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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 732-1 - AOTDD 732-1

    Chapter 732.1 The Subtle Details Part One

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    Ran Jing was speechless. "Youve been giving a speech but youre still not onto the point. We also knew that would be the big fish, but we couldnt catch them."

    Xu Cheng: "Thats why I asked, have you thought of a different way of thinking? Why did they attract you there? Is that not obvious? It means that they have a plan B as well. First, sacrifice the small ones to draw away most of your forces, even if they have to face a small loss. Based on this, I think they have learned a lesson from the West Gate casino case, because they know how to give some goods to the police so that you wont be on their tail all the time. We all know that none of the Four Gates are clean, so why should they still pretend to be good people? They could simply let you catch something occasionally and turn it into a habit. In fact, you have already entered the trap they set for you guys. You always rely on people reporting to the police, and the first thing that comes to mind is that these people are on the move again and you head out to catch them, then return with some accomplishment. But dont you find it very strange? That you always manage to seize some small goods every time, and its always the same group of people?"

    Xu Cheng took a sip of tea and then continued, "Secondly, they made such an effort to lure you there to the portside. Like you said, if they draw all the police force there, how could they complete the trade? Are they going to trade in broad daylight? That would be impossible, so have you ever thought that perhaps the real smuggling site was not at this port?"

    Ran Jings pupils constricted slightly.

    After Xu Chengs analysis, she indeed realized a lot of fatal problems.

    When she rethought a lot of things over, it was indeed as Xu Cheng said. They had all been led by the nose and couldnt figure the way out of this logic trap.

    "Director Ran, we received an anonymous call, the same as last time. Should we go or not?" Li Chao, the leader of the criminal investigation divisions second team, came over and said to them.

    Li Chao!

    He was once Xu Chengs subordinates, and now he had been promoted to a team leader.

    His body seemed to be somewhat sturdier, and he also looked more spirited.

    Ran Jing couldnt help but try to make things difficult for Xu Cheng as she looked over and asked, "Like you said, its a trap right in front of you right now. The question is, are you going to jump in or not? In a time when we dont clearly know where their other smuggling sites are, fly meat is also meat. Are we willing to let go of this one or not? If we are, who knows if this is fly meat or a big fish. If its you, what will you do?"

    This was a set up for Xu Cheng. He might be filled with theories, but when the situation really comes, what would he do? Probably the same as Ran Jing and the others; be stupid and still go for it.

    Xu Cheng looked at Ran Jing with a bit of a stunned and surprised gaze, since her tactical skills had reached this point, it was a very nice passing of the buck.

    In fact, she brought Xu Cheng over mainly because she wanted to see how capable the so-called Yanjing detective expert was.

    As a leader, of course she could not tolerate the transfer of power with that many witnesses, so she didnt say much and just wanted to see how capable he was. If he was not capable, then he could quit the bluff and talk properly. If he was proven capable, then they were willing to watch him play the rest of the game out.

    Xu Cheng remained silent for a long time and said, "Well go, small fish is also meat."

    Ran Jing almost choked.