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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 733 - AOTDD 733

    Chapter 733 Too Bad Hes Taken

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    Chapter 733. Too Bad Hes Taken (Part One)

    Seeing that they were to head out, Xu Cheng shouted to stop them, "Its too late. The surveillances back to normal, which means that theyre gone already."

    Having said that, Xu Cheng continued to watch the surveillance.

    Li Chao, Ran Jing, and the others stood there not knowing where to go and looked somewhat embarrassed.

    When Ran Jing was going to have the team members retreat from the front line, they already arrived at the scene.

    They reported back. "Director Ran, they are very experienced and skilled. They really did an overlay video here in the intersection."

    Xu Cheng heard the voice of her subordinates and immediately said, "Youve scared the snake away! They were going to take down the video themselves, and now that you took it, they will notice."

    Li Chao listened in and also slapped his own forehead.

    Those in the front line were also a bunch of dumb teammates.

    Even Ran Jing didnt know what to say at once.

    "Director Ran? Did you hear that?"

    "Are you guys dumb? Dont you know there is a possibility that the other side is also monitoring you and now youre exposed? Sigh. Bring it back here to check whether there are any fingerprints left behind." Ran Jing couldnt do anything to help, and since they have climbed up the pole there, they mustve been exposed.

    She looked up at Xu Cheng, who was watching the surveillance with his hands behind his back, and asked, "Mr. Fang now what?"

    Xu Cheng did not speak as he stared at the video.

    He was watching the video of the intersection in the city center, there were only three roads that lead to the city center. He stared at these three intersections as he said, "552, 337, 618, 277, 169. Check these five license plates immediately and give me the owners information."

    The technician there responded quickly as he nodded and immediately searched in the DMV system to check the license plate numbers Xu Cheng gave.

    "Theyre all fine."

    "Check again, 773!"

    Technician: "This ones fine."

    Xu Cheng: "858!"

    Technician: "Wait a minute."

    He immediately turned his head to look at Xu Cheng. "Mr. Fang, this license plate number registration is not under this car."

    Ran Jing quickly reacted and said, "Tell the frontline to track the truck with license plate number 858."

    Li Chao: "Yes."

    Chapter 733. Too Bad Hes Taken (Part Two)

    Xu Cheng immediately interrupted. "Dont. They have already moved the goods."

    Ran Jing and the others were shocked. "How is that possible, how do you know?"

    Xu Cheng: "If you dont believe me, then go check on this car."

    Ran Jing picked up the headset and shouted to the frontline, "Attention Team C on Dongfeng Road, stop a truck with the license plate number 858."

    Team C: "Yes Madam."

    In less than fifteen minutes, the other side replied, "Director Ran, nothing was found in the car."

    Ran Jing frowned: "What was this truck pulling?"


    Ran Jing: "Live or dead? Did you check the fish to see if anything was hidden in there?"

    "We checked, the fishes are alive and there is nothing hidden in the bodies."

    Xu Cheng heard this and his eyes narrowed; he found a key clue.

    Ran Jing looked up at him curiously and asked, "How did you know that they have already transferred the goods?"

    Xu Cheng said, "Your team was already exposed when they checked on that surveillance, and the other side is probably communicating in real time. It takes five minutes to get from Jiaoling Road to Dongfeng road based on the speed it was driving at. However, when it disappeared in the blind spot and reappeared in Dongfeng Road, 11 minutes had already passed, indicating that they had transferred the goods within this extra 6 minutes."

    Each of these analyses were very thorough, and Ran Jing took her headset off to listen. She knew that todays mission failed again, and not only had they alerted the snake, they also showed themselves to be incapable in front of their new colleague.

    Ran Jing felt very angry about her group of teammates who couldnt do the job straight. Of course, she also had a greater responsibility in this, so in fact, she was angry with herself. She was rude to Xu Cheng, but then he was professional and immediately figured out a breaking point that they managed to mess up. In the blink of an eye, they put this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to waste, not to mention that they were basically giving the enemy a reminder to run!

    She could get fired if they were to magnify her responsibility in this case.

    Because for investigating this large group of smuggling organizations, one slightest error in the operation could mean the entire investigation will go down the drain.

    The frontline members dared not to speak and remained very quiet, this was a big responsibility as they looked at each other.

    That was when Ran Jing said, "Im responsible for this and Ill handle the report. Everyone has been tired over these few days, so just head home early."

    Li Chao did not want to give up. "Director Ran, should we do something about that truck? Track that driver."

    "Forget it, well need to start over for the case." Ran Jing knew that the current investigation couldnt go on any longer, and she needed to rethink it before preparing to tackle it again.

    However, Xu Cheng turned his back on them and said, "We did alert the snake, but its not that we were completely unproductive."

    Li Chao looked at him. "How so?"

    "That truck was pulling fish. Have you not thought about where this fish could be delivered to?"

    Li Chao: "Shangchengs only seafood center and the largest in the province? South Gate food city?"

    "Good." Xu Cheng said, "I guess this case also involves South Gate. Now that you have the next target, you can keep an eye on the South Gate, and pay attention to their seafood products. If they stuff the fish belly with drug powder, then we can also get information on the source of goods."

    Li Chao said immediately, "Its from the ocean!"

    Xu Cheng nodded. "Indeed, we can also check the fishing boats."

    Li Chao nodded, feeling that this case was not completely hopeless.

    He turned his head and walked out of the room with the others.

    Leaving only Ran Jing, who was looking at Xu Cheng with a deadly stare.

    Xu Cheng teased, "Does my mask look good?"

    "Not at all." Ran Jing teased back. "Youre wearing a mask, and it gives me a feeling that I cant see through you. Why dont you take off the mask so I can take a look?"

    Xu Cheng/ "Are you sure?"

    Ran Jing nodded her head.

    Xu Cheng took off his mask, revealing his horrific paper-white face. He saw Ran Jings pupils contracted, indicating that she was scared for a moment.

    Xu Cheng hurriedly put the mask back on, and then turned away. "This case is not difficult, but also not simple."

    Ran Jing regained her thoughts from seeing his face. "You seem like a person I know, with this temperament and confidence, and that shocking analytical ability. There was a moment when I thought you were that friend."

    Xu Cheng turned his head. "He is very handsome, right?"

    Ran Jing was surprised. "Why do you ask that?"

    Xu Cheng: "Im afraid that a man who can make a beautiful woman like you remember, wont look too bad."

    Ran Jing smiled. "Well, not that handsome, but I found that after going around and meeting many colleagues and men in general, I realized I actually like my friends type. Too bad, hes taken."

    Xu Chengs body shook a little.