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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 743-2 - AOTDD 743-2

    Chapter 743.2 Hand Him Over Part Two

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    Chapter 743: Hand him over (Part Two)

    "Dont treat us like three-year-old kids. If he died, then there is no way we couldnt find his body. So this kid must still be alive! Where did he put the body of our brother, Ge Lie? You dont have to hand him over, because I have ways to find out where he is. "

    Azure Dragon grimaced and yelled at the surroundings, "Garbage Dragon Division, how long do you plan to peep? Are you waiting for me to kill him before you actually come out? Do you think I dont dare to kill him?"

    There was a clatter.

    The entire Dragon Division entered through the main door and from the window in the ceiling.

    All of them surrounded and blocked all the exits.

    Little Joker walked into the hall and demanded. "Let go of him!"

    Azure Dragon pushed Old Master Ye in the direction of his two brothers behind him; he was not their hostage.

    Azure Dragon smiled faintly. "Hand over Xu Cheng!"

    Old Master Zhou said in a deep voice. "I told you Xu Cheng is already dead. Do you want us to show you his grave?"

    "Shut up, I dont want to hear from the five of you." Azure Dragon smiled fiercely and looked at Little Joker as he said, "You speak. Are you willing to hand over Xu Cheng? As long as you hand him over, I promise you that these old men will be fine. But if you refuse, then sorry, Ill have to direct my hatred for Xu Cheng on to Ye!"

    "Dont mess around!" Little Joker shouted.

    Old Master Ye yelled at Little Joker, "Youre the one who shouldnt mess around! Listen, Dao Yuan, even if they want us to hand over you today, we wont agree! You must remember what you are doing. The country had promised him that this was his home! No great nation has ever handed over one of its citizens! Never!"

    Little Jokers expression was complicated as he had no choice!

    On one side was Xu Cheng, and on the other, it was the five Chiefs!

    All of them were highly respected elders!

    As the leader of the Dragon Division, Little Joker couldnt let anything happen to these five elders! From his standpoint, if he could only choose one side, he would have to protect the five Chiefs! That was the fundamental duty of the Dragon Division!

    However, Old Master Yes words put Little Joker into a dilemma.

    Azure Dragon turned to the old man and punched him in the stomach, causing Old Master Ye to spit out a mouthful of blood.

    "You dont care, right? Youve killed all the people back then and now youre pretending to bew kind?" Azure Dragon sneered and looked at Little Joker even more aggressively.

    "If you dont hand Xu Cheng over, then Ye will die! We dont expect to leave here alive today anyways, so either we get revenge on the H Family for what happened in the past or we avenge our brother Ge Lies death! You choose one!" Azure Dragon said smiling faintly.

    Little Joker really had no choice, on one side was the safety of his leaders, and on the other side was their orders.

    He looked in the direction of where Xu Cheng was hiding, and his gaze was sending a message that he must come out and step up.

    A dozen seconds later, Xu Cheng appeared at the gate with his shadow dragging on the floor from the sunset.

    He stood there, wearing a mask.

    The golden clowns mask and his robe representing the Ace of the Dragon Division swayed with the wind at the gate.

    "Ge Lie is indeed dead, killed by me, and his corpse was destroyed by me as well. If you have anything, come at me. If I let you leave the country alive today, then it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the Dragon Division and I, the Ace of Dragon Division! You have seriously provoked and breached the laws of Huaxia, so you must die here today! Even if I break my bones, I will make you stay here!"

    Old Master Ye spat out a mouthful of blood and scolded, "You little bd, if you were pretending to be dead, then why come out today? We promised you before that the country would be your last resort!"

    Xu Cheng smiled faintly. "Master once told me that if I guard this country, the country will shelter me and give me strength as well. I now fully understand the power of a nation when we support one another."