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    Crazy Leveling System Chapter 532 - CLS 532

    Chapter 532

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    Ming Chen shot a quick blast at Yi Tianyun, but due to the divine protection, Ming Chens attack rebounded back to him, injuring his arm!

    Yi Tianyun obviously ignored Ming Chen as he knew that there was nothing Ming Chen could do here.

    The voice earlier clearly stated that this was a one on one duel, so there would be no external interference happening!

    Yi Tianyun smirked and kicked Ming Chens disciple in the stomach, sending him flying where the rest of the disciple ran to check on him!

    They realized that with that one powerful kick, the disciple that Ming Chen has cultivated carefully died!

    Ming Chen quickly ran to his disciples side and noticed that his disciple was dead! "No! this is not happening! You! I will kill you for this!" Ming Chen said coldly.

    Yi Tianyun ignored Ming Chen and selected one opponent after another to duel! Yi Tianyun killed the disciple one by one with ease.

    Yi Tianyun was so fast that no one was able to catch up to him at all! After all, they were still at the Core Transformation stage, and some of them were at Void Spirit Rank, which was not a problem for Yi Tianyun at all!

    "God damn it! Choose me! I will gladly be your opponent!" Ming Chen said frustratedly.

    "Rest assured. I will get to you eventually!" Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face. Yi Tianyun then chose the disciple at the Void Spirit Cultivation stage as he was finished with all Core Transformation cultivators.

    He the weakest disciple out of all the Void Spirit Cultivators there and immediately killed him with one punch! Everyone was convinced that Yi Tianyun was at Void Spirit Cultivation Rank, so they were shocked when they saw Yi Tianyun could also kill a Void Spirit Cultivator with only one punch!

    "Now, who would be my opponent for your insignificant group?" Yi Tianyun said to the rest of the Void Spirit Cultivator with a smirk on his face.

    The rest of the Void Spirit expert were silent as they began to fear Yi Tianyuns power!

    "You! what did you just do!" The Void Spirit Cultivator that he punched earlier said with all his teeth and nose broken!

    "Oh, wow, you are still alive! Well, you should have kept your head down!" Yi Tianyun said as he punched the cultivator once more, finishing him off for good!

    Yi Tianyun wouldnt show any mercy to these cultivators as he knows that all Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation people were scum who wouldnt even think twice to kill a child!


    Successfully killed Void Spirit Expert!

    Reward: 18.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 600 Sps, Fire Thunder Palm martial art, Recovery Medicinal Pills, 5X Exp Card, X2 Middle-Grade Sacred Tool!

    Yi Tianyun got a lot of drop items from killing the Void Spirit Cultivator, so he smirked with a satisfied look on his face.

    "Withdraw! Escape this place immediately!" Ba Long said as he saw that Yi Tianyun could easily kill a Void Spirit Expert in one punch! The Void Spirit Cultivator immediately obeyed Ba Longs word and tried to run away!

    "Wow, this is your Smelting Trial, isnt it? Why would you leave? It wouldnt be good if you leave!" Yi Tianyun said as he immediately chased after the escaping cultivators!

    Yi Tianyun then pulled out the Netherworld Sacred Sword and slashed the Void Spirit Cultivators in two!

    Several of them tried to block Yi Tianyuns attack, but their effort was futile as Yi Tianyun easily pierced through their defenses!

    Seeing Yi Tianyuns brutality, the rest of the Void Spirit Experts lost their will to fight as they saw that there was no hope of surviving! Several of them even fell down to their knees in hopelessness as they feared Yi Tianyuns power!

    But Yi Tianyun didnt care! He didnt show mercy for these people, and killed them one by one!


    Successfully killed Void Spirit Expert!

    Reward: 16.000.000 Exp,


    Successfully Killed Void Spirit Expert!

    Reward: 17.000.000 Exp,

    Yi Tianyun immediately used his Clone technique to kill the Void Spirit Expert faster! None of them could escape his grasp!

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