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    Crazy Leveling System Chapter 520 - CLS 520

    Chapter 520

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    Successfully killed Men Hu!

    Reward: 130.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 5.000 SPs, Heavenly Tiger Armor (High-Grade Sacred Tool), Heavenly Tiger Boots (High-Grade Sacred Tool), Heavenly Tiger Claw (High-Grade Sacred Tool), Heavenly Tiger Bloodline, Cooling Divine Pill.

    Men Hu was dead! Yi Tianyun didnt have any reason to keep him alive any longer. After all, they had to move fast! At the very least, they have avenged those who were wronged here!

    But Yi Tianyun was a little bit disappointed that he didnt receive an extra reward for killing what he thought was an Elite enemy.

    This meant that Men Hus was not an opponent Yi Tianyun would have a hard time against even if he was alone!

    "Lets go! Lets get out of here!" Yi Tianyun said as he put the bodies of the fallen Phoenix Clan into a box that he put inside his Storage Ring. He intended to bury them later once they reached a safe place.

    Elder Luo and the other nodded their head, and Elder Luo threw Men Hus body inside the blood pond and positioned it in such a way that looked like he was sleeping!

    "Divine Envoy, I didnt expect youd be this powerful! You can even defeat a Spirit King Expert that easily!" Elder Ye asked in bewilderment.

    "Yeah, are you sure you are not a Spirit King Expert yourself?" Elder Lei said curiously. Elder Lei thought that there was no way a Void Spirit Expert could best a Spirit King Expert in a fight even if the Void Spirit expert caught the Spirit King Expert off guard!

    "This is the truth; I am still at Void Spirit Stage Cultivation Base! He was just too lazy to check his surroundings!" Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at both Elders.

    The elders nodded their heads, but inside, they still had their doubts.

    But one thing that the Elders knew was Yi Tianyun had a stealth Divine Ability, even Spirit King Experts like the three Elders couldnt detect Yi Tianyuns whereabout earlier!

    But only Yi Tianyun knew that his stealth ability had a fatal weakness that the enemy could exploit if they knew about it!

    Yi Tianyun couldnt fool a Divine Rune, so if a detection type Divine Rune was engraved in many places, Yi Tianyun couldnt use his stealth efficiently!

    "There! The treasure house is right in front of us, but I am afraid there is no safe path to go inside. We have to enter from the front!" Yi Tianyun said to the three elders.

    The elders nodded as they knew that a fight was inevitable here.

    They moved again, and this time Yi Tianyun opened the passage in a safe corner for them to move towards the Treasure House.

    Yi Tianyun quickly looked around as he sensed every guards presence in his vicinity. Yi Tianyun quickly realized that there were several guards in Void Spirit rank walking towards them slowly.

    Yi Tianyun signed the elders to stop, and he saw that the guards were heading towards the Treasure House themselves! They were bringing something together, and as they reached the Treasure House, Yi Tianyun noticed that the incoming guards handed over their package to the guards in front of the Treasure House and then quickly left.

    In short, these guards were transporting some resources that must be stored inside the Treasure House!

    Lord Bai didnt tell them this information, but Yi Tianyun knew that there was no way an outsider like Lord Bai could have this kind of information.

    But Yi Tianyun was determined, no matter what is inside that package, he would surely have it!

    "Hmmm, did you see that? I think that was the newly transported medicinal pills!" Elder Luo said as he speculated what could possibly be inside the package just now.

    Yi Tianyun nodded and tried to assess the situation inside the Treasure House with his Spiritual Sense, but he couldnt see anything inside!

    The protection of this Treasure House was better than he thought it would!

    "Well, we will soon find out what it was all about! I can knock those four guards down, but we will be in trouble if someone walks by again!" Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

    "We have to drag the bodies inside!" Elder Lei said solemnly. The rest nodded their head and quickly moved towards the Treasure House, knocked the guards out, and immediately dragged their body towards the door.

    They quickly opened the door and entered the Treasure House, but they were shocked to see that inside the Treasure House, a lot of Demon Beasts were waiting for them!

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