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    Chapter 545 A Catgirl Never Bends

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    Chapter 545 A Catgirl Never Bends

    For the cat-humans, freedom was the most important thing besides their lives.

    Right after freedom, it was their compulsion for cleanliness.

    Andonara had restricted Marilyn, which made her really upset.

    After Roland and Andonara finally left, the catgirl was finally free to do whatever she wanted.

    She climbed mountains and trees, caught fish in rivers, and had great fun.

    Because of Rolands reputation in the Red Magic Tower, she could go anywhere she wanted except for the sensitive, important places that she didnt really dare to visit.

    She had a great time at first. The servants in the manor dared not discipline her at all. They could only make nice food for her and spoil her.

    She even hoped that Roland and Andonara would never come back, so that she could live the rest of her life as happily as this. However, as one month, two months, and then three months passed by, the wild catgirl began to feel that something was wrong. Her master didnt come back, and neither did the mean woman.

    The strong Mages started to look at her differently. The local nobles and merchants stared at her with more lust too.

    In the last two months, the catgirls range of activity was more and more restricted.

    She was playful, but she wasnt stupid.

    Also, as a catgirl, she had a very good sense for danger.

    In the last ten days, she had been hiding in the manor, not daring to go out.

    She lived in fear every day and wondered if anybody would capture her.

    It was not until this moment that she finally realized how important a supportive master was to her.

    So, she was truly thrilled when Roland came back.

    She clung to Rolands leg and cried hard, as if she had been greatly wronged.

    "Let me go," Roland said helplessly and shook

    his leg.

    The catgirl shook her head nonstop and would not let go of Rolands leg.

    Having no other choice, Roland could only step forward with the catgirl attached to his leg. The servants greeted him warmly.

    These servants were also worried that Roland and Andonara wouldnt come back.

    Although Roland left a lot of money for the manors maintenance and their wages, it would be used up sooner or later.

    Now that Roland was back, they were as reassured as the catgirl.

    After spending an hour in the manor and finally talking the kitten out of crying, Roland left for the Meteorite Class.

    The catgirl watched him go at the gate of the manor with obvious insecurity.

    The campus was rather noisy, and the Meteorite Class was even more so.

    The class hadnt started yet. Laughter, cheers, and angry roars were echoing in the classroom. Someone seemed to be getting bullied. There were even people who were applauding and fanning the flames.

    After Roland entered the classroom gloomily, the class instantly fell quiet.

    The few bullies awkwardly returned to their seats.

    Then, the mentor for the class arrived. He saw Roland and smiled. "Meet the Great Elder after class. Hes been waiting for you."

    Roland nodded.

    After the class, Roland walked to the podium and said to the students, "I already said that classmates should help one another, but certain people seemed to have forgotten the rules the moment I left. Now, Ill give you two days to work out the problem. If anybody complains to me two days from now, dont blame me for not warning you early."

    After that, Roland left the Meteorite Class for the Great Elders office.

    The Great Elder was smiling as kindly as before. "Im told that things are going well between you and the First Princess. Do you want to be her husband?"

    Roland shrugged. "I dont want her to get killed by Andonara."

    Hahahaha. Alfred the Great Elder smiled in amusement, as few young men dared to talk to him so casually. Besides, he had high hopes for Roland to begin with, so he didnt feel offended at all.

    "You can treat her as a lover," the Great Elder continued after he was done laughing. "When I was young, half of the dozen most beautiful women in the capital of Fareins were my lovers. Your women wont complain about your other partners as long as youre strong."

    Roland waved his hand again.

    Andonara and Vivian were already wearing him out. More women?

    Hed rather pass.

    Wouldnt it be better if I spend the time on extracting the magic data into math models?

    Alfred wasnt really bothered by Rolands resistance.

    Every young man had boundaries at first, but it was more than easy for a man to be attracted and addicted to girls.

    There was no need to rush. He could let Roland get to know the First Princess and lower his resistance to other women first.

    Then, he would introduce him to other noble ladies.

    There were so many beautiful girls in the capital. Some of them must be tempting to him.

    "Well, lets leave aside secular affairs. Ive summoned you here because I have an errand for you. It will also be an exercise for you," said Alfred with a smile. "Youre close to the Master level Huh? Youre already a Master?"

    Alfred was more or less surprised.

    He was truly amazed by Rolands speed of growth.

    Normally speaking, the Master level was a major challenge, and it wasnt easy to reach.

    After all, one had to perceive the special perks or talents of ones class in order to become a Master.

    However, the players didnt have to. They could reach level ten as long as they had enough EXP.

    Also, different from the NPCs, the players couldnt choose special perks and talents until they reached level ten.

    Roland nodded. "Yes, I made a breakthrough during my magic studies earlier."

    "Lets see what special ability youve got!"

    Alfreds mental power unfolded like a thick net and enshrouded Roland. After a gentle touch, the tentacles of mental power retracted. "You chose body of magic power." Alfred was rather surprised. "Why didnt you choose Super Magic Conductivity or Magic Penetration?"

    "Because Im not short of attack power," Roland explained. "Survival abilities are more important. Also, the more magic power I have, the more survival abilities Ill have."

    Alfred found it hard to understand Roland. In comparison, he preferred ultimate destructiveness.

    But of course, as a Legend, he also had enough abilities for him to survive battles.

    "Everybody has different thoughts. I wont ask you to change anything." Alfred smiled. "Someone betrayed the Monochrome Magic Tower and seems to be hiding in a city of hybrids named Brown Sand City in the east. According to the Monochrome Magic Tower, its a cunning vulpera. It will be best if you can catch it alive, but it doesnt matter if its dead

    -although youll receive less reward from the Monochrome Magic Tower."

    Roland looked at the system menu and soon received a quest.

    Quest detected: The Monochrome Magic Towers Traitor (Excellent)

    Do you want to pick it?

    Of course he did.

    Although it was only a blue quest without much EXP, it was still better than nothing.

    Alfred was happy that Roland was willing to listen to his commands. Didnt it prove that Roland had some sense of belonging toward the Red Magic Tower?

    That was a good thing. He should work harder.

    Leaving the Great Elders office, Roland returned to his manor.

    This wasnt a difficult quest for him, because the vulpera wasnt even a Master yet.

    So, he simply dropped the quest for now and took a rest in the manor while he waited for the server to shut down.

    Two hours later, the game was shut down on schedule, and Roland was ejected out of the game world.

    He crawled out of the virtual cabin and read posts in the forum.

    Now, there were fewer posts that were cursing him.

    The players didnt like the server shutdown, so they vented their fury on Roland.

    But their fury was mostly gone after their catharsis. Besides, it had already been stated that the open beta test would begin when the boundary of laws was reached, and someone wouldve achieved that sooner or later even without Roland.

    Since nobody was throwing profanity at Roland anymore, Bettas post was upvoted to the top again.

    Many players left replies to his post.

    "Damn it! Youre asking us to build a city for you for free? Are you a fraud or something?"

    "What fraud? This is exactly the trick of the real estate business." "S*it. Are all the members of F6 as unscrupulous as him?"

    "I dont know if F6 are unscrupulous, but I do know that Betta would not only have the city built for free but hed even make a fortune out of it."

    "Then lets not help him at all. F6 will have to build the city on their own."

    "My friend, we all support you in this. We really do."

    "I think Im feeling the vibe of a cynical troll." "Be more confident and drop I think."


    "I didnt know that the Divine Noble could get a territory. Im planning to delete this character and create a new one."

    "Youre giving up the character that youve worked on for two years so easily?"

    "Whats the big deal? Im just a casual player. Im only level two. I dont feel regretful to delete this character." "Since the open beta test is starting soon, more people will definitely be joining the game. It will be great if you level up with those new players."

    Starting from there, they deviated from the topic and began to discuss other things.

    "I dont think its possible. The number of goods on the page where we buy the virtual cabins online is zero. I remember that our virtual cabins were sold half a year before the alpha test, but theres no news on the new virtual cabins now that the beta test is taking place."

    "There are three days to go until the official beta test. Patience."

    "Its obvious that youre never been in the game sales business. A necessary tool to play the game such as the virtual cabin has to be marketed at least three months before the beta test. Can you expect all of them to be delivered to the players within three days? So, I think that maybe there wont be more virtual cabins even though the beta test is taking place. These 500,000 cabins might be all."

    "Is that possible? Why would Penguin Corporation refuse the easy money?".

    "What if this game doesnt belong to Penguin and its just what they want you to believe?"

    "Can you tell me more? I think theres something more to this game too."

    "Im a programmer in Penguin Corporation. I assure you that nobody in Penguin Corporation knows where the servers of this game are located. Even the devs and ops have never seen them."

    "My friend, watch out for yourself. Post protect him to drown his message."

    The replies behind were all "protect him" so that the mans original reply wouldnt be noticed.

    Seeing that, Roland immediately opened the online shop for the virtual cabins and found that the number of goods available was indeed zero.

    Scratching his chin, Roland found it quite weird.

    The beta test was already underway. Were the devs really not going to release any more virtual cabins?