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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 738-1 - AOTDD 738-1

    Chapter 738.1 Someone Just Confessed To Me Part One

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    Early the next morning, Shen Yao flew to the M Nation.

    She didnt notice that Lin Dong was on the same flight as her.

    Lin Dong was told by Xu Cheng to go to the Mandala Lab and make some arrangements so Shen Yao could see Xu Cheng. This was to make the madam feel at ease, and since Xu Cheng couldnt leave Huaxia, he had to get someone else to pretend to be him.

    Lin Dong was responsible for taking his place this time by pretending to be a patient in a coma.

    He had checked in with Chekhov in advance, who would be responsible for wrapping his entire body with bandages like a mummy so that he could pretend to be unconscious.

    After Shen Yao got off the plane, she called Lin Chuxue to tell her she had arrived safely, and Lin Chuxue gave her the address of the Mandala Lab.

    Lin Chuxue asked Lin Dong for the Mandala Lab President Chekhovs phone number and gave it to Shen Yao.

    So Shen Yao was met by Chekhov when she arrived.

    "Is Xu Cheng here?"

    Chekhov nodded. "Come with me."

    He led Shen Yao to a laboratory room that was on the lowest underground level of the company.

    After she pulled open the door, Shen Yao saw Xu Cheng, who was wrapped like a mummy lying on a hospital bed.

    Shen Yaos expression changed instantly.

    "Whats going on? Why did he become like this?"

    Shen Yao looked around at the instruments and the ECG was normal. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Is he alright?"

    Chekhov said, "I dont know yet. He has been in a coma for almost a month. His injuries are serious, and he needs to rely on his willpower to wake up on his own. Lets go out if were finished here, he cant be exposed."

    Shen Yao gritted her teeth and said, "Can you give me ten minutes?"

    Chekhov pondered for a moment and then nodded. "Please hurry."

    Then he walked out.

    Shen Yao walked back to Xu Chengs hospital bed and suddenly held Xu Chengs big hand with both hands.

    Lin Dong was almost exposed when his body shook.

    He thought to himself, Shoot, what is this woman going to do? Didnt they say shes just here to look at Xu Cheng on the madams behalf and everythings good if hes fine?

    Shen Yao was very worried when she saw Xu Cheng in this condition. Her eyes were red as she stroked Xu Chengs hair with one hand and sighed. "This is not like the Xu Cheng I know."

    Lin Dongs heart skipped a beat thinking that she had figured it out.

    Who knew that Shen Yao would continue to say, "No matter what opponent you encountered, you would never fall down. What happened?"

    She said jokingly, "Your wife is looking all over the world for you and she couldnt find you. It was the first time I saw her become like that, so youd better get well quickly and go back to her."

    Shen Yao stroked her hair and sighed. "Or you have to wake up, for me."

    Lin Dongs body shook, Does she have a story with Master as well?

    Master, its not that I want to know your secrets.

    He peeked open his eyes and looked at Shen Yao, she looked clean and charming, full of youth.

    She was a beauty!