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    Chapter 512 Youre The Genius

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    Stephanie didnt like being asked about her ex-husband, but Roland saved her life and was the husband of her best friend, Andonara.

    She had to give him some respect in any case.

    She responded, "Indeed, he is dead. I cut him in two, watched him die, and then ordered the soldiers to throw him into the river. If he could still live like that, I can only say that he is simply not human."

    I see!

    Roland closed the diary, and he had to admit that Stephanie did have a reason to kill her husband.

    Any woman who had some self-respect wouldnt want to fool around with another man under the watchful eye of her husband. And this husband, who failed to throw his out of the house, actually thought of using mind control on her to do those things. It wasnt about the bottom line anymore. It was about morals.

    As the First Princess, Stephanie killing her husband made perfect sense to the people of this world.

    Roland then pulled out the book on the dark Mages insights.

    After reading it for a while, Roland shook his head.

    As expected of dark Mages, this book of insights was concise, but the contents of it involved crooked views.

    Out of all kinds of living sacrifices, those using small animals was mild, but the favorite was the use of virgins.


    There were all sorts of very insidious curses. This was quite normal, as all of them were spells designed to kill, and there was no essential difference between evoking magic and conjuring magic. The problem was that these dark spells casting materials were all human body parts.

    For example, a babys fingers and such.

    After reading the entire book, Roland found that these dark spells were probably all very powerful, and he had Magic Material Exemption so he didnt need to use these repulsive things as magic materials, so Roland also took pictures of some of the more practical


    He slowly flipped through the book, trying to see what else there was to see other than spell models and tips on casting spells, such that the mysterious man would especially come here to flip through it.

    When he was almost done browsing, Roland suddenly noticed that there was a spell model that was circled.

    He folded the corner of the page to mark it, then continued to flip through the book, and when the whole book was finished, there was only the circle drawn on the page from before.

    Flipping back to that page, he then studied it and saw that the spell model wasnt dark magic, but a wind elemental spell from evoking magic. "The basics of a magic fountain!" Roland was stunned. Wasnt this Menons invention?

    He took a closer look at it and found that it was indeed Menons work, and the notes on the back of the spell said that it was the insight of a young Mage named Menon. This spell model and the explanation of its principles were circled.

    Roland closed this book and walked over to Andonara. "Im going out for a while, you protect Stephanie. Ill drop off the two magic spiders here and if anything happens, Ill be right back."

    Andonara nodded.

    Stephanie pursed her lips, hesitating to speak.

    Roland then used Teleportation to leave the library.

    Teleporting to the manors small woods, Roland scouted around and found nothing special. It was quiet in and around the manor.

    But this quietness was a little unusual.

    In Rolands mind, Stephanie was a princess, after all, and she was missing, but the old king didnt even send someone over to investigate and find out why?

    Was the royal familys affection so strange?

    Although Roland was a bit confused, he didnt think much about it. He used Human Cannonball to rise directly above the Association of Mages and then used Floating to land.

    Then he found Menon in the Association of Mages.

    Menon was talking to two guests, a man and a woman.

    Both of these guests had a faint glow that looked more piercing than that of the others, and as he came closer, he felt the strong surge of light magic power.

    And there was something familiar about the womans figure from behind.

    Roland walked up slowly.

    Menon was talking, and when he saw him coming, his eyes lit up and he immediately stopped talking and waved his hand to Roland. "Mr. Roland!"

    The man and woman then turned around, the man handsome and the woman beautiful.

    The man was indeed charming, but not nearly as good-looking as the inhumanly handsome Schuck.

    And the woman was an old acquaintance, Saint Samurai Dinah.

    Dinah was slightly surprised to see Roland, then curtsied slightly and said, "Long time no see, Mr. Roland."

    "Hello, Dinah, the great beauty."

    This sounded a little frivolous to others, but Dinah was used to it.

    More than half a year ago, when Roland and Betta,and the others helped Dinah with her quest, they spent a few days with her. At the time, everyone in F6 called her Dinah the Great Beauty, and she was used to hearing it, knowing that it was the Golden Sons unique manner of greeting.

    It was just a name.

    When Roland and the others addressed a certain maid of Dinahs, who was a mountain of flesh weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, they also called her a certain great beauty.

    The man next to him frowned slightly when he heard Roland address her like that, but after seeing that Dinah wasnt angry, he didnt say anything

    "It seems that Mr. Roland is also looking for Mr. Menon on important business, so well leave you to it." Dinah motioned to her male companion next to her with a glance, and then said to Menon, "Were done with our questions, Im sorry for wasting your time." "Youre welcome." Menon smiled genuinely. "Its the honor of my life to serve two Saint Samurai."

    Both Saint Samurai laughed and then left together.

    After the two Saint Samurai left, Menon sighed in relief. "Its stressful to talk to such big shots."

    Then he looked at Roland strangely, with a hint of mischief in his eyes. "Yo, isnt this Mr. Roland who eloped with Her Highness the First Princess. How come you suddenly appeared heredid you get tired of playing with the First Princess so quickly?"

    "Eloped?" Rolands eyes almost bulged out. "How and where did that rumor come from?" "The royal family," said Menon enviously. "And the top brass of the Association of Mages seems to be spreading this news secretly. You are truly blessed. The First Princess was my former dream lover, and not to mention her beauty, she also has a good figure. But the strange thing is, since you obviously eloped with the First Princess and the royal family released the news, why arent you a wanted man?"

    "Because its fake news to begin with."

    Roland also thought the situation was a bit strange. What was the royal family trying to do by releasing this news?

    To confuse the enemy in hiding?

    But this thought only flashed in his mind; Roland didnt forget the purpose of his visit: "Menon, I have something very important to ask you. Before me, did anyone else ask you for the spell model and principle of the magic fountain?"

    "That question Well, you seem to be caught up in something." Menon shrugged. "There was one. He used to be a member of the Association of Mages, specializing in dark conjuration spells, but because all the spells he learned were too malicious, he disappeared and was supposedly expelled from the Association."

    "Whats his name?"

    "I only remember his name as Alan Curie. Im not sure of other information, I was simply trading with him."

    Roland asked again, "Besides him, has anyone else asked you similar questions?"

    Menons expression froze, as if slightly surprised, and he thought for a moment and said, "A man did ask me a similar question yesterday, but he only asked a few questions."

    "Whos this man, then?".

    Menon shook his head. "I dont know him. He just came up and asked me a few questions about very basic magic theory, then he left on his own. But the man did have the smell of dark magic on him."

    "Do you remember what he looked like?" asked Roland, anxiously.

    "Of course!"

    Menon laughed and was about to speak when his entire body suddenly froze, then his face turned pale blue.

    It turned utterly pale blue.

    He held a hand over his heart, his eyes gradually widening.

    "Whats the matter with you" Roland grabbed Menons hand and suddenly noticed a terrifying dark magic power coming from Menon.

    His entire body was as if frozen by ice.

    His blood stopped flowing.

    Roland subconsciously shrugged off Menons hand, and only then did the cold, dark chill of that magic disappear. But with such a shake of his hand, Menon gradually fell backward and then fell straight to the ground.

    Not moving at all.

    Roland recovered from the frozen state and was stunned as he looked at the dead Menon.

    Women were screeching loudly around them, and soon black-robed soldiers came running and surrounded the scene, as well as Roland.

    "Im sorry, sir, but could you come with us and tell us what happened?"

    Roland nodded.

    A few minutes later, Roland was taken to an empty room.

    There were only two chairs in here.

    Roland took a seat and shortly after, someone came in. It was Alfred. "How does it feel to be set up?" laughed Alfred as he came in. "Dont stay here, come out with


    The chair beneath Roland hadnt even warmed up when he stood up and asked, "Great Elder, youve determined that Ive been set up?"

    "Menon died from a cold curse, a very high-level spell in conjuring magic," said Alfred with a smile. "Youre good at evoking magic and dont have a hint of dark magic on you, so how could it be you. If we cant tell the difference, all of us at the top of the Association of Mages should simply kill ourselves."

    Roland followed behind Alfred and sighed. "Pity for a genius like Menon"

    "Genius?" As Alfred walked, he shook his head and said, "Hes not a genius. Getting a few strange spell devices and magic and figuring out some magic theories doesnt mean hes a genius. This world is too dangerous, what kind of genius is someone who cant even defend himself and focuses all his cleverness on the wrong path!"

    "He still found his path."

    "You are wrong, Roland." Alfred turned and said very seriously, "It is true that Menon seems to have taken a path of his own, but its a crooked path. There is no one else to walk it. He is the only one; naturally, he can see some sights that we cannot see. A crooked path is a crooked path. If he puts his wits on the right path, on battle magic, on increasing his magical capacity, he might not have died."

    At this point, Alfred laughed. "Just like you, you have extremely high mental resistance and a large amount of magic power protecting you. You were hit by the cold curse that Menon infected you with, but youre fine-understand the difference?"

    Roland couldnt say anything.

    "Its the ones who survive that qualify as geniuses," said Alfred bluntly. "Like you."