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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 729 - AOTDD 729

    Chapter 729 I Will Not Give Up On The Deviant Corp Part One

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    Chapter 729: I will not give up on the Deviant Corp (Part One)

    President Zheng got out of his car and went straight to suite 888. He knocked on the door and peeked inside. President Wu saw him probing his head and shouted at him, "Really thought I was lying to you, huh? Come in and see for yourself if its President Lin!"

    "Oh my, its really President Lin. Ive heard a lot about you, I thought Wu was fooling me."

    "President Zheng, Im sorry for calling you out this late at night," Lin Dong said with a smile.

    "Thats not a problem at all." Mr. Zheng laughed, "Nowadays, it is even harder to see you than the mayor of Shangcheng. I am Zheng Xiaoguang."

    Lin Dong reached over and shook his hand. "Its an honor to meet you, Im Dong."

    "Sit down Zheng, dont just stand there. Where are the ladies? Call one more out." President Wu smiled at President Zheng.

    President Zheng nodded. He wanted to refuse at first, but he thought he shouldnt spoil the fun, so he let the ladies come.

    After three rounds of drinking, Lin Dong said in a straightforward manner, "President Zheng, the reason why I invited you for a drink is that I have a favor to ask you. A senior of mine, really like that property of yours in Yulin Garden Villa."

    "President Lin likes it?" Mr. Zheng was very cheerful as he said, "Then take it. Why say so much? Its just a house."

    President Wu agreed. "I think so too. President Lin, we are businessmen who do not stick to small things. You and Zheng have met today, so since you have asked for help, he cant refuse right? You can take this house if you want, its nothing."

    Lin Dong: "Okay, then Ill pay double the price for it, alright?"

    "If you plan to pay me, then thats looking down on me. If you were to ask for something more, then I may not be able to help, but this is just a house. Its even too much that youre inviting me for a drink to ask for it. Its alright President Lin, just take it if you like it. I even brought the property ownership certificate today and you can ask your lawyer to handle the transfer procedures right now. Lets not talk about the money, okay? "

    Mr. Zheng said that as he put the property ownership certificate on the table.

    The eyes of the three ladies next to them widened.

    The Yulin Garden Villas were worth ten of millions, and some of them were even bid up to hundreds of millions. They did not think that someone could just give it without a second word.

    Lin Dong smiled. "Okay, I said the wrong thing and Ill punish myself with a drink, alright?"

    "Thats a must." President Zheng and President Wu laughed, but how could they let Lin Dong really punish himself. Both then raised their wine glasses and said, "Come on, Mr. Lin, let us toast to you. Thank you for your hospitality tonight."

    After Lin Dong clinked glasses with them, he sat down and took out a cigarette, and Zheng was very sensible as he quickly lit it up for him with a lighter. He then smiled and said, "President Lin, I heard that there seems to be no provincial resale agent in Shangcheng for the Mandala Lab?"

    After Lin Dong exhaled a mouthful of smoke, he took a sip of wine and nodded. "The agency fee is high, and none of them can take out this much money. So there is indeed a vacancy for a provincial resale agent.

    Chapter 729: I will not give up on the Deviant Corp (Part Two)

    President Wu poured wine for Lin Dong while asking tentatively, "Then does the head company want to offer this vacancy?"

    How could Lin Dong not know what kind of thoughts these two had. He smiled and said, "Its a two billion yuan fee for one year! Who has the guts to do it?"

    Wu and Zheng were overjoyed. "President Lin, we want to try it, but we wonder if you would give us this opportunity?"

    Lin Dong smiled and said, "Prepare two billion tomorrow and get ready to discuss it over with my finance department, okay?"

    The two were overjoyed and picked up their glasses. "President Lin, we look forward to working with you in the future."

    Lin Dong took the property ownership certificate to find Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng didnt usually wear a mask when he wasnt going out. He didnt need to hide in front of Lin Dong as he took off his hat and said, "What are you here for? You think I cant even take care of myself?"

    "Master, I know you miss Madam, so I went to get this for you." Lin Dong said, as he took out the property ownership certificate and the house key and put it on the table. He smiled. "its the villa next door to Madam."

    Xu Cheng couldnt help but raise his head and look at Lin Dong: "Wow, youre already this thoughtful?"

    "That depends on who I learned from. Its all thanks to you, Master." Lin Dong laughed.

    Xu Cheng slapped the property ownership certificate on his head and laughed. "Ill beat you the next time you try to guess my mind, kid."

    Lin Dong knew that although his master was pissed that he made the decision without consulting him, he was still happy that it got accepted.

    "Master, the brothers told me to ask you if its the end of the Deviant Corp."

    Xu Cheng played with the property ownership certificate, and he straightened his face as he said slowly, "Since you know your Master so well, then tell me, what attitude should I have towards this?"

    "I think youre someone who has a beginning and an end. Since you founded the Deviant Corp and we havent accomplished many things yet, you will definitely not give up," Lin Dong said.

    "Little Dong, I realized your martial arts potential are poor, but you are very talented in guessing how others think, eh?" Xu Cheng said, "Youre right, I will not give up on the Deviant Corp. From the time I saved your Madam and changed the genes in her body, I will have to pave the way for her. I need to protect her in the future when our genes are exposed."

    Lin Dong grinned. "I knew that Master will certainly not give up on us, and thats what I have already said to them."

    Xu Cheng was stunned, and he beckoned. "Come over."

    Lin Dong leaned his head over, and Xu Cheng picked up the property ownership certificate as he slapped him. "Whos letting you pretend to be smart! I wonder if your genes have enhanced your IQ? Maybe your ability has actually been discovered a long time ago?"

    Lin Dong rubbed his hair while wondering. "Huh? Now that you mentioned, I do feel that things are particularly clear to me when I think about them. And I dont feel the biochemistry notes you taught me are as hard to understand as before."

    Having said that, Lin Dong then cried, "Master, I thought Chekhovs new ability was pretty useless, but I didnt think I was even more useless than he was! Then why the fack am I still exercising so hard for. I was hoping that after the awakening of the abilities, I could become stronger instead."

    Xu Cheng: "You think a high IQ is not a strength? A weak scholar, Zhuge Liang didnt have much strength, but he had fierce generals under his command. We are missing such a tactician, and you should train well so you could work alongside Li Wei to do intelligence work behind the scenes."

    "How boring is that though I wouldnt be able to enjoy the battle first hand," Lin Dong said, "I like close hand to hand combat, to feel that excitement from the rush of adrenaline."

    Xu Cheng: "Little Dong, if our Deviant Corp wants to become bigger in the future, we would need to have wise counselors, and the more the better. If an organization wants to carry on for centuries, then there must be wise counselors to lead its development. Its like for a large company, the President must have the vision and insight to lead the company in a certain direction. The counselors will play a very important role in the future. Look at our brothers, who has a high level of education? They are all like a bunch of f*cking bandits with no vision. If your ability is really awakening your neurological abilities, then I think you are suited for this position."