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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 739-2 - AOTDD 739-2

    Chapter 739.2 Strategic About Everything? Part Two

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    Ran Jing looked at the map and the available information they had. She said after thinking for a while, "Ive mentioned what I thought was possible, but we just couldnt catch them."

    Xu Cheng pondered about the lead on the South Gate truck, and he kept thinking about the possibilities.

    He suddenly said after a long while, "Then do you think there is a possibility that they are using the anglers to hide from us?"

    "What do you mean?" Ran Jing said, "You mean those who fish as a hobby?"

    "Right." Xu Cheng said: "I think the South Gate was transporting those fish instead. Have you ever thought that when you were strictly investigating on the portside goods, that these anglers were just passing by behind you? There may be a few fish in their buckets and you guys missed them all because they were just anglers."

    Ran Jing felt enlightened.

    "That could be a possibility!" Ran Jing stood up and said, "Then Ill have my people follow the South Gate trucks and see if they get the fish from those anglers."

    Having said that, Ran Jing got up and went to arrange a team to head over there. She was going to try if there was an opportunity, because no progress has been made on this case for a long time, and the pressure on the police was unbearable.

    Xu Cheng didnt stop Ran Jing.

    Instead, he looked at Li Chao, the leader of the second team who stayed behind and said, "You come in with me."

    Li Chao saw that he had nothing to do, so he followed Xu Cheng into the temporary meeting room.

    Xu Cheng said straightforwardly, "In addition to Ran Jing, I have another lead in mind. Do you have a reliable informant in your hands? Someone thats new and hasnt been seen before."

    Li Chao: "There are a lot of those in the police department, and I can just have someone transfer here."

    "Good." Xu Cheng continued. "Have your informant be responsible for watching those anglers. If the South Gate trucks do not get the fishes from them, it would mean that theyre scared and that will expose the fact that the source did originate from the ocean. So, they will continue to get the goods every day, but they may not get the abnormal fish all the time. They will then probably use the normal fish to lure the police. By then, only those anglers would have the abnormal fishes in the entire port, and I want your informant to find a way to track one or two anglers to see if they are taking the fishes to the South Gate to sell. Remember, you must track the anglers who are there between 2PM to 5PM. It must be done discreetly without them being discovered."

    Li Chao wondered, "Mr. Fang, why are we just looking at the anglers from 2PM to 5PM?"

    Xu Cheng smiled faintly, "Shangcheng is a fast-paced city, do you think an angler could support themselves purely by fishing? So, normal people wouldnt go fishing during that time, or it would only be the retired people. So any people from a younger generation who go at this time are jobless, could they be there just for fishing then?"

    Li Chao immediately understood as he saluted and said, "Yes, I will go make arrangements."

    "This whole thing needs to be kept a secret and not be disclosed for the time being. Theyve probably been watching Ran Jing and every move she makes is under their surveillance. You need to become the pond piece in the dark."

    Li Chao nodded. "I understand."

    He turned around and prepared to leave the office.

    But he suddenly looked back at Xu Cheng and asked after pondering, "Mr. Fang, do you know a person named Xu Cheng?"

    Xu Cheng was slightly stunned, and he shook his head. "Who is he?"

    Li Chao grinned: "My former boss. He is just like you, having a sharp vision and always to the point. He was very strategic about everything."

    "Strategic about everything?" Xu Cheng murmured to himself with a bitter laugh. He thought sarcastically inside: If I was strategic about everything, then I wouldnt be at where I am today!