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    Mages Are Too Op Chapter 555 - MATO 555

    Chapter 555 A Demigod Is Still A Demigod Even Though Hes Wounded

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    Chapter 555 A Demigod Is Still a Demigod Even though Hes Wounded

    Generally speaking, the enemys nest must be right below the vortex of dark clouds.

    After all, it was common sense that the boss must be hiding in the most important or unusual place. However this particular castle was far away from the center of the vortex.

    If the team had searched for the enemy under the dark clouds based on their past experience, they wouldnt have found anyone. After all, this place was almost completely dark, and nothing could be used as a frame of reference on this desert.

    The only thing that could direct their path was the vortex of clouds in the sky.

    On such a dark and vast plain, one would lose their way and wander in circles if they didnt have a destination or direction. Therefore, Roland pointing the way with Lesser Benediction was the most important factor in locating the target. It was also the way to use Lesser Benediction with the least negative side effects, as written in books on magic. However, although they had found the target, all of them hesitated as they gazed at the black bird man who was distantly floating above the castle.

    At this moment, everybody in the stream channel was hollering.

    "S*it. Isnt that an angel? Is it a dark angel, or a Fallen Angel?" "F*ck. I remember in the black leaf incident last time, the female angel killed almost all the players on the spot all by herself. This angel looks very tough too." "This is a man. Boring."

    "You can tell that its a man from so far away?"

    "For lustful men like us, we can tell whether someone is a man or a woman by looking at their shadow." "Why is no one discussing if Rolands team can accomplish the epic quest?" "What can they do about the flying angel? Roland is the only one whos capable of flying, but I dont think Roland can be stronger than someone who was born to fly in the sky."

    "Maybe they have certain critical items for the quest that can restrict the angels flight."

    "Thats a reasonable guess."

    It was what most people thought, including the four people who teamed up with Roland.

    The Shield Warrior looked at Roland and said the same. "Its not easy to hit a target in the sky."

    "He isnt our target." Roland displayed the quest in the system. "Ive already shared it with you. We need to kill the First Princesss ex-husband, not this black angel."

    "So, our target is inside the castle, right? I have no doubt that a lot of traps are awaiting us there." The Shield Warrior pointed ahead and asked, "Are you sure that this black angel wont help? Or do you have any special items for this


    Roland waved his hand. "I dont have any special items, and I cant guarantee that this black angel wont fight us." "Then what do we do?"

    All the four of them looked at Roland.

    Things were the same in the stream channel.

    All the players who were watching the livestream waited for Roland to present a solution.

    Roland chuckled creepily. "Since its been confirmed that the target is in the castle, we can just blow up the whole castle to solve the problem!" His teammates and the viewers in the stream channel were all stunned.

    The Shield Warrior asked in surprise, "I know that you have unparalleled fireballs, Roland, but are you sure you can blow up this enormous castle thats exclusively made of rock?"

    The other people looked at Roland with similar confusion in their eyes. Roland considered the size of the castle and said, "I think we can give it a try. Even if I cant blow up the castle, the target will probably be killed by the explosion. What do you think of the plan?"

    His teammates thought for a moment, and the Priest said first, "I think thats a feasible plan. There are no fixed solutions to the quests in this world. As long as your mind is unrestricted, you can try many creative methods. I like the idea of killing the boss with a remote bombardment."

    The Rogue and the Hunter nodded too.

    The Shield Warrior thought for a moment and asked, "Then what do we need to do?"

    "You know that it takes time for me to gather the fireball." Roland looked at the floating black angel far away. "Ill need at least six seconds. I fear that the black angel will be in my face before I finish casting the spell." "So, our job is to help you block him?"

    Roland nodded. "Thats right."

    The four of them looked at each other and said, "We can try it out, but if this angel is as strong as the female angel we met, our resistance will be futile."

    "Hes wounded," Roland said. "Hes probably hovering in the sky to heal his wounds with dark magic power." The Shield Warrior had the largest say in the team besides Roland. He said, "Okay, lets do that. Its up to you whether or not we can accomplish the quest, Boss Roland."

    "Even if we fail the quest and get killed, nothing will happen except a level drop. Whats there to be scared of?" Roland looked at his EXP bar and smiled. "I dont believe that this black angel will protect the First Princesss ex-husband endlessly." The Shield Warrior laughed. "Thats right. Now that weve got our eyes on him, he will be killed by us sooner or later, however strong he is. Even if we cant defeat him now, we can always keep leveling up and then return when were stronger." Everybodys morale was boosted again as they talked.

    Roland glanced at the black angel. He was sure that the angel mustve spotted his team.

    However, the angel didnt take any action, as if he was waiting for them to


    He probably didnt think of the intruders as a big deal. After all, Roland was the only one who had just become a Master, and the other four were all level eight or nine. In the eyes of the angel, the intruders were probably a squad of weak-ass human adventurers.

    The Shield Warrior took on a defensive stance in front of Roland with his shield.

    The Priest cast all the buffs that he knew on Roland.

    The Rogue took out the poisons and the quicklime, hoping that they could be useful if the angel did come at them.

    The Hunter laid his hand on his quiver.

    Everybody was ready.

    In the stream channel, even the comments had become scarce, as everybody waited for Rolands action.

    Roland put on the Mind-Calming Necklace and the Button of the Goddess of Life.

    His mana capacity was instantly boosted.

    Then, he turned himself into fire elements.

    After Roland turned into a man of flames, the stream channel was overflowing with comments.


    There were so many such comments that the image in the stream channel was almost covered. Many viewers had to toggle off the comments to see the picture. After turning into fire elements, Roland raised his right hand.

    A blue fireball appeared in his hand and quickly expanded.

    One second passed.

    Two seconds passed.

    Three seconds passed.

    At this moment, the blue fireball had been expanded to five meters in diameter, and Roland lifted the fireball high.

    On the other side, the black angel finally reacted.

    Immense mental pressure was imposed on them.

    All the other members in the team were uncomfortable, as if they were burdened by something

    But as a Mage with a high mental power, Roland vaguely sensed that there was both madness and sorrow in the pressure.

    They were mixed into vehement hatred.

    Regular Mages probably wouldve been sucked into these feelings and gotten lost in the hatred. They would want to know why the guy was so sad and subconsciously sympathize with him.

    However, Roland wasnt affected at all, because he wasnt interested in a male. The blue fireball in Rolands hand kept expanding. Very soon, the diameter of the fireball surpassed seven meters.

    The horrifying heat, mixed with the enormous magic power, quickly melted the sand within a two-meter radius of Roland. The ground became a pool of red fluid.

    Everybody was too stunned to say anything in the stream channel.

    After one more second, when the blue fireball was more than eight meters in diameter, Roland would throw it out.

    It would be the most powerful magic attack Roland had ever launched in this game.

    But exactly at this moment, the black angel took action.

    He extended his finger and drew a curve with it in the air before his body.

    His movement was simple, and not fast at all.

    Yet, a vertical hole seemed to have been cut out in this world all of a sudden.

    The black hole was only about the width of three hairs, and it was only 1.5 meters tall.

    However, this black hole spread forward at an astonishing speed and formed a completely black section in half a second.

    The section was at least two kilometers


    The man of flames that Roland turned into was cut into halves, and so was the blue fireball in midair that was more than seven meters in diameter.

    It was an attack with spatial crevices! The attack had another name, which was Dimensional Slash. Half of the flame man was gone, and the big fireball only had half left too.

    The missing half of the body and blue fireball had both been devoured.

    The black angel extended his hand again, this time drawing a horizontal line.

    Another black section appeared and established a cross together with the vertical hole earlier.

    This time, all of Rolands teammates were hit and cut apart from their waist without being able to react at all.

    The four of them fell on the ground in eight pieces total.

    A tremendous amount of blood gushed out and flowed on the ground.

    The players werent too scared of pain, and being cut in half from the waist wouldnt immediately cause death.

    Lying on the ground, they supported their upper bodies with their hands and looked at each other with bitter smiles.

    They had lost!

    The enemy was unbelievably strong.

    At this moment, Rolands flame man had been hit too.

    Only one fourth of the flames were still burning on the sand.

    The big fireball had only one fourth left too. The other parts were all gone.

    The spatial crevices wouldnt normally devour lives, but they would definitely eat magic elements.

    The three fourths of Rolands flame body and the blue fireball had all been absorbed into the spatial crevices.

    Even though he only had one fourth of his body left, Roland was still alive.

    He didnt have any fatal vulnerabilities in elemental form.

    The remaining one fourth of his elemental self turned into a round ball and then into a small fiery figure no more than seventy centimeters tall that was holding a blue fiery ball, about two meters in diameter.

    It almost looked cute.

    Although the blue fireball was still powerful, it was absolutely impossible to destroy such a gargantuan castle with it. The black angel stopped taking action. In the stream channel, everybody was posting the same comment.

    Theyre sure to lose!

    All his teammates are lying on the ground waiting for their death!

    Roland, however, suddenly had an idea.

    His consciousness went deep into the system Backpack and took out a white brick of magic power.

    He then inserted it into his small fiery body without hesitation.