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    Chapter 549 Absolutely Baffled

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    Chapter 549 Absolutely Baffled

    Once the Dimensional Anchors were unleashed, the spatial Mages would be no more!

    Of course, that was only a joke. After all, Dimensional Anchor was itself a spatial spell.

    Normally speaking, the person who could swiftly deal with a spatial Mage could only be another spatial Mage who knew Dimensional Anchor.

    In the circle of Mages, all the Mages above the level of Master would try to learn this spell.

    However, it remained unknown whether or not they could get the spell model, and if they could really learn it after they did. Dimensional Anchor was rather difficult to learn even for a level-three spell.

    It was similar to Language Proficiency among the level-two spells.

    If one did not have any talent in space, it would be challenging for them to learn it even if they were Legends in other magic schools.

    Therefore, this vulpera didnt predict at all that this young human Mage would be able to instantly cast Dimensional Anchor.

    "Who are you?"

    The person in gray sounded furious.

    The door had been blocked, and the space was fixed by the Dimensional Anchors. It was impossible for him to flee with teleportation. Besides, even without the Dimensional Anchors, it wouldve taken him five seconds to chant teleportation, or half a second to chant for a flash. He could instantly cast some low-level spells, but not those above level two.

    In a face-to-face battle, a delay of five seconds could be critical, and even a delay of merely half a second could give the hostile Mage a chance to predict the distance and direction of his movement.

    He would still be in a disadvantageous position.

    Looking down at the person from the stairs, Roland smiled. "My friend, Im on a quest to catch a vulpera Mage who escaped from the Monochrome Magic Tower, dead or alive. But I prefer to catch him alive, because it pays better and Im not a fan of killing."

    The person in gray was silent for a long time.

    Roland waited patiently without being hasty at all.

    The catgirl had already run to the back of the hotel and hidden herself. She then climbed the wall soundlessly, using obstacles and dead angles, until she reached the wall right behind the person in gray.

    Catgirls were truly gifted to be Rogues and Assassins.

    The catgirl didnt have any systematic training yet, but he already knew what he was doing.

    The person in gray was still silent. Roland was done waiting and was about to attack, but then the person raised his head and lifted his hood.

    A pair of pointy fox ears emerged from his black hair.

    Then, there were long and sharp cheekbones below it. He was indeed a vulpera.

    "Im your target." The vulpera looked at Roland regretfully. "Who are you? Why are you here to catch me?"

    "Im Roland from the Red Magic Tower. My boss sent me to capture you, claiming that you are a fugitive of the Monochrome Magic Tower, which has always been close to us."

    The vulpera in gray sneered coldly. "You mean that youve been doing evil things together, right?"

    "What do you mean?" Roland was rather curious.

    "In every Magic Tower, the leadership consists almost exclusively of human beings. Even though the Great Elder of the Illusion Magic Tower is a Lalafell, she doesnt treat the hybrids as her own kind but sides with human beings. Im not content with that. Why do the hybrid Mages have to listen to human beings?"

    Roland was briefly stunned. "As far as I know, the few Magic Towers were all founded by human beings, werent they? Arent human beings already generous enough to let the hybrids study magic there?"

    The vulpera in gray roared, "Have the hybrid Mages worked in the Magic Towers for thousands of years just for your magic research, as your experiment subjects? Thats unfair! The hybrids are just as honorable as human beings. Why do we have to be your slaves?"

    Roland rubbed his eyebrows and found it hard to believe. "You care so much about the dignity and future of the hybrids? Do you have a high social status?" "Im a prince of the vulpera." Hearing that, Roland realized why this person would pass through this city.

    It was because this city was on the way to the vulperas settlement.

    Roland estimated that people from other Magic Towers had been sent to other places on the way to the vulperas settlement to catch this vulpera prince too.

    "Let me go." Seeing that Roland was deep in thought, the vulpera thought that he was shocked by his identity. "Ill repay you. If youre willing to escort me back to the vulperas settlement, Ill pay you even more. If youre even willing to submit to the vulpera, you will gain more wealth and power than you can possibly imagine." Roland was quite amused as he listened.

    He had to admit that this vulpera prince was really trying his best to survive.

    Another Mage might have considered the offer for a few seconds, but Roland had already struck a secret deal of strategic cooperation with the future queen of the worlds most powerful human country.

    Would he abandon such a bright future and collude with a vulpera prince?

    Did he look that stupid?

    Besides, even without Stephanie, Roland wouldve been listed as a must-kill target by the Red Magic Tower if he were to go with the vulpera prince.

    Only a fool would want such an ending.

    At this moment, Roland was suddenly stunned. He opened the quest menu with his mind.

    Special quest detected: "Against the Light." Leave with the vulpera prince and betray humanity. (Nightmarish)

    Do you want to pick it? The description of the quest was so deeply purple that it was almost black.

    Of course, Roland chose "No."

    If it were a regular single-player game, Roland wouldve saved the game and tried the nightmarish quest.

    But this was a real world with NPCs who had feelings. If he were to go, how was he going to face Andonara, Vivian, and his friends in the Magic Tower? How was he going to face his friends in F6?

    Would he really fight them in the future?

    Taking a snapshot of the quest with the systems camera function, Roland chose "No" without hesitation.

    Only someone who was mentally deranged would pick up such a quest.

    But Roland was indeed slightly surprised. He had thought that epic quests were quests of the highest level; he didnt know that there were nightmarish ones.

    Staring at the vulpera in gray, he shook his head and said, "Thats not going to happen. The vulpera only have a population of thirty million. Thats not even close to human beings numbers. Why would I leave my friends, my people, and go with you?" "But the total population of the hybrids is the same as that of the humans."

    "Stop trying to persuade me." Roland waved his hand. "Will you surrender, or do you want me to beat you half to death and tie you up?"

    The vulpera in gray said with an awful expression, "Do you really not want to think about it?"

    Roland shrugged. He could understand the persons desire for survival, but his offer wasnt really an option.

    The vulpera in gray looked around, but the transparent dimensional chains were still there.

    He had been intentionally silent for a long time before he made a speech to Roland.

    On one hand, he really wanted to talk Roland into betraying his people; on the other hand, he wanted to buy himself more time so that the Dimensional Anchors would disappear.

    Dimensional Anchor was a very exhausting spell.

    First of all, all the spatial spells were great mana consumers, and Dimensional Anchor was a large-area one. Even a Legendary Mage couldnt have kept it up for ten minutes.

    It would already be remarkable if a Master Mage could persist for two minutes. However, it had been three minutes since the Dimensional Anchors were launched, and the human Mage still seemed at ease.

    Heaving a soft sigh, the vulpera in gray admitted defeat and extended his hands obediently.

    Roland was about to step forward, but the catgirl descended from the wall and cried, "Let me tie him!"

    While shouting, she took out a rope from her clothes and tied up the vulpera quickly.

    The vulpera sneered at the slave collar on the catgirls neck, thinking that she was a pitiful and ignorant traitor. But then he got rather confused, because the collar clearly didnt emit any magic waves.

    It was a fake slave collar.

    Then, he slightly narrowed his eyes, pretending that he didnt notice anything.

    "Follow me! Follow me!"

    Dragging one end of the rope, the catgirl strode upstairs rather excitedly.

    Roland could only shake his head and follow


    The old woman who ran the hotel watched them go to the second floor. She was greatly relieved as the dimensional chains disappeared one after another.

    Thank god they didnt really start a fight, or her little hotel wouldve been leveled by the two Mages.

    It would be hard for her and her family to make a living if her hotel disappeared.

    As for compensation Had any lord Mages ever admitted their mistakes or offered any compensation?

    Roland had reserved two rooms. He decided to watch over the vulpera while the catgirl slept in the other room.

    But the catgirl wasnt too happy about that. She patted her chest and said voluntarily, "Master, you take a rest in the other room. Ill keep an eye on him."

    "Weve tied him up, but he can still use magic," said Roland with a smile. "Youre too weak. Let me watch over him."

    The catgirl was rather shocked. She had thought that the vulpera had completely lost the ability to fight.

    Were Mages so dangerous that they could cast spells after being tied up?

    "Okay." Marilyn looked at the vulpera regretfully and left.

    Roland pushed the vulpera into the room and spread the blanket on the bed in a random corner of the room. Then he said, "You can take a break over there against the wall."

    The vulpera looked at Roland in surprise.

    Sometimes, ones personality could be seen from the details.

    This meant that Roland could be a kindhearted man.

    The vulpera sat in the corner and didnt say anything.

    Roland pulled a chair and sat down opposite him. He then took a book out of his system Backpack and read it.

    Though Roland wasnt gazing at the vulpera, he spread his mental power to the entire room.

    Naturally, the vulpera sensed it too. He was secretly overjoyed but didnt show it on his face.

    He felt that this human Mage was getting too supercilious.

    After spending a significant amount of mental power on the Dimensional Anchors, the man even dared to "watch" him with mental power. Such a massive net of mental power would definitely be exhausting. How long could he possibly persist?

    This human being would grow tired in an hour or two. Also, it was nighttime. Human beings were diurnal animals, while the vulpera were partially nocturnal.

    Most vulpera would be active in the deep night and would only go to bed just before dawn.

    Therefore, the human would become sleepy soon, while he became more and more energetic.

    As this mans energy dropped and his energy soared, their positions would swap after midnight.

    The vulpera thought that and kept waiting and waiting

    After midnight, Rolands threads of mental power were still balanced and steady.

    Why is he still not tired?

    The vulpera was rather confused.

    Then he waited and waited. He was getting sleepy himself when dawn came, but Roland was still reading his book without showing any mental fatigue.

    What the hell?

    With his bloodshot eyes, the vulpera stared at the human being in shock.

    Did this human being never get tired or need any sleep?

    He was absolutely baffled.