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    Crazy Leveling System Chapter 538 - CLS 538

    Chapter 538

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    Ba Long immediately took the initiative! He had to show his dominance over the intruder to make sure no other people dared to underestimate Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

    For Yi Tianyun, he didnt really care whether he must fight Ming Chen or Ba Long as they both nearly had similar combat power, but for the sake of duelling the enemy from the bottom up, he chose to fight Ba Long first!

    Ba Long knew that he must get serious from the start as he saw that none of his previous brothers attack got through to the brat! So, Ba Long immediately pulled out his Dragon Gun as his body was immediately covered with a thick Dragon Scale!

    Ba Long immediately channeled his Spiritual Energy into the Dragon Gun and flew to the sky! Ba Long then summoned a giant dragon phantom shadow to assist him in the fight!

    Ba Long then started spinning towards Yi Tianyun like a big tornado!

    "Die, you bastard!" Ba Long shouted as his combat power rose significantly. He wanted to kill Yi Tianyun so badly as he was furious that Yi Tianyun killed 2 of Heavenly Netherworld Cultivators so easily!

    Ba Longs killing intent exerted pressure on the surroundings. Even the people outside of the Divine Wall could feel it on their skin!

    Yi Tianyun smirked, and his eyes immediately flashed red! Yi Tianyun has activated his Dragon God Bloodline, covering his body with Red Dragon Scales!

    Thanks to leveling up his Dragon God Bloodline, his defence improved again! Now, instead of Black Dragon Scales, he got Red Dragon Scales!

    Yi Tianyun then quickly spun around, creating his own tornado-like attack that easily engulfed Ba Longs tornado!

    Ba Long immediately shot his gun before he was flung by Yi Tianyuns tornado, but unfortunately for Ba Long, Yi Tianyuns tornado engulfed the attack from his gun as well!

    "Why are you so eager to die?" Yi Tianyun smirked as he knew that his Dragon God Bloodline was far better than Ba Longs Dragon Clan Bloodline.

    "Dragon God Bloodline?" Ba Long said as he frowned after recognizing Yi Tianyuns unique scale. He finally understood why none of his brothers attacks affected the intruder!

    The intruder had a Dragon God Bloodline, which was a pinnacle of all defensive power!

    Not only that, but Yi Tianyuns Crazy Mode also further increased Dragon God Bloodlines effectiveness, that was why even a 5th Layer Spirit King like Ba Long couldnt penetrate Yi Tianyuns defence!

    Furthermore, Yi Tianyun also summoned a Dragon God Phantom Shadow that helped him amplify Yi Tianyuns defensive power!

    The Dragon God Phantom Shadow behind Yi Tianyun immediately roared towards the Dragon Phantom Shadow behind Ba Long, and the Dragon Phantom Shadow shrieked and shrank in size, completely dominated by the Dragon God Phantom shadow!

    "This is my power! I have the strength of the Dragon God with me, how dare you use a dragon power in front of me!" Yi Tianyun said coldly as he rushed towards Ba Long and punched him straight at the chest!

    Ba Long wanted to fight back, but his dragon power was suppressed due to the intruders Dragon God Bloodlines power!

    As a result, he reacted late and took a hard punch on the chest, sending him flying several feet away from his previous position!

    Bloodline suppression was a normal thing in the Divine Beast Rank bloodline! So, no matter how powerful a normal dragon could be, it couldnt attack their king, even if the king was much weaker!

    "Arent you going to kill me earlier? What are you waiting for? This is your chance!" Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

    All spectators were shocked to see that Ba Long, whom they expected to dominate the duel, was now trembling under the intruders feet!

    They never expected Ba Longs Bloodline would be inferior compared to the intruders Bloodline!

    Right now, Ba Longs power has decreased dramatically. His Dragon Bloodline has been suppressed, and now, he didnt have anything left to fight with!

    At the same time, Ming Chens face was filled with anger! Even Ba Long couldnt deal with the intruder. This has never happened before!

    "Sir Ba Long is in trouble now! How can there be a Dragon God Bloodline cultivator here? Just who the hell is he? Is he from the Dragon Valley?" one cultivator said as he observed the fight from outside.

    "That is impossible! Dragon Valley was in Heaven World! How can they go to Ghost World without anyone knowing!" another cultivator said worriedly.

    "What if he is from the Dragon Valley? Did we ever pick a fight with any cultivator from the Dragon Valley before?" another cultivator hopped into the conversation nervously.

    They were worried. If Dragon Valleys cultivator was really involved here, Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation could be in deep trouble!

    Yi Tianyun smirked as he was the only one who knew that Ba Long had a bad matchup with him compared to Nangong Ming or even Niu Tengtian!

    Unless Ba Long didnt have the Dragon Clan Bloodline, he would never be able to defeat Yi Tianyun!

    "How is this possible! Did you come from Dragon Valley?" Ba Long asked in despair.

    "Dragon Valley? Why would a Dragon Valley cultivator come here? but no matter, I didnt come from Dragon Valley, but I will kill you nonetheless!" Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

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