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    Chapter 536 Trial Result

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    Chapter 536 – Trial Result

    "Silence." The judge knocked for order with a gavel, and a buzzing sound filled everyones eardrums. The disciples couldnt help but feel dizzy and didnt dare to say more.

    However, Wan Miantang, the dean of the East Courtyard, quirked his brows and said, "I didnt expect Myriad Dao Academy to be so attractive. Whats your position in Reincarnation Palace?"

    Yin Nian came out and gave a salute. "To answer the Dean, my name is Yin Nian, a disciple of the Palace Master of Reincarnation Palace, son of the Moon Envoy, and also the Young Palace Master of Reincarnation Palace. Ive always held great respect for Myriad Dao Academy and have come to take the exam."

    As soon as Yin Nian said this, there was an uproar around him.

    Wan Miantang was about to laugh. Seven years ago, there was a Huarong Sword Immortal, who was unparalleled in the limelight and made all the candidates less famous since then. Seven years ago, there hadnt been other interesting people.

    But this exam was different. The exams had just started and itd only been a few days since entering the school. It turned out that there were such interesting things happening already. It seemed that the days of Myriad Dao Academy would not be so boring.

    Wan Miantang said, "Okay, I understand. Please step down for the time being."

    Yin Nian agreed. In a move to provoke Ying Guanchao, who had offended him, he raised his chin and returned to the crowd.

    After Yin Nian walked back, there was a large empty space around him.

    An unknown disciple gritted his teeth. "Dont tell me that Myriad Dao Academy will even accept adulterers and murderers from Reincarnation Palace?"

    Yin Nian kicked over and said, "You tell this young master clearly. Who is the adulterer and who is the murderer?"

    The disciple got kicked and immediately laid on the ground, crying.

    Yin Nian drew down the corners of his mouth, rolled his eyes, and stood silent.

    It seemed that some veins were standing out on his forehead.

    Wan Miantang enjoyed himself for a while, and the dean of the South Courtyard, who was next to him, glanced at him. "It seems that you want to accept him."

    Wan Miantang said, "It depends on fate. Courtyard choice goes both ways. No one can force another person to choose a Courtyard."

    The dean of the South Courtyard was a woman with fine wrinkles on the corners of her eyes, but the years had not taken away her beauty. On the contrary, it gave her a heavy feeling of experience.

    The dean of the South Courtyard said, "Since you are willing to speak for him, it seems that you really have a good impression of him."

    Wan Miantang replied, "It is better to say that its not bad."

    Some of the disciples below expressed great suspicion and dissatisfaction with Yin Nians arrival. They all thought that Yin Nian, the evil spirit of Reincarnation Palace, would bring in the style of Reincarnation Palace into Myriad Dao Academy, so they immediately expressed resistance.

    Everyones line of sight went back to Shen Congrong.

    The judge said, "Do you have evidence?"

    Shen Congrong knew he was asking about those people who wanted to kill him first.

    Shen Congrong said faintly, "Because it was at a critical moment, there was no time to procure evidence."

    The judges long, narrow eyes squinted slightly, saying, "This sect will not tolerate murder in the evil spirit array. Since you cant produce evidence, this Judge will hand down the sentence."

    Shen Congrong seemed to have anticipated it. His face did not change as he said, "Its up to you."

    Shen Congrong was obviously a temperamental person. He didnt want to say much. Even if people forced him to speak, he would never say more.

    Ying Guanchao had been thinking about how to kill Shen Congrong. As long as he didnt enter Myriad Dao Academy, he wouldnt be protected by the sects rules. It was as simple as killing an ant.

    Besides, it was said that there was another person who came out with Shen Congrong. He was the only one alive, and he likely had something to do with this matter. While the man still wasnt admitted, he wanted to grind him down for a good while. He was sure he could get something from asking him.

    However, just when the verdict was ready to be decided, Yin Changge stood up.

    He said, "I disagree."

    Shen Congrong suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Yin Changge, who had already walked out of the crowd. He said, "What are you doing? I didnt have much expectation from Myriad Dao Academy, so Ill just leave. What does that have to do with you?"

    Yin Changge looked at Shen Congrong, and his pale face showed a sarcastic smile. "Did you really think that if you shouldered everything and left, it would end the matter? It isnt that simple. The man sitting over there, the person from the Ying family," He pointed towards where Ying Guanchao sat, "do you know what hes thinking in his heart? As soon as you step outside this sect, he will kill you. And you want to protect me, but dont forget that I am the only one who left the evil spirit array with you. Even though it seems it has nothing to do with me, do you think they will believe this?"

    Shen Congrong froze.

    Ying Guangchao was grim-faced as he looked at this guy who came out from nowhere.

    The judge looked at Yin Changge and asked, "Is there something hidden about this matter?"

    Yin Changge nodded. "Naturally, there is."

    Yin Changge rummaged through a small cloth bag hanging around his waist, took out a palm-sized crystal jade, and presented it to the judge. Then he backed away and bowed his head. "It was them who bullied me first, and Shen Dage attacked them to protect me, but those people became angry from embarrassment, and they wanted to kill Shen Dage. So this is considered justifiable defense."

    Looking at this piece of crystal jade, the four deans sitting beside the judge also saw this crystal jade.

    Although the five people didnt speak to each other, their eyes were communicating with one another. This child was dressed in rags and looked like a child from a poor family. Unexpectedly, he made such an expensive move.

    Crystal jade was something that you couldnt exchange for, even with pounds of spirit stones.

    Crystal jade was used for recording events, and it couldnt be forged at all. It could record events for a long time, so it was an excellent natural material for preserving evidence.

    The judge performed the hand seal to look into the crystal jade. After a moment, his face changed with a scary expression.

    The disciples below were startled.

    The four deans next to him also had jury rights. Wan Miantang first took the crystal jade from the judge, and after checking the crystal jade in the same way, he sighed.

    Until all the four deans finished watching the crystal jade, they all looked at each other again and felt that, even if those people were dead, they hadnt died unjustly.

    The judge looked at Yin Changge, whose face was pale, and asked, "Why didnt you stand up and speak before?"

    Yin Changge answered at a leisurely pace, "Its because Shen Dage doesnt want me to get involved with this matter again. He thinks that telling this kind of thing will have a very bad influence on my future days in Myriad Dao Academy and might even get me killed. He said that if I stand up and speak, he would be saving me in vain. I didnt want his intentions to be wasted."

    The judge asked, "Then why did you stand up and speak now?"

    Yin Changge looked at Shen Congrong. "Because someone wants to harm him, and I want to protect him."

    The judge nodded, saying, "Since there are recorded events in the crystal jade, the truth has come to light. Although Shen Congrong killed many people, it can be regarded as self-defense. If Shen Congrong becomes a Myriad Dao Academy disciple in the future, he will copy the meditation mantra a hundred times as punishment. The verdict is settled."

    It was bewildering that the judge suddenly changed his attitude.

    No one knew what happened, but the truth should appear in that piece of crystal jade.

    The crystal jade suddenly became a hot item that attracted much attention.

    Ying Guanchao was stunned at first, then suddenly stood up and said, "Im not convinced."

    "Then just endure it." The dean of the North Courtyard said.

    Ying Guanchao, ""

    The judge said, "The events in the crystal jade are related to personal privacy, so it is not convenient to disclose them. However, this Judge has never been biased. This Judge can swear with all his heart that every verdict is worthy and just."

    Ying Guanchaos face was stiff and he clenched his fists, staring intensely at Yin Changge and Shen Congrong standing on the stage. He wished to see them gnawed alive.

    No, I will never let you go so easily! Ying Guanchao gnashed his teeth.

    He was a student of the North Courtyard, and the dean said, "Ying Guanchao, since the Honorable Judge has already spoken, it is indeed those people who have gone out of line and asked to suffer. If you have any comments on this matter, I will give you an explanation in person later."

    Although Ying Guanchao wanted to make a big scene, he had to restrain himself for a while.

    After all, this was not their Ying familys territory. All of the Divine Clans were here, and he didnt want to let the other aristocratic families continue watching this show.

    No one thought that the killing in the evil spirit array case would be put down so gently, and the murderer went unpunished.

    After the four deans and the commanding judge left, the students of the inspection team began to rush out.

    Yan Tianhen said goodbye to Gu Ruyu and Qi Feiqing, and soon after returning to the dormitory, he heard some news outside.

    Yin Changge came back.

    Yan Tianhen thought about it, but he was still unable to restrain his curiosity. He opened the door and peeked his head out, blinking at Yan Changge.

    "Do you want to know the recording in that piece of crystal jade?" Yan Changge asked before he could open his mouth.

    Yan Tianhen nodded, touched his nose, and came out. "Im really curious, but if its an invasion of your privacy, you dont have to tell me."

    Yin Changge said, "Its nothing."

    He handed the crystal jade to Yan Tianhen, who had seen one before. Naturally, he knew how to communicate with it, and soon, there was a moving picture in his sea of knowledge.

    The sunset was lonely, the river long, and the picture before him was extremely heroic and desolate.

    Several demonic beasts were strangled by nine teenagers, whose faces were unruly.

    Soon, however, things took a turn for the worse.

    After killing the demonic beasts, it was inevitable to have a sense of satisfaction. The teenagers who had never suffered a setback since childhood were almost ready to ascend to the sky.

    A young man from the Ying family went to Yin Changge with raised eyebrows. "You followed us these two days and took advantage of it. Without us, you would have died in the hands of the demonic beasts. Isnt that right?"

    Yin Changge nodded and said, "Yes."

    The young member of the Ying family smiled, pinched Yan Changges chin with one hand, and vaguely rubbed the corner of his mouth with a finger. "When this young master first saw you, he wanted to fuck you. This face of yours really was born to seduce people. Now, at the right time and in the right place, the demonic beasts have died and there is a cave over there. If you follow this young master to have a good time, it will be regarded as repaying your benefactor."

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