shuo, fearing that Han Shuo might suddenly turn to attack him.

    Despite being extremely loud in their discussions, those faction leaders noticed the disturbance outside the cave. They stopped their meeting and went outside to check out what was happening.

    When they exited the waterfall, they saw that the ground was fully covered with dead bodies. Their skeleton and organs had been completely crushed and shattered by brute power and their divine souls were gone.

    And standing calmly on the bodies of his victims was Han Shuo, the murderer.

    "Who are you? What do you want?" shouted one of the faction leaders in a stern voice.

    "Im the Patriarch of the House of Han. Ive come to reap your souls!" said Han Shuo casually and smilingly.

    "Why, why would you do that? We did not attack the House of Han when they passed through the Ronson Canyon. We have no quarrel with each other!" The faction leader was shocked and terrified upon learning Han Shuos identity. He had heard a thing or two about Han Shuos tremendous power from hearsays originating from Witherbone City.

    "You did not attack not because you did not want to, but only out of fear for Han Hao. Otherwise, the House of Han might already be dead," explained Han Shuo casually. Before they could refute, a swarm of demon generals appeared and pounced at the faction leaders like a massive dark wave.

    Han Shuo had attacked these faction leaders not just to supply more soul energy to the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. He wanted to take their highgod souls, erase their memories and self-awareness, and turn them into spirits that would help his House of Han members advance in their cultivation.

    Those faction leaders were rapidly immobilized by the large swarm of demon generals. No one could put up a resistance or even escape. Their flesh and blood were rapidly devoured by the demon generals. Even those godhunters who had been lingering some distance from them were hunted down and attacked.

    In less than five minutes, every godhunters in and around the cave had been murdered by the demon generals. Han Shuo captured their divine souls and stored them in the Cauldron. The memories and self-awareness of those faction leaders had been erased. Those tabula rasa souls contained nothing but insights and understanding of the fundamental forces.

    Other than Han Shuo, only Scarlett and Lamb were still standing.

    When Scarlett saw the sky of demon general swarming at her, she felt despair, thinking she was about to die tragically to Han Shuo. But when the menacing dark cloud reached her, they gently flew past her as though she was not there. Not a single demon general attacked her. She was pleasantly surprised and immediately realized that she was spared for her going out of her way to assist the House of Han.

    A feeling of respect rose in her heart as she sensed the terrifying power of those demon generals all around her. She suddenly understood why Hao Han would possess such a mysterious and terrifying power.

    Moments later, Han Shuo was done with his slaughtering and all the demon generals returned into the Cauldron. There was no longer any threat around them.

    It was now that Han Shuo turned to Scarlett and smilingly asked, "You must be Scarlett?"

    Scarlett was somewhat surprised to hear Han Shuo speak her name. She respectfully bowed at Han Shuo and humbly replied, "Yes, Sir, Im. How may I help you?"

    "Haha, my son has told me about you, that you have helped my House of Han. I happen to pass through Ronson Canyon so I thought I should pay you a visit and purge the Canyon of certain filths," said Han Shuo in a cordial manner.

    Scarlett seemed somewhat surprised that Han Shuo, who had just effortlessly slaughtered every godhunter faction leader in Ronson Canyon, would speak to her so politely. She respectfully asked, "This son of yours, who spoke of me, is he?"

    "Hes Han Hao! You do know him, right?" replied Han Shuo smilingly.

    Scarlett seemed strangely emotional when she heard Han Haos name. She flusteredly nodded and replied, "I do, I do" She took a short pause before she mumbled, "I should have expected that Not only do you have similar looks, but even your auras and demeanors are also similar "

    "Han Hao has separated from the Godhunter Alliance. It will only be a matter of time before he becomes an enemy with the Death Hegemon. I heard that you have a pretty good relationship with Han Hao. You wouldnt want to be his enemy, would you? Why dont you move to the Fringe? You know, Han Hao is there as well!" said Han Shuo. He realized something from her body language.

    Scarlett became even more flustered and her face a little redder. Mixed emotions of doubt, touched, and pleasantly surprised could be seen on her face. After shifting her gaze between Han Shuo and the ground for a while, she nervously and gently asked, "Is this invitation from you or from Han Hao?"

    "Erm " Han Shuo stared blankly for a bit before he smilingly replied, "You could say that its an invitation from the both of us. If it wasnt for your assistance, our House of Han might have all perished in this Canyon. Han Hao and I are very grateful for your help. If you stay in Ronson Canyon, there might come a day that you will become Han Haos enemy. That is why we hope that you will separate from the Godhunter Alliance and move to the Fringe."

    "If Han Hao wants me at the Fringe, then I will get ready right away!" said Scarlett without any hesitation as soon as she heard that it was Han Haos intention, as though she had decided on the matter long ago.

    Han Shuo felt happy and rather surprised. He did not expect that Han Hao could make Scarlett fall so madly in love with him to be willing to abandon everything she had built in Ronson Canyon and relocate to the Fringe.

    After all other godhunter faction leaders of Ronson Canyon were murdered, if Scarlett was to stay in the Canyon, she could easily take over those leaderless factions and become the most powerful person in Ronson Canyon. But Scarlett was willing to give up all that for Han Hao without thinking. Han Shuo was rather surprised by that.

    Han Shuo then noticed that although Scarlett had a voluptuous body, she had two repulsive scars on her face. Han Shuo immediately had an idea.

    "Scarlett, come over. Let me get rid of those scars!" said Han Shuo.

    Scarlett seemed as though she could not believe she had heard. She stared at Han Shuo and stammered, "You you mean you can get rid the scars on my face?"

    "Of course. Its quite easy," replied Han Shuo confidently as though he could treat her problems without any difficulty.

    Scarlett was elated. If it was someone else who said those words, she might not believe it. She completely believed in Han Shuos ability because he was well-known on every corner of Elysium for his miraculous art of healing as the master of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. She happily walked to Han Shuo.
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