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    Mages Are Too Op Chapter 543 - MATO 543

    Chapter 543 Bad Influence On The Young People

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    The hospital seemed to be noisy and lively, but it was actually a gloomy place, filled with sorrow and departures every day.

    Night Tide Sands and her family waited quietly in the lobby. The families of other patients were waiting too.

    Occasionally, vague sobs could be heard.

    The Qi family would peep at the source of the sound and then withdraw their gazes.

    They were rather scared that they would be as hopeless as those crying people later.

    At midnight, they were so drowsy that they fell asleep on the chairs. Then, they woke up again when their heads subconsciously lowered. They slept intermittently just like that. Very soon, it was dawn.

    No doctors or nurses informed them of anything for a whole night.

    Qi Shaoqius father couldnt hold it anymore. Seeing a nurse coming out of the ICU, he stepped up and asked, "Nurse, may I know how Qi Shaoqiu is doing?" "His condition is stable. He should be slowly recovering."

    The Qi family were all greatly relieved to hear that.

    Seeing how exhausted they were, the nurse suggested, "You really cant help much here. You should go back and take a rest. If youre overly exhausted, you might not be able to help when youre really needed. You neednt take care of anything while hes still in the ICU. GO back and get some sleep."

    After that, the nurse quickly walked away.

    Qi Shaoqius father thought for a moment and said, "You two can go back first. Honey, you get some sleep and make some porridge. Then you can come and replace me. Night Tide Sands, take care of the saber arts club. I dont think it can operate anymore with Shaoqius wounds."

    Night Tide Sands pursed her lips. She was very regretful.

    Her brother and she had devoted a lot of effort to the saber arts club, and it was finally on the right track. Yet, such an accident had happened.

    Nobody would be happy in such a situation.

    "The Qi family always finishes what we started. Make refunds wherever you can and apologize to the students."

    Night Tide Sands nodded. There was nothing she could do however regretful she was.

    She was incapable of the miaodao technique. Her father was good at it, but he was old and had other work to do. He couldnt take over her brothers work.

    Could the saber arts club only be shut down, just like this?

    Leaving the hospital, Night Tide Sands also got herself a public bike and unhurriedly rode to the saber arts club.

    She thought that the saber arts club must be surrounded by students demanding a refund.

    She heaved a long sigh and rode the bike lethargically.

    Even though she knew that the saber arts clubs shutdown was inevitable, she wanted to delay it as much as possible.

    However, although she rode the bike very slowly, she still returned to the saber arts club an hour later.

    She looked at the door, stunned.

    The turmoil that she imagined was nowhere to be seen. Sounds of exertion were coming out of the saber arts club as usual.

    However, it wasnt Qi Shaoqiu, but someone else, whose voice made her heart pound, that was giving out instructions.

    It was Roland.

    She slowly entered the saber arts club. Many students who were familiar with her voluntarily greeted her.

    Then, she stood alone next to the cement floor.

    Roland asked the students to practice on their own. Then he walked to Night Tide Sands and asked, "How is Shaoqiu doing?"

    "The nurse said that his condition is stable." Night Tide Sands blinked her eyes and pointed at the students. "Whats going on here?"

    "I dont think Qi Shaoqiu can teach anybody any time soon, so Ill substitute for him," said Roland with a smile. "Im unemployed anyway. It will be fine if I spend some time here every day. Shaoqiu can have the saber arts club back after hes recovered."

    Night Tide Sands counted the students, only to see that the number didnt drop. "Nobody asked for a refund?"

    "No, no one." Roland waved his hand.

    Night Tide Sands looked at the saber arts club that was as lively as before and then at Roland who was smiling

    She was almost crying.

    She wanted to laugh too, and her heart beat even faster.

    There were so many things that she wanted to say but couldnt get out. Eventually, they were gathered into one simple question. "Have you had breakfast?"

    "Not yet. I came in too much of a hurry."

    "Wait a moment. Ill make breakfast for you."

    Night Tide Sands walked to the kitchen agilely, her sleepiness completely gone.

    Roland took charge of the saber arts club.

    He was already better at the miaodao technique than Qi Shaoqiu was. Besides, as the leader of a Magic Tower in the game, he had enough management experience, so it wasnt a hard task for him.

    He spent a whole day in the saber arts club and had his breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.

    He had to admit that Night Tide Sands was really good at cooking.

    He thought that Night Tide Sands was best at making breakfast, but the lunch and the dinner were much more tasteful than he had imagined.

    The lunch she made was already very delicious, but the dinner was even more amazing.

    She actually made water boiled cabbage in the way it was served at a state dinner, Kung Pao Chicken, and fried meat with peppers.

    All the foods were astoundingly scrumptious.

    Although she wasnt as good as a real chef, she was definitely a great cook for an ordinary person.

    After Roland came home, he told his parents that he wouldnt have food at home in the days to come.

    His mother immediately asked, "Then where will you have food? Who will cook for you?"

    "A girl. Shes very good at cooking."

    "When will we see her?" His mothers eyes were glowing "Someday."

    Roland left with that and returned to his room.

    After a shower, Roland checked the forum.

    The players were still actively exploring this world, as usual.

    More and more players had left Hollevin to make a living in other countries.

    The world was too big, and Hollevin too small.

    Rolands life became very simple. He worked as a substitute master at the saber arts club during the day, and transformed the swamps with other Mages in the game at night.

    Qi Shaoqiu recovered faster than expected. The man was transferred to a regular ward from the ICU after only two days.

    On the fourth day, the criminals who attacked Qi Shaoqiu were captured.

    According to their confession, they had conflicts with Qi Shaoqius father, so they blew off their steam on his son.

    However, when Roland visited Qi Shaoqiu at the hospital, Qi Shaoqius father was there too and they discussed it. They said that it wasnt as simple as it seemed.

    That was because although Qi Shaoqius father knew the two guys, they barely had any interaction.

    The so-called conflicts were just a few quarrels, which shouldnt have been enough for them to attack his son so brutally.

    But they didnt talk any further. It appeared that Qi Shaoqius father didnt want Roland to get involved in his personal business.

    Qi Shaoqiu also met Jin Wenwen once in the hospital. Roland didnt know what they talked about, but Qi Shaoqiu seemed to be in higher spirits and didnt seem as depressed as before after their meeting.

    Helping at the saber arts club during the day and in the game at night, Roland spent the whole month following the same routine.

    Qi Shaoqiu had mostly recovered and could take up the work at the saber arts club again.

    It would usually take half a year before someones reattached arm became fully functional again.

    However, it only took Qi Shaoqiu slightly more than a month, thanks to his remarkable physical qualities as a martial artist.

    But during his exercises with Qi Shaoqiu, Roland easily found that Qi Shaoqius right hand was weaker than before.

    After all, the reattached arm couldnt really be as useful as it had been before it was severed.

    In the game, after a month of transformation, Roland and the dozens of Mages turned the swamps into a fertile land.

    Betta hired someone to design the city, plan the transportation network, and even draft a five-year development plan.

    There were many talents among the players. One could always hire professionals as long as they had money.

    On the other hand, Betta assigned a piece of the land in the city to ONeal as promised.

    After receiving the title deed of the land, ONeal shook Rolands hand and expressed his gratitude.

    All the land in this world had an owner. Certain places might seem distant but were actually a nobles private territory.

    Many players guilds had set up their bases on the land that they rented from the nobles.

    The uncertainty of living on someone elses land discouraged and disabled many guilds from developing their forces freely.

    However, the case would be different if they had a territory of their own.

    That was why ONeal was so excited.

    At this moment, there was a territory and a blueprint for a city, but there were no residents or money.

    It wouldnt be simple to construct the metropolis according to the blueprint. "Brother Roland, what should I do?" Betta covered his face miserably. "Ive already done the calculations. We need at least six thousand gold coins to build the city according to the blueprint." At this moment, one gold coin could be exchanged for 18,000 yuan, which meant that it would require a hundred million yuan to build such a city.

    Bettas family was only moderately wealthy. He certainly couldnt afford that.

    Every major city in Hollevin had been constructed after hundreds of years of development. Betta definitely had to spend a fortune if he wanted to build one in only several months.

    Roland looked at the blueprint and smiled. "Its very easy. You can fleece the other players."

    "How can I fleece them?" Betta didnt really get it.

    "How can you be so stupid?" Roland explained, "Just post the blueprint to the forum and tell the players that you need help to build a city, and that all their contributions will be converted to certain points. Then, allocate two places for the players, one in the city where they can build their own houses, and the other outside of the city for the guilds to build their bases on. The people or organizations with higher points will get larger pieces of land, and those who dont have enough points to get a piece of land will receive gold coins in exchange for the points to buy the land. Im sure that the players will be more than eager to help you."

    Betta was briefly stunned. "Thats a brilliant idea! Why did I never think of that before? As expected of a Mage! You are truly cunning!"

    After making this positive, or maybe negative, remark, Betta ran off.

    Half an hour later, Bettas post appeared on the forum and became a heated topic, triggering an astonishing number of replies and discussions.

    Roland, on the other hand, returned to Motasos with teleportation. He then left for the basement.

    He discovered, to his surprise, that the magic elements inside were so thick that ordinary people would have sensed it.

    The "sun" and the eight "planets," on the other hand, were still moving on their own orbits in exactly the same size.

    Nothing changed at all, except that they had been significantly slowed down due to the thickened magic elements.

    "What an unbelievable phenomenon of Magic Power Affluence."

    Roland absorbed the magic power and found that the rate of his absorption and transformation was surprisingly high.

    If he could figure out the mechanism of Magic Power Affluence, Roland was positive that it would be, at minimum, half as difficult to construct a floating city as hed planned.