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    Chapter 720 Once More Choice

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    Chapter 720: Once More Choice (Part One)

    Mario and Lin Dong wondered who Chekhov was talking to.

    That was when Xu Cheng, dressed in a trench coat and hat, gradually appeared and startled both Lin Dong and Mario.

    Mario walked over and elbowed Chekhov as he said, "I was wondering how you got so strong all of the sudden. I thought that beating the other day made you evolve, but in the end, you were just bluffing. You almost had me there!"

    "I rarely have this kind of opportunity to act like a main character. I usually only dream of it, so of course I wasnt going to let this one go," Chekhov said.

    Xu Cheng didnt take off his hat when he walked to Lin Chuxues bed and checked the temperature of her forehead.

    Lin Dong asked curiously, "Master, when did you get here?"

    "I sensed him early on before the plane even took off," Chekhov said proudly, "So dont say that my ability is useless, perhaps I might be able to become an expert tracker in the future."

    Xu Cheng turned his back to them and explained, "Just because Im invisible doesnt mean my body can physically ignore air. Chekhovs sound waves can sense any solid matter through airflow oscillations, including me."

    Chekhov smiled. "I thought I was hallucinating at first, but Boss came to me and told me not to expose myself. He suspected that something was fishy at the airport with the delayed flight, and I was also the one who covered him during boarding. So, he has been sitting here waiting for the other side to make a move since."

    Mario and Lin Dong were both glad to see Xu Cheng again.

    "Master, Im glad youre okay."

    "Ya Boss, Little Dong said you were stopped by that old man and you were injured, Chekhov and I were so angry we couldnt hold it in and beat him up. If you died, our Deviant Corp would have no backbone."

    Just as the three of them were joking, Xu Cheng didnt want to hide anything from them as he took off his hat with his back to them. The three of them saw that Xu Chengs entire head was bleached white, and from behind, it looked like he had aged to an old man in one night.

    The three of them stopped talking abruptly.

    "Master?" Lin Dong said with uncertainty.

    Xu Cheng suddenly turned his head around with his entire white face facing the three of them, shocking all of them.

    Mainly because everything except for his pupils were white.

    It had an awkward strangeness to it, and he just didnt look like a normal person.

    "Big Brother Cheng!" Mario and Chekhov didnt look relaxed anymore as they leaned over and asked nervously, "Whats going on?"

    "Genetic discrepancy." Xu Cheng laughed bitterly. "Im lucky that the genetic discrepancy didnt kill me, but I dont know what kind of other things will happen in the future. You guys dont have to worry, Im feeling pretty good right now, besides not being able to see anyone."

    Having said that, all three of them saw a glimpse of loneliness in Xu Chengs eyes, especially when he subconsciously looked at Lin Chuxue on that bed.

    Chapter 720: Once More Choice (Part Two)

    "I think its quite good." Chekhov also didnt know how to comfort Xu Cheng as he said, "Boss you are actually quite handsome like this. The hair salons may not even be able to bleach someones hair this white, many people will be envious."

    "Ya, its not bad to look like this at all. Look at Vala and Diesel, theyve been switching states between monsters and normal people, and I just think thats cool."

    Lin Dong rolled his eyes at him, "Then do you want to change into an elephant? If you two cant talk, then shut up." Lin Dong couldnt listen to them anymore, their words were like spreading salt on the wound.

    Chekhov and Mario didnt mean it as they smiled awkwardly and looked at Xu Cheng apologetically.

    Xu Cheng put his hat back on and then silently walked over to the cabin.

    Chekhov and Mario who were left behind looked at each other awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

    Lin Dong scolded the two. "Master is already like this, talk less if you dont know what to say. You guys are biased and think Master looks okay, but for the general public, for normal people like , how can they accept Master like this? Dont think that I dont know both of you were as shocked when he turned around back there. This is the truth."

    Xu Cheng came to the cockpit, and he had the pilots license so he could operate it.

    As he operated, he heard their conversation from the inside.

    "Actually, with my understanding of my sister-in-law, she would never dislike Boss because he became like this," Chekhov said.

    Mario nodded. "A woman who isnt afraid of death would be afraid of a monster who wouldnt hurt her?"

    "Thats why you guys deserve to be single, you dont understand." Lin Dong sighed. "Anyone with pride would never show up in front of their loved ones with such an appearance and ruin the impression in their heart. Honestly, if you were a woman and your boyfriend looked like this, would you continue to date him and live with him? Can you wake up every day and see such a face for the rest of your lives? Definitely not! Master also doesnt want to make her feel guilty or obligated to stay with him, so instead of this, it is better to just leave what was the best for Masters wife."

    Xu Cheng listened to them in the cockpit, and he gripped the steering console tighter.

    "Theres nothing bad with that." Mario said, "Doesnt he still have brothers like us? No matter what kind of monster we become, we are in the same world."

    Chekhov: "Thats right, there are always regrets in life. Werent we also born orphans without love and affection? The Deviant Mercenary Corp is a family."

    Xu Chengs eyes reddened slightly.

    Yes, at least I still have these brothers.

    Not long after, Lin Dong came into the cockpit and sat on the passenger seat, he looked at Xu Cheng and said, "Master, is this the consequence of losing the Tardigrade gene?"

    Xu Cheng nodded. "Pretty much. Im afraid I wont have the Tardigrade gene to protect my body if I ever get fatal injuries again in the future."

    "Do you plan to really avoid Madam?" Lin Dong asked.

    "Or what?" Xu Cheng looked at him and laughed bitterly. "To play a ridiculous Beauty and the Beast scene? You were right. Im going to leave the best part for her, and get the ugly and horrible things out of her world."

    Xu Cheng then said to Lin Dong assertively. "If she wakes up, tell her that Xu Cheng is dead."

    Lin Dong looked at his Masters eyes with tears, and he held back what he wanted to say as he walked back to the first class cabin after a long while.

    He left Xu Cheng looking out at the night sky, not knowing what to do next.

    When God closes another door, he opens a window.

    Life could never be perfect.

    Both times, he chose her instead of the country.

    However this time, it seems that he wouldnt have a life path with family involved, and there was only one way down the road