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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 730 - AOTDD 730

    Chapter 730 Seeing Ran Jing Again

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    Chapter 730: Seeing Ran Jing again (Part One)

    Xu Cheng said, "When each of you can be on your own in the future, then I would no longer have to worry about you guys. I wont have done you guys wrong, but right now, the Deviant Corp isnt strong enough, so I will do what I can for you guys. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, and maybe one day, I will suddenly die a violent death in an accident. So while I am still alive, I will pave the way for you guys."

    Lin Dong: "Master, you do not owe us anything."

    "But its me who turned you guys into this, so I have to at least let you guys live better in this world to feel at ease." Xu Cheng patted Lin Dongs shoulder. "Alright, in the future dont come to me if theres nothing big going on. If Chuxue sees you here, she will become suspicious of my identity."

    Lin Dong nodded. "Im definitely not that stupid."

    "By the way." Xu Cheng thought of a problem as he instructed Lin Dong. "You need to keep an eye on Chuxue, if she catches a cold and heads to the hospital, the normal drip is not a problem, but either stop her if they want to do a blood test or find a way to keep them from knowing her genetic differences. Or else she will become suspicious of how she was saved."

    "I really did not think of this point." Lin Dong nodded. "Ill keep an eye on that in the future. Oh right Master, will you be living in Shangcheng for now?"

    Xu Cheng nodded. "Once I finish what I have to, then Ill pull myself out of these deep waters. It wont be good for Shangcheng if we linger here too long."

    Lin Dong smiled. "Is the legendary Tiger Police going to reappear?"

    Xu Cheng kicked him out of the door.

    Shangcheng was a cosmopolitan city full of foreign enterprises from around the world, and among them, there were also many Wei Nation enterprises. Xu Cheng wanted to find those members of the Capital Society from within them, because they were probably the mainstay of the society, using their social status to attend various high-class parties and were responsible for convincing businessmen with status to join the Capital Society. The requirements to enter the Asia division of the Capital Society must be low because they would want to stand firm first, and they would get whoever they can if they have some sort of use.

    What Xu Cheng wanted to do was to cut these small connections from entering Huaxia.

    He was now completely on the opposite side of the Capital Society, and there was no room for reconciliation. This was the third life goal that Xu Cheng had set for himself.

    The first one was to find the Ye Family and get justice for his father! He had accomplished that.

    The second one was to be with Lin Chuxue for the rest of his life.

    Now the third, was to overthrow the Capital Society!

    As for why he wanted to overthrow them, it was because this organization has become a serious threat to his second goal!

    If there was no Capital Society, perhaps he and Lin Chuxue would have been fine, but now they were stuck in their current situation: so close to each other yet too far to reach. This kind of pain was difficult to heal even if he destroyed the Capital Society.

    So, since Xu Cheng had returned to the country, and as a member of the Dragon Division, he would not tolerate the Capital Society trying to infiltrate this country. If you reach one hand towards us, then Ill break it off! If you reach both hands, then Ill break a pair!

    Chapter 730: Seeing Ran Jing again (Part Two)

    The Deviant Corp werent just doing nothing, and the reason why they were hiding was because they still didnt have the power to fight against the R-level masters. Once Xu Cheng finishes off the Capital Societys minions, that will be when the Deviant Corp will strike and sweep the ground!

    The national agency Dragon Division would only take the guardianship of the country as its fundamental objective, and it would be impossible for him to use the Dragon Division for his own convenience to seek personal revenge. Xu Cheng would not use the power of the Dragon Division to get rid of the Capital Society, and sooner or later, he would use the power of the Deviant Corp!


    Public Security Police Department General Headquarters

    In the meeting room

    A woman with short hair down to the shoulders stood on the steps and said to her subordinates, "We must complete the mission asap. Its been three years since we cleared the North and West gates, and the East gate has been non-transparent on its trade transportation all these years. Shangchengs dock is the biggest import/export site in the country, and if we do not have control over this area, some unclean things will come into the country. Im sure everyone knows what kind of things Im referring to. The problem with East Gate has intensified over the years, yet we do not have any evidence to trace it down, and this is a serious failure of our duty. The municipal committee voted unanimously that this year our police departments first task would be to resolve this problem and keep it clean! Smuggling and drug trafficking are absolutely intolerable!"

    This womans hair remained the same: beautiful and heroic looking. She was once a police flower, and now she was promoted to the Director of Public Security!

    She was no other than Ran Jing, who Xu Cheng had cohabited with and was once a colleague to.

    Although she was beautiful, she was considered a thorned rose in the police department. Those men who wanted to date her were either not at her status or not able to win a fight against her. That was why they say that PhDs generally had a harder time to get a partner, because they focus on work too much.

    Sometimes it was better if women didnt work too hard.

    Ran Jing paused and looked at her subordinates in the meeting room and said, "We have shouted the slogan for several years, yet there still havent been any major breakthroughs. I am very disappointed, and I want to hear what you have in plan for the next step?"

    A subordinate raised his hand. "Director, this investigation is probably going to be a big one again and Im afraid it will affect the ports operation. Why dont we set up an official point directly to prevent them from smuggling all kinds of products?"

    "Then how much manpower and resources do you need to set up this point? If we set up a point both upstream and downstream, whos going to pay for the cost?" She then directly rejected his suggestion as she said, "You think these points can prevent those people from doing bad deeds? We set up a measure and they will have a countermeasure. We can already be sure that these people were from the former North Gate, and theyve created a smuggling network at the East Gate port. The drug squad told us that some of the products they seized may have originated from East Gate to begin with. The federals take great importance on this matter and gave us a lot of time. But what were you all doing? I asked you to watch and track down people by names, and you still dont have any results?"

    The subordinates below looked at each other. They had been pursuing this case for a year, and they had only caught the unimportant ones that they couldnt even bother to report to their superiors.

    "Director, this gang is too cunning. We cant even send in undercover agents and weve lost two already!"

    "Well, the feds are very disappointed in our Shangcheng Police Department, so for the East Gate case, they will be sending someone in to collaborate."

    "Ugh" The others were in a difficult position because it meant that this person was going to basically take control of the case.

    That was when the conference room door opened, and Xu Cheng walked in behind the superior director.

    Everyone at the scene stood up to salute.

    The director waved his hands and said, "All of you take a seat and let me introduce to you: this is the 2 of Diamonds who will assist you in handling the case with the East Gate port."

    Xu Cheng looked at Ran Jing through the mask, he hadnt seen her for three years and this womans aura became more powerful than before.