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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 741-2 - AOTDD 741-2

    Chapter 741.2 Theyre Back Part Two

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    Chapter 741: Theyre back (Part Two)

    "Dad, what is this?" Ye Xiu casually took off a piece of paper from his back and said.

    Ye Pei turned his head and was a little surprised that a piece of paper had been stuck to his back.

    He looked at it and frowned as he read the words on it, "Azure Dragon Horn?"

    Elder Ye who was playing Tai Chi suddenly raised his head as his pupils constricted. He turned around and immediately dashed over, snatching the paper from Ye Peis hands.

    He looked at the pattern and his expression changed dramatically.

    "Son, do you know when this piece of paper was put on your back? What kind of person put it on your back?"

    Ye Pei shook his head. "I wouldnt have noticed if Little Xiu did not tell me. I have been in the office all day today and didnt go anywhere, and I came home directly after work."

    "Then did you notice anyone coming near you?" Elder Ye questioned.

    Ye Pei laughed. "Its not like you dont know that Im always surrounded by security guards, how could ordinary people approach me?"

    "But this person is not an ordinary person!" Elder Ye took the paper and squinted his eyes.

    "Dad, does this piece of paper represent anything?" Ye Pei asked.

    "This piece of paper was for me." Elder Ye looked serious as he turned and ran toward the hall to call the other four.

    When he called Elder Zhou, he heard him say in a panic, "Old Brother Ye, I was just about to call you. Theyre back!"

    Elder Ye squinted his eyes for a moment. "I received it too, What did you receive?"

    Elder Zhou: "Black Tortoise Shell!"

    Elder Ye: "The boss of the Xuanwu group! The one I received was from the Qinglong Group, I didnt think they were still alive. It seems that Little Joker was right when he went abroad to track them down sixteen years ago."

    Elder Zhou agreed. "Back then, eighteen of the twenty-eight-star guards of the Imperial Guards died and ten went missing. I never thought they would still be alive to this day."

    That was when a red flagged car parked outside of the Ye Family Estate. Elder Nie hurried inside and rushed into the living room to find Elder Ye. He passed a piece of paper to Elder Ye the moment he hung up the phone and said in a serious tone, "Look what I received today."

    Elder Ye looked at the pattern and words on top of his paper: Vermillion Bird Feather!

    He handed his own paper to Elder Nie and said, "I also received it, Old Zhou received it as well. My son Xiao Pei had so many guards and they still managed to stick this on behind his back. Their strengths are indeed unimaginable."

    Elder Nie frowned. "Lets call Old Guo and Old Xing over."

    At night

    The five old men gathered at the Dragon Division headquarters and stayed up all night discussing.

    Little Joker held up the three drawings, and his expression was very serious.

    That was when Elder Ye said with relief, "Fortunately, there are only three of them left."

    However, Little Joker was still cautious as he said, "Chiefs, Im afraid its not that simple. With your current strengths, its really not enough to win against any of them. Only the Dragon Ace and I know how powerful these guys are, and if they could train Rank R experts, then their strengths must be above R! The reason why Xu Cheng has become like this was because he was forced by one of them, and if the three of them were to forcibly break into this city, then it would be really hard to stop them."

    Elder Zhou said, "It means that they are confident enough to not be afraid of us making a move when they greeted us in advance. Could it be that they want to make a deal with us?"

    Little Joker: "Whether there is a deal or not, we cant take any risks."

    Elder Ye sighed: "Some things cannot be avoided, its most likely that they came for the five of us this time."

    He paced around with his hands behind his back and said, "Since the H Familys establishment, the purpose has always been to oppose the Qing Dynasty, and we are lifelong enemies with them. We won back then and eliminated all support for the Qing Empire. They knew that if the eunuchs accepted this new era of reform, they wouldnt be accepted by the era. So in fact, they were not defending the Emperor, but instead defending their own interest. The feudal regime cannot fall, as otherwise, they will have no way out. But in order to overthrow them, we had to kill all of them! So the hatred accumulated between us."

    Little Joker sighed. "So, they would rather help the enemy and work for the capital, than return to their home country?"

    Elder Ye nodded. "Sort of."