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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 727 - AOTDD 727

    Chapter 727 Hes Wearing A Mask How Awesome Do You Think?

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    Chapter 727: Hes wearing a mask, how awesome do you think? (Part One)

    Xu Cheng was ready to go when Bei Shan stopped him.

    "Junior Brother, I have fought with the Second Master, and although his body has not fully recovered, he was still at 80% of his peak strength and we stopped at a draw."

    When Bei Shan said this, he couldnt hide the smugness on his face.

    In a years time, he had reached the SS+ rank experts and was in the top 50 of the rankings, so he indeed had something to be proud about.

    But Xu Cheng felt it would be a bit boring and a waste of time fighting him.

    "Forget it, why dont you go and fight the other three sky kings. Ive been too ruthless in fights recently, and its not suitable in this situation. I need to rest my body before the enemies attack," Xu Cheng said as he brushed past him and walked back.

    Bei Shan: "Just fight once with me, itll be like training. Second Master said that your strength is similar to when Master was at his peak, and Ive never seen that before so I want to see it."

    With his back still turned, Xu Cheng then suddenly disappeared on the spot.

    Bei Shan froze for a moment and was astonished. Soon after, Xu Cheng suddenly appeared a hundred meters ahead of him as he looked back at Bei Shan and said, "Is that enough?"

    Bei Shan was stunned!

    How did he he do this?

    In fact, many people had been deceived by Xu Cheng. He didnt know how to teleport, and in fact, he just had to turn invisible on the spot and then quickly rush to another location to reappear.

    That gave people the feeling that he disappeared and reappeared somewhere else, a sort of visual illusion.

    If someone were to use a thermal detector, then they would realize that Xu Cheng actually ran there instead of teleporting.

    But what Bei Shan saw with his naked eyes looked like a teleportation and he was jaw-dropped at the sight of it, unable to say another word.

    Xu Cheng ignored him and walked away, leaving Bei Shan behind, who only came back to his senses after a long time.

    "Holy sh*t This kid is getting more mysterious, one year of our hellish training just went to waste."

    The overall strength of the Dragon Division was different from the past; after Xu Cheng had left, the Dragon Division went into a phase of hellish training for a full year. Every card member successfully reached S rank in strength, and the four top cards reached the SS rank. It could be said that the current Dragon Division could be a match for the seven demons and the Solomon 72 demonic gods.

    However, it was still not enough to face the R experts from the Capital Society.

    One R-ranked expert could take out a group of card members

    Chapter 727: Hes wearing a mask, how awesome do you think? (Part Two)

    After Xu Cheng returned to Yanjing, he headed straight to the professors laboratory to receive his treatment and conduct research.

    The professor still didnt have the slightest clue on how to treat Xu Chengs albinism.

    Satan waited for the professor to leave before pushing his wheelchair into the ward and saying to Xu Cheng on the bed, "Does it also mean that the genes in my body have changed as well?"

    Xu Cheng nodded while buttoning up his shirt. "Thats likely. Aside from strengthening your genes, you can probably live another twenty years without a problem."

    Satan: "Dont you hate me? Why did you save me?"

    "I hate you because of Master, I saved you for the country. But I still hate you more, and the reason why I saved you is because I dont want to take over the Dragon Division. I plan to rest before the enemy invasion."

    Satan: "You can do whatever you want as long as you dont leave the country, but its better to come here for regular checkups to avoid any more genetic disorders that may cause harm to your body."

    Xu Cheng nodded, and after stepping down from the hospital bed, he couldnt help but say to Satan, "Still, I thank you for keeping my secret and helping my brothers."

    "No matter how bad I am, I still know to appreciate someone for saving my life. I hope you also know clearly what your priorities are and keep your gang of brothers from endangering the interests of the country. They will become a very difficult group of people to manage in the future." Satan was referring to the Deviant Corp.

    "Dont worry about them, I can convince the people there," Xu Cheng said as he walked out of the ward.

    "What are you going to do?" Satan asked.

    Xu Cheng pointed at his mask. "What do you think I can do? Besides finding a corner to hide, what else can I do? Im going back to my hometown to help with the basics."

    Xu Cheng still wanted to go stay close to Lin Chuxue, so he wanted to go back to Shangcheng. The Dragon Division would not be facing anything significant for a while, and he wasnt responsible for the management side, so staying here wouldnt help at all.

    Satan: "How about I arrange something for you there?"

    Xu Cheng nodded. "Sure."

    Xu Cheng walked through the corridor and was about to leave the Dragon Division when he brushed shoulders with someone at the door.

    He wasnt wearing the golden mask and cape, and he just had a normal mask on. This member looked at him as if he were sneaky and said to Xu Cheng, "Wait a minute."

    He went after Xu Cheng and questioned, "What are you doing here sneaking around? Do you know what kind of place this is? Take off your mask."

    Xu Cheng hardly ever came to the Dragon Division during the day and rarely met with other members of the Dragon Division, so it was normal for them to not recognize and know him. He didnt want to bother with this guy and continued to walk away.

    However, this member was not wrong. After all, anyone seeing a sneaky-looking person in such an important intelligence department would stop them. Xu Chengs lack of cooperation made him even more suspicious, and he reached out trying to take off Xu Chengs mask.

    Xu Cheng suddenly grabbed his wrist and gave it a pull, forcing the member to fall to the ground.

    The member immediately got up and tried to make a comeback when Bei Shan rushed over and said, "3 of Diamonds, what are you doing?"

    "Senior Brother, this guy is sneaky and Ive never seen him before. Shouldnt we arrest him?" the 3 of Diamonds asked.

    Xu Cheng glanced at Bei Shan who came over and left.

    The 3 of Diamonds wanted to make him stay but Bei Shan stopped him. "Thats enough. There are guards inside out here, are you the only one whos not blind and saw him? How dumb are you? If he can appear here in public and let you see him, then hes definitely not an intruder."

    "Then why was he wearing a suspicious looking mask?" the 3 of Diamonds said.

    Bei Shan rolled his eyes, looked at his arm, and asked, "Does it hurt?"

    Only then did the 3 of Diamonds feel some numbness and pain in his arm, he nodded his head and sucked in a breath as he answered, "A little."

    "Well, you deserved that." Bei Shan said, "In the future, when you see this person, do not try to take his mask off. Remember, hes not an outsider, and dont mess with him because he doesnt have a very good temper."

    Xu Cheng had become more silent after the albinism.

    "Senior Brother, this man was so mysterious and was wearing a mask in the Dragon Division. How awesome is he?"

    "Hes wearing a mask; how awesome do you think he is?" Bei Shan said that as he walked away and left the 3 of Diamonds there pondering.

    "Whats so special about wearing masks." the 3 of Diamonds muttered as he didnt feel like it was something important. He shook his head as he walked away and after less than five steps, his body suddenly trembled suddenly realizing what it might mean and said, "Holy! Mask? Dragon King?"