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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 744-2 - AOTDD 744-2

    Chapter 744.2 Either You Die Or I Die Part Two

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    Chapter 744: Either you die or I die (Part Two)

    Bei Shan thought he had misheard.

    "There are three of them and one of you!" He reminded Xu Cheng to not be stupid.

    Xu Cheng said, "Second Master, please take them outside and guard the building. No matter what happens and no matter what sounds you hear, dont let the ordinary people rush in."

    Little Joker stood there still as he would not let the only hope of the Dragon Division be at risk, so he didnt move at all.

    Xu Cheng suddenly said in a deep voice, "None of you will leave, right? Do you want me to take off this Dragon Kings robe and mask then? Since I, the Dragon King, cant even make you guys follow orders, what kind of bullsh*t leader am I then?"

    The Dragon Division members all looked at him with difficulty.

    Xu Cheng then shouted out loud using a deterrent force, "Get out!"

    Even Little Joker was taken aback.

    Bei Shan knew Xu Chengs temper well. Especially after his albinism, he had become more and more unstable.

    He tugged the corner of Little Jokers coat and whispered, "Lets go, he is enduring more pain than anyone else, and whoever stands in the way of his revenge will be out of luck."

    Even if these people didnt come to find Xu Cheng, he was going to find them eventually to exterminate them. Without this group of people, he wouldnt have gone through albinism to have this ghostly appearance. Anyone would be out of patience in this state. Not being able to face their loved ones, and feeling out of place wherever they went, it was a desperate feeling that could crush someone.

    Xu Cheng had held back this anger for way too long!

    "Those who are involved in kidnapping my woman, are there only the three of you left?"

    Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird all froze for a moment.

    "You think three isnt enough?"

    Xu Cheng: "If theres already the three of you, it makes no difference if there are more involved. Are there any others who didnt come today? They shouldve come today, so I dont have to go and find them."

    Azure Dragon returned a cold laugh: "Are you mocking us because the three of us are fighting one of you? Just say it."

    "You think one of you guys could fight me on their own? My guess is that silver-haired old man earlier was stronger than the three of you, right? But he is dead, and if you guys were confident that you can destroy me alone, then why would the three of you come back here together?" Xu Cheng said sarcastically.

    Outside the Palace

    The total of sixteen Dragon Division members and Little Joker all looked worried.

    "Second Master, we are just going to let the Dragon King face the three of them alone?"

    Bei Shan said, "I know him, and there is no way for anyone to intervene in this matter. When he was going to destroy the Ryong Family, I tried advising him and Im afraid this time it wont be any different. Lets just wait here."

    "But are we just going to let the Dragon King die inside? Can he fight against them?"

    "Probably not." At this time, another member of the Dragon Division who had seen his strength in the past said, "Even Second Master couldnt fight against them. Theres no way the Dragon King could. Didnt you see how they just grabbed Old Master Ye by the neck like they were grabbing a chicken? If one of them is that strong, and there are three of themIm afraid we wont be able to keep them here today, unless we use heavy weaponry."

    Little Joker: "Heavy weaponry is impossible. That stuff will only disturb the citizens and destroy the palace. The impact is too great, we can only use the toxins our military has been researching."

    Every powerful country had developed a toxic biochemical weapon, and back then, the Wei Nation even used a type of bacterial weapon in World War II. After all, it was not practical to use weapons of mass destruction here. The shells would destroy the site, so they could only use biochemical weapons.

    They were just talking when they heard a boom!

    Then, a side wall of the Golden Palace collapsed and a person was blown out smashing onto the ground.

    Everyone turned their heads in surprise to look over, and they didnt expect that it was Black Tortoise, one of the three Imperial Guards, who flew out!

    Meanwhile on the inside, they were already in an intense fight.

    Vermillion Bird quickly got up and rushed back inside.

    "Should we go in and help?" The Jack of Diamonds asked anxiously.

    Bei Shan: "If you stand in his way of getting revenge, dont be surprised if he finishes you on the spot first. In this world, its dangerous whenever a woman named Lin Chuxue is involved!"