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    Hello Mr. King Chapter 438 - HMK 438

    Chapter 438 The First Anniversary Of Their Relationship

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    Second Madam Shi was in a very bad situation. Although the news was quickly removed, many people would definitely see that second master Shis death was on her head.

    It was impossible for old master Shi to make his grandson separate from him. Moreover, the evidence of what Second Madam Shi had done was irrefutable. What would the Shi family do with such a woman?

    A woman who had cheated on her husband, had the audacity to bring her illegitimate child home to be raised, and had even caused her husbands brain to bleed to death.

    "Based on my understanding of the Shi family, he wouldnt let his grandson blame him, so at most, he would be sent to a mental hospital, " Song Mian speculated.

    "It would be better to die" Yun thought and said in a low voice. Living like this would be worse than death.

    "Maybe she feels better off dead than alive? " Song Mian held Yuns hand. "Lets go, I have a gift for you. "

    "Why would she give me a gift for no reason " Yun thought and wondered.

    "Why would she give me a gift for no reason? Its going to be our first anniversary soon. " Song Mian smiled. "I originally planned to give it to you in two days, but since youre going to film tomorrow, Ill give it to you two days in advance. "

    They had indeed been dating for a year, and time passed so quickly.

    Yun thought about it and looked up at the man who was pulling her forward. His back was straight, and his tall figure blocked the morning light. This shadow made her feel that he could withstand any storm for her.

    At this time a year ago, she only wanted to tell him the truth and tell him her thoughts. From then on, she drew a clear line.

    At that time, Yun recalled that she was certain that she did not fall in love with Song Mian. It was Song Mians feelings that moved her later on.

    She decided to give herself a chance to try and see if she and Song Mian were compatible. It could be considered as an explanation for Song Mian.

    Later on, his meticulous care and consideration seeped into her heart bit by bit. She did not even know when she had fallen deeply in love with him.

    She did not know where it came from, but she was deeply in love with him.

    Yun recalled being pulled into the underground parking lot by Song Mian. A car that did not fit in with the other cars parked in the parking lot came into view.

    This car was twice the height of an ordinary car, and the body of the car was 1.5 times longer than a van. It was not as big as a large truck, but it was not small either. Its appearance was rather rough, and it looked like an off-road vehicle.

    "This is " Yun Xiang pointed at the brand-new car and guessed. "An RV? "

    Song Mian smiled and asked Song Yao to open the door and pull her up to take a look.

    The floor was made of tile, and the decoration was simple. The roof cabinet and the operating table were made of Mahogany.

    All the utensils in the kitchen were available. There was no lack of water-making machines and refrigerators. The small living room could seat five or six people.

    The exquisite bathroom and comfortable bedroom were simply a mobile mansion.

    Yun recalled that in her previous life, she actually wanted to buy an RV, but the price was too expensive. She was a little reluctant to part with such luxury.

    Ordinary ones were not suitable for crossing mountains and ridges. Even if she bought one, she might not be able to use it. Those that were suitable for crossing mountains and ridges also had many inconveniences.

    A HIGH-END CUSTOM-MADE CAR would cost at least a few million dollars. Even with such a high income, Yun Nian could only give up.

    "This car is equipped with the most powerful steering system and a safety cruise collision avoidance system. No matter how bad the weather is, you dont have to be afraid. "

    Song Mian was actually very satisfied with the interior of the car. He used the Chinese style decoration that Yun Nian liked.

    He was a little dissatisfied with the rough exterior, but his requirements were too high, and he could only do so much.

    "Its equipped with solar panels and external power. The fuel tank can travel three thousand kilometers in one go. "

    Yun Nian widened his eyes. "A LONG-DISTANCE GODLY DEVICE! "

    "It can only be designed like this. You can just use it. " Song Mians tone was a little disdainful.

    Yun thought, " "

    She guessed that Song Mians original request was not for an RV, but a strange vehicle that could fly and burrow into the ground.

    However, the manufacturer had lost track of the number of talented technicians. They could only repeatedly test out this top-class luxury rv that he said he needed to use!

    "Mian, its already perfect with me. " Yun thought that she had to express her opinion so that Song Mian would not continue to torment him.

    "As long as youre satisfied. " It was tailor-made for Yun. As long as she was satisfied, it was fine.

    "Im satisfied, I cant be any more satisfied! " Yun Thought for a while and said, "I can drive it to the wild in the future! "

    In this life, they were filming movies and they were not in a hurry. In her previous life, Yun thought that she had been filming for a few days and nights in the wild. Not only was going to the toilet a big problem, she could not even take a nap.

    Because there were many mosquitoes, sometimes they were so tired that they did not even care about the mosquitoes. They could just bite and cover their faces.

    In the Wilderness, those insect-proof and mosquito-proof things were useless. The mosquitoes seemed to want to be stuffed even if they died!

    "This car is not easy to drive. I have sent a special driver to follow you from now on, " Song Mian continued, "His cooking skills are not bad. You can bring him with you when you go to shoot. "

    Although Wang Yong was the assistant that He Wei wanted to hire for Yun Xiang, Yun Xiang wanted to leave him at home to take care of Yun Lin when he was out filming.

    Considering Yun Lin, Yun Xiang only brought a bodyguard with him when he was filming. Song Mian had always wanted to arrange for someone to protect Yun Xiang, but there was no suitable opportunity. This was perfect.

    Yun Nian stood on her tiptoes and kissed Song Mian. "Thank you, boyfriend. "

    "Thats it? " Song Mian raised her eyebrows and wrapped her arms around her waist.

    The two of them were very close and looked very intimate.

    At this moment, Yun Nian acutely felt that she was being watched.

    She wanted to break free from Song Mian, but Song Mian did not seem to let go on purpose.

    Soon, a car started. Yun Nian beat Song Mian with all her might until the car had left the parking lot. Only then did song Mian let go of her.

    "Someone is ambushing and taking pictures! " Yun thought about it and didnt expect that there would be reporters lurking in her parking lot.

    Yun thought about it in her past life and had encountered this kind of thing before. However, this neighborhood was very strict, especially the parking spaces. Without the systems identification code, one couldnt enter.

    And the systems identification code required the license plate number of the parking space to be registered.

    Song Mian had two houses here, so he must have a parking space too. It was normal for him to drive in after registering the corresponding car number.

    It was just that he did not know what method this reporter had used to be so resourceful.

    Clenching his fists, Song Mians Gaze was exceptionally deep. "Believe me, no matter how fast he runs, its all for nothing. "

    If Yun could sense that someone was there, how could Song Mian not?

    He had known about this persons existence before Yun could think about it. When they were touring the RV, all the information about this person had already been thoroughly investigated by Song Yao, who had quietly left.