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    Chapter 513 This Seems To Be A Trap

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    They arrived at Alfreds room, which had a much better environment compared to Rolands little suite.

    The area was much larger, the lighting was also better, and most importantly, the interior was quite luxurious at a glance.

    Alfred let Roland sit on a white animal skin iron deck chair, seating himself at the hosts seat, then with a slightly teasing tone, he asked, "How does it feel to be accused wrongly and framed?"

    "Not bad," Roland said in a normal tone. "Its not like I havent encountered something like this before."

    When he first joined a company, he took the blame for his boss a few times.

    That was when he felt truly depressed, as he couldnt do anything at all. If he didnt take the blame, he would have to resign.

    The difference here was that the player was immortal and Roland was not without the power to resist.

    He was only cooperating with the black-robed soldiers because of the Red Magic Tower; after all, he was currently a student of the Red Magic Tower.

    If he truly felt malice, he would surely resist.

    Looking at Rolands calm demeanor, Alfred nodded with satisfaction. "You should also understand by now that as long as you have the power, you wouldnt be afraid of such despicable things, or at least have the ability to seek a solution to the problem. That is, not having to be instantly killed like Menon, or sitting around waiting for something to happen like a helpless commoner."

    Roland nodded.


    In a peaceful world, someone like Menon would be a talent indeed.

    But this world was too dangerous. Even in Fareins Association of Mages, which was already considered extremely safe, he had been assassinated. Seeing that Roland had digested his words, Alfred said with satisfaction, "So, you should focus more on battle spells, create fewer spell models of spells like the oil-making spell, the water-making spell, and ideas similar to Menons and more spells like the blue fireball."

    Roland thought about it and said, "But Im a Golden Son, immortal to begin with, and most importantly, ideas similar to Menons have helped me a lot with my magic concepts. Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball more or less draws on techniques of subtle magic control."

    "I see." After some thought, Alfred said, "Then progress in both concurrently. Menon is dead, and there should be plenty of information in his room, and if you like that knowledge, go ahead and take it."

    Roland stood up.

    Alfred thought for a moment and said, "Menon has a wife who is not bad-looking, so if you like, take her in as well to help take care of her. After all, its a way of repaying the favor for taking his things."

    Roland nodded, and when he reached the door, he turned back abruptly, because he realized that Alfreds words had a strong "malice" in them.

    It was like a teasing remark when a senior watched their junior grow up, or caught their junior jer*ing off.

    But Alfreds expression was quite serious.

    Was it his imagination?

    Roland left the room, inquired the guards on the sidewalk, and soon came to the room where Menon was staying. Menon was rich and the room he lived in was huge.

    It was a first-class suite.

    As soon as Roland entered, he saw Menons body in the middle of the living room, already covered with a white cloth.

    Surrounding the suite were four other black-robed soldiers, who were responsible for protecting Menons body and family, as well as monitoring the property here to keep Menons wife from taking it away.

    After all, Menon had a lot of magic research data that was classified.

    A woman in a black dress was slumped against a bench on the side, covering her face and sobbing quietly.

    Her face couldnt be seen, but her figure was attractive.

    The eyes of the four black-robed soldiers swept over the woman from time to time with some subtle lust in their eyes.

    When Roland entered, he immediately caught the attention of four soldiers, one of whom greeted him and asked, "May I ask who you are, sir?"

    Pawns like them couldnt afford to offend those who wore magic robes in the Association of Mages and were all from the upper-class.


    The soldier immediately bowed his head and said, "So its Mr. Roland, youve finally come. The previous lord instructed that everything here from now on is yours. We can leave now."

    Roland shook his hand, took out several silver coins, shoved them into this soldiers hand, and said, "Thanks for looking after this place its a small token of appreciation, take it for a drink."

    "Thank you, my lord." The soldier beamed with joy and bowed repeatedly.

    The other three soldiers also looked delighted.

    The three of them had only one silver coin each for a months salary, and now they suddenly received several coins, and although it wasnt much after they split it, it was still extra income.

    The four soldiers left with profuse gratitude and even closed the door gently for Roland on their way out.

    The lord was so generous, so they naturally had to let him have some fun.

    Playing with a mans wife beside a corpse was quite an impressive thing to do, as expected of the high society.

    They truly knew how to have fun. All four soldiers were impressed.

    When the door closed, the woman slumped on the bench and sat up. She didnt dare cry anymore. She just hung her head and didnt dare look at anyone. Roland looked at the corpse in the living room and walked over to it, pulling off the white cloth. Menon still had the same look of regret on his face.

    With a sigh, Roland covered the body with the white cloth.

    Then he walked up to the woman and said, "I am also grieved by Menons death. I would like to ask if Menon has any family or relatives other than you, his wife."

    "He has family in Delonwa County, his father and mother, and two brothers and a sister."

    Roland thought about it and said, "How about this, you can take all the possessions in here, except for the magic resources, and go home. As for how the possessions are divided, thats your business."

    At this time, the womans face turned pale, she suddenly threw herself at Roland, clasped his legs with both hands, and cried out in fear as she looked up, "My lord, dont ever drive me back, or Ill die. Menons father will make me into a terracotta figure and bury me with the Menon family. Please, please, dont drive me back."

    Roland was stunned. "Why is that?"

    The woman immediately explained.

    The territory of Fareins was large and vast, frighteningly hot in the south and cold all year round in the north.

    The Desert Kingdom was on the west and the Green Sea Islands were on the east.

    With such a large territory, the customs were not the same from county to county.

    There was a custom in Delonwa County, where Menon came from, that if a wife did not leave a child behind when her husband died, she was an unworthy wife and must be buried with her husband and go to hell to continue to give him children.

    Of course, the custom was not absolute. If the wife was quite powerful, or the mothers family was quite powerful, she could be spared death.

    And this woman was the daughter of a merchant.

    She didnt have the power. Menon was dead and had no children, so if no one of sufficient stature took her in, she would surely die.

    Even escaping would be useless.

    The Menon family was also a rather powerful noble family, and there would always be a way to find her if they wanted to, as long as she hadnt fled from the Fareins Kingdom.

    After all, some spells could be used to find people, such as Small Wish.

    In other words, half of this womans grief was for her husband and half was for herself.

    When her husband died, she would almost surely die.

    "Its Beatrice, right?" After some thought, Roland said, "I could shelter you for a while, and even take you to the country of Hollevin to start over, would you like that?"

    Beatrice nodded vigorously.

    "Then you take care of Menons funeral," Roland said, looking at the corpse next to him. "Ill take a look at the magic resources here."

    "Okay." Beatrice pointed to the room to the right. "Thats Menons study, all his files are in there."

    Roland took a small breath and walked into the study.

    The room was quite large, though nowhere near as large as Stephanies subterranean library, but there were a dozen or so bookshelves.

    There were many handwritten books on it. Roland flipped through a few of them and found that the handwriting was the same.

    This meant that it was the work of the same person, which should be Menon.

    Roland took all these books and threw them all into his Backpack, almost filling it up.

    He then took a notebook to look at it and lost himself in it.

    Menon loved to do research, so his insights were quite practical.

    If the Mages tips collected by the princesss husband was a good commodity, then these books were fine research materials that connoisseurs could easily become fascinated with at a glance.

    Roland was like that.

    He studied it word by word, fearing that he might miss a word.

    Forgetting time and hunger. It wasnt until Beatrice, who was already starving, knocked on the door and gently pulled Rolands sleeve that he was roused from the contents of the book.

    "What, ah!" Roland cried out, looking around and noticing that the view from the window was a little dim. "So its night already."

    "No, its the next morning." Red-eyed, Beatrice said timidly, "You havent moved all night."

    "Its been a night, then how come I didnt notice it was dark"

    Roland looked up abruptly to find an illumination ball above his head, condensed from his magic power.

    He was so enthralled that he subconsciously let a ball of light out after dark and didnt even realize it.

    Roland put the books back into his Backpack and asked, "Are the Menon familys funeral affairs taken care of?"

    Beatrice folded her hands in front of her abdomen. "The body has been sent back to Delonwa County in a carriage, using the Guild of Mercenarys men. They can be trusted."

    Roland sighed. He thought it was a shame that Menon had died.

    This research information was really useful.

    "So youre coming with me now?" Roland looked at Beatrice.

    "As long as you dont mind me, sir." Beatrice said after some thought, "Sir, please follow


    They walked to the living room and Beatrice dragged out a large white bag from under the bench, and with quite a bit of effort, she carried it onto the table and opened it. There was a large number of gold coins and silver coins inside. "Sir, these are Menons possessions, and all that I could find. They are all yours now."

    At a glance, Roland swept over and found that there were at least a hundred gold coins in this pile, and there were probably around two hundred silver coins as well.

    This was a huge sum. "Youre his widow, its only right that the money is yours." Beatrice was shocked. "But Im already yours, so of course these gold coins are yours."


    Roland subconsciously felt that something was wrong, and that he seemed to have been trapped by Alfred.