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    Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 0 - AOTDD 0

    Chapter 0 Uncontrollable Power

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    Chapter 0: Uncontrollable Power

    Xu Cheng looked at the broken pieces of glass on the floor, then at his palm, and the glass shards stuck to his skin. After shaking them off, he slowly squatted down and picked up the glass shards and took a closer look.

    There didnt seem like there was a problem; the craftsmanship and quality were both fine.

    But why was it that it crumbled like a piece of tofu when he grabbed it?

    Also, that doorknob from earlier

    Xu Cheng took a look, it was stainless steel aluminum alloy, so theoretically speaking, it shouldnt have broken that easily too.

    He walked from the exercise room into the living room in deep thought and noticed that Ran Jing and Shen Yao had already come back.

    Ran Jing was all fine, looking at documents and humming a joyful melody. However, Shen Yao looked like she had survived a heart attack as she laid on the sofa diagonally, her eyes looking forward without focus.

    Xu Cheng thought something was wrong, but he didnt bother to ask right away. Instead, he first walked to Ran Jings office desk quietly. He placed his hand on the table and asked, What happened to her?

    According to my experience in criminal investigation, she probably got hit hard by something mentally, Ran Jing replied.

    Xu Cheng nodded, thinking that he should still try to cheer Shen Yao up a little.

    So, he left Ran Jings office desk and walked towards the sofa.

    But just as he withdrew his hand from the desk, Ran Jing was deeply shocked because she noticed that after Xu Chengs palm left, that solid hardwood desk of hers had a new deep palm print!

    Ran Jings mouth was wide open as she looked at Xu Chengs back, completely dumbfounded by this guys background.

    I heard that when a womans dispirited, she will become happy again after eating. This is especially true for beautiful girls, Xu Cheng lightly said to Shen Yao.

    Shen Yao initially ignored Xu Cheng and was still dwelling in her own emotions. After a while, she turned around and asked Xu Cheng, What did you just say?

    I said, if you are feeling down, you can go eat something to cheer yourself up, Xu Cheng repeated.

    Not that one. Shen Yao shook her head.

    Xu Cheng frowned. What other one?

    Shen Yao, What did you call me?

    Xu Cheng slowly said, Beautiful girl?

    Shen Yao, Do I count as a beautiful girl?

    Xu Cheng nodded./ Of course!

    Shen Yao, Then what about in comparison to Chuxue?

    Xu Cheng hesitated for a bit and replied, You shine in a different way. You two are different types.

    Shen Yao immediately said as if she was about to cry, Then why the hell is it that when I took off my mask, those hardcore fans that were chasing me seconds ago like I was a million dollars immediately turned around and disappeared? Please, even though Im not Lin Chuxue, Im still good looking okay? They just ran after glancing at me, isnt that too rude?!

    Xu Cheng awkwardly hesitated and commented, You are still hung up on that?

    Why else would I be like this? Shen Yao stood up. The people that I come into contact with are all powerful or rich, and which one of them wasnt acting composed around me and trying hard to please me?

    Ran Jing chuckled at her desk, and she began explaining to Xu Cheng, So this is how things unfolded. Shen Yao was chased after by over a hundred fans and ran three blocks; you can only see this kind of scene in movies. When she ran into a dead end, she was pushed up against the wall by all those fans. Then, she took off her mask and sunglasses and pretended to be helpless with her eyes closed, I think what Shen Yao envisioned was going to happen was that she would be raped by all those fans, so she decided that she needed to display her vulnerable side to make those fans forgive her for pretending to be Lin Chuxue since shes also a beautiful woman.

    Xu Cheng smiled. And then?

    Ran Jing had to stop herself to laugh a bit more before continuing, And then she closed her eyes for less than 5 seconds, and when she opened them again, everyone was gone without a trace. After they realized that she wasnt Lin Chuxue, they didnt waste a second on her. Guess what I heard her saying with her eyes closed when I got to her?

    Shen Yao was about to throw herself at Ran Jing in order to shut her up. AHHHHHH, Ran Jing, Im going to kill you, dont say it!

    Xu Cheng reached out and wanted to pull Shen Yao back, but the result was awkwardly surprising. He tried to lightly grab onto a corner of Shen Yaos long skirt, and if it were during a normal day, with the kind of high-quality brand-name clothing that Shen Yao wore, a light pull would have caused no problem. At most, the corner would just slip out of Xu Chengs hand. But, today was different. Xu Cheng, terrified, saw that with a siii sound, Shen Yaos skirt was torn apart from the corner Xu Cheng was holding.

    Then, Shen Yaos porcelain white legs were exposed, and coincidently, she wasnt wearing any safety pants under her skirt, having just a rose-red underwear on.

    The picture seemed to be fixed at that moment. Shen Yao covered Ran Jings mouth with her hand, Ran Jing stared at Shen Yaos lower half, and the tattered piece of skirt remained in Xu Chengs hand. Time seemed to have stopped for a second at this moment.

    Xu Chengs mouth was wide open; he looked at the ripped fabric in his hand, then at Shen Yaos gradually reddening forehead and neck, and then Ran Jings big eyeballs. Moreover, Shen Yaos long legs, adorned with only a pair of underwear, were still maintained in the original running position.

    The scene was unusually quiet, but when Xu Cheng couldnt help but swallow his saliva, it triggered an explosive growl from Shen Yao.

    XU CHENG!! IM GOING TO KILL YOU! Shen Yaos entire face was red. She forcefully pulled the tattered fabric from Xu Chengs hand, wrapped it around her body to temporarily cover herself up, and then threw herself at Xu Cheng.

    Accident! Xu Cheng immediately explained before her fist was able to make its way towards him. Who knew the quality of your skirt was this bad!

    You are still talking? Shen Yao was so mad that she enunciated every word. Im going to call my dad and directly contact the boss here to kick you out and make you homeless!

    Rest assured, I didnt see anything! Really! Xu Cheng was afraid that she would go berserk, so he immediately explained.

    Shen Yao was already in a state of madness. I dont care! Im going to kill you!

    Can you go and wear some pants first? You are making things even more awkward right now! Xu Cheng grew a little impatient and gently pushed Shen Yao, who was charging at him. But who knew that he didnt control how much power he used, even though he later swore that he just lightly pushed her away.

    From Ran Jings perspective, she saw Shen Yao flying away at Xu Chengs push!

    Thats right, flew away. Like, there was a graceful arc in the air.

    With a scream, Shen Yao flew for about five meters and landed on the sofa. The parabolic trajectory made it impossible for Ran Jing to close her mouth and recover from the shock.

    Xu Cheng was shocked himself.

    He looked at his hands, then he looked at the Shen Yao five meters away with her head towards the floor and snow white legs straight up over the sofa, Xu Cheng knew tonight was going to be a sleepless night.

    Then, Shen Yaos resentful cry resounded from the room, Xu Cheng, you b—–d!

    At this moment, Xu Cheng really didnt know what else to say anymore. He ripped open a girls skirt, saw everything, and then sent the girl flying five meters away. Shen Yaos messy hair and clothes made her look like she was just ruthlessly tortured. Xu Cheng felt a little guilty, so he shuffled over and tried to comfort her, How about I will just stand here and let you hit me until you are happy

    And this is just one of the normal scenes in this novel. Stay tuned, because this novel is coming out soon! Hot-blooded soldier, pure love with childhood sweetheart, OP MC, face slap, humorous narratives, this book has the whole package!