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    Chapter 529 Intimidation And Persuasion

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    Chapter 529 – Intimidation and Persuasion

    At the time, Yan Tianhen also asked what he honestly thought, but Wan Yitongs expression was a profound mystery and said, "As long as you know he is very powerful it is enough. The other things should not be said, can not be said. In the future if you meet my little uncle, whos left the family already, if you dont want to offend him, dont casually mention the matter of the past."

    Originally Yan Tianhen thought, How can it be possible to see your little uncle so easily when Myriad Dao Academy is so big? He didnt expect that they would be brought together by fate, but Wan Miantang didnt have an instrument on him. He only took out a bag of nuts and ate happily, biting in like a little squirrel.

    Wan Miantangs left eyes outer corner had a little red birthmark, which added a bit of a bewitching and confusing feeling to his peach blossom appearance.

    Yan Tianhen remembered that Wan Yitong seemed to have a tear shaped mole in the same place, and his eyes were also peach blossom eyes, which seemed to seduce people. This was probably a herititary characteristic of the Wan Family.

    Actually passing on beauty.

    Carefully considering it, this was the turning point. Yan Tianhen said, "My name is Gu Tiantian, from the Alchemist Division in the South Courtyard."

    Wan Miantang smiled and said, "Oh? South Courtyards Alchemist Division. How has Bai Yanqiu from South Courtyards Alchemist Division been recently?"

    Yan Tianhen thought in his heart, Who in the world is Bai Yanqiu? But he said out loud, "I am not very familiar with him, but I think he cant be doing too badly."

    Lin Zhizhi originally wanted to interrupt, but she didnt expect Yan Tianhen to weave a lie so quickly and furthermore expose himself so quickly, and could only sigh in her heart.

    Bai Yanqiu was the person with the highest cultivation in the Alchemist Division of all four courtyards of Myriad Dao Academy. If there were no problems next year, he could directly enter Pill Limit Hall and become an inner hall disciple. However, he was a member of the West Courtyard, the sworn enemy of the South Courtyard, and it was impossible for any disciple of the Alchemist Division in the South Courtyard to not know this person.

    Wan Miantangs teardrop mark moved as he smiled and said, "Little brother, dont casually tell lies."

    Yan Tianhen knew that the other had baited him into a trap.

    Lin Zhizhi looked at Wan Miantang, and was not happy with his deception of Yan Tianhens feelings, shortly speaking, "A 180 year old man still pretending to be a disciple of East Courtyard. Do you have no shame? Also, you should not casually call people little brother. Stop trying to be close to him."

    Wan Miantang probably didnt expect that among these two people, one of them knew his information. Being treated this way by Lin Zhizhi, who didnt give him any face, he didnt get angry. He just raised his eyebrow and stated, "Which courtyards disciple are you? How come I have never seen you?"

    Lin Zhizhi said, "I wont tell you. "

    Wan Miantang said, "Dont be like this, we are all people of the same sect."

    Lin Zhizhi gave him a slanted look and said, "The relationship between the four courtyards is not good. I am not of the same cultivation path as you, and I am in a different division."

    Wan Miantang clicked his tongue as he said, "Your temper is really quite hot."

    Lin Zhizhis expression darkened greatly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    Yan Tianhen immediately said, "Lets not say any more needless words, and try to figure out how to get out of here."

    Lin Zhizhi said, "Since Mister Wan is here, we need not spend any more effort here."

    Lin Zhizhi said, "Just now I have told you all the useful information. If you still cant guess how to crack it, you should stop being the Dean."

    Wan Miantang sighed and said, "As expected, you are a student of Myriad Dao Academy."

    Lin Zhizhi did not answer, but said, "What is the reward?"

    Wan Miantang said, "Its a fan."

    Lin Zhizhi frowned slightly and said, "Just a fan can make you personally enter?"

    Wan Miantang sighed and said, "Its something left by an old friend. I searched for it for a long time, and found out yesterday that it was a reward for this evil spirit array, so I had to come in person."

    Lin Zhizhi was lost in thought and said, "If thats the case, you might as well directly send Little Tian out of the evil spirit array."

    Wan Miantang asked, "Why? "

    Lin Zhizhi said, "Otherwise, Ill solve this evil spirit array before you, so you wont get the fan."

    Yan Tianhen, ".."

    Wan Miantang, ".."

    He was actually being threatened!

    Wan Miantang was almost enraged to the point of laughing by the woman in front of him and said, "Do you know who you are talking to?

    Lin Zhizhi said, "As I just said, you are the Dean of the East Courtyard, you usually dont care much about official matters. Now you are more or less a figurehead."

    Wan Miantang narrowed his eyes as though he was in disbelief. He said, "You know who I am, and you dare to threaten me like this. Arent you afraid Ill make life difficult for you after going out?"

    Lin Zhizhi faintly smiled and said, "That will have to wait until we go out. Furthermore, you and I want different things. I just want to get out earlier and you seek results. It would be better to happily cooperate."

    Wan Miantang thought, Why would I want to help you? Even if the two of you are added together you are not a match for me. On the other hand, I am very curious about who this woman isWho on earth is she?

    Wan Miantang could not feel the fluctuations of spiritual Qi in Lin Zhizhis body, and at the moment he could not be certain whether her cultivation was too low or if it was deliberately hidden.

    Of course, judging from the situation of Lin Zhizhi, how could Wan Miantang be naive enough to believe that her cultivation was low and she came in by mistake.

    Just as Wan Miantang was thinking, Lin Zhizhi went on to say, "There is a disciple in the East Courtyard called Zang Ziyue. After you go out you should deal with her properly."

    Although Wan Miantang had not been concerned with East Courtyards matters for a long time, he was basically considered a figurehead dean, but he had still heard of the new important powerful students of the East Courtyard.

    Also Zang Ziyue had only entered the academy three years ago, the elders of Tool Ocean Hall had already settled on her and she had been selected as an outer hall disciple. Naturally, she was East Courtyards Craftsman Divisions favorite child.

    Whats more, she was also a woman.

    Women who cultivated the craftsman path were rare. Zang Ziyue was good looking and talented, which naturally attracted many peoples attention.

    Wan Miantang asked, "What mistakes did she commit?"

    Lin Zhizhi lightly said, "Because she is narrow-minded, oppressive, and retaliatory, she also violated the rules and sent participants of the entrance examination this year here. According to the rules of the academy, she should be directly expelled from the sect."

    Wan Miantangs expression remained unchanged and said, "Is it just because she retaliated?"

    Lin Zhizhi said, "No, its because she offended me."

    Wan Miantang, ".."

    Wan Miantang looked up and down at Lin Zhizhi and said, "If you let me handle it, I handle it. But, isnt it shameful for me? Moreover, she is a disciple of my East Courtyard. Of course, I want to protect my own disciple. This little friend has not even stepped into the academy, so he is not considered a disciple of the academy. So even if Zang Ziyue was scheming against people outside, it is not against the rules."

    Lin Zhizhi sneered and said, "You do not want me to handle her personally."

    When Wan Miantang heard these words, he had a strange feeling in his heart. Under normal circumstances, who had the confidence and talent to say such a thing to a grand dean like him?

    Wan Miantang made countless guesses as to the identity of the woman in front of him, but still couldnt guess when Myriad Dao Academy had a woman with high status and such outstanding appearance.

    However, Wan Miantang asked cautiously, "May I ask you how you are called?"

    Lin Zhizhi answered, "My last name is Lin and I live in Penglai."

    Wan Miantang, ""

    What the fuck!

    Living in Penglai and surnamed Lin, he only knows one person, that is, Huarong Sword Immortal, Lin Xuanzhi, but this person is obviously a fucking woman, but speaking of which, it does seem that this woman is a bit flat chested and is a bit taller. If she uses bone transformation arts to change her body shape slightly, she can have this kind of figure. And most importantly, peoples temperaments are not easily changed, and it is not easy to practice having a different temperament. The woman in front of him really has the demeanor of Huarong Sword Immortal.yeah right!!!

    Wan Miantangs heart was in chaos. He had never been so greatly shocked since he was born. However, right before his eyes, this person really struck him with lighting, which split him open and burned him inside.

    Lin Xuanzhi, ".."

    Huarong Sword Immortal!

    This woman in front of me!

    The world is so incomparably mysterious, it is seriously terrifying.

    Wan Miantang seemed to see a lofty mountain collapse easily right in front of his eyes.

    How can the immortal figure who once discussed zither with me be this rude and overbearingwell, woman? But Wan Miantang soon calmed down, looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a complicated expression in his eyes and said, "After I go back, I will visit you."

    Lin Xuanzhi reservely nodded and said, "Hurry up, dont waste time."

    Wan Miantang turned to Yan Tianhen, who was confused by the situation, with a rather complicated and inquisitive eyes, and said, "You are a new student this year?"

    Yan Tianhen was much more respectful after learning that Wan Miantang was the dean of the East Courtyard, and said, "My name is Gu Tiantian, I am a new student from the exam this year."

    Wan Miantang nodded and said, "The aptitude is quite good. After I go out, I will demand an explanation for you."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Thank you, Dean."

    Wan Miantang waved his hand and said, "I will send you out now."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Dont you have to break the array before you go out?"

    Wan Miantang looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, "The dean naturally has some privileges. As long as the students in the Profound Ranked array are still alive, I can send them out of the array. Come on, take the ship ticket out."

    Yan Tianhen took out the leaf-shaped ship ticket, looked at Lin Xuanzhi, and said, "Where is your leaf?"

    Lin Xuanzhi also looked at him and said, "My cultivation is higher than his, so he cant send me out."

    Yan Tianhen looked at that pair of eyes, which were ancient, not startled but gentle, and his heart tightened inexplicably. "You live in Penglai, then are you a disciple of Penglai Island?"

    Lin Xuanzhi seemed to laugh. "There is only Huarong Sword Immortal on Penglai Island."

    Without waiting for Yan Tianhen to understood what this sentence meant, he saw Wan Miantang bite his finger open and draw an array talisman, the talisman was formed in mid-air and entered into the ship ticket in his hand. The next second, he reappeared in front of a mountain gate.

    There were many disciples standing around, surrounded by the boundless and surging sea. The ship was like a huge monster, beheading the winds and braving the waves. It was as high as ten floors of a pavilion. It looked formidable and steady. The big sail of the ship had "Myriad Dao" those two words written on it, letting people see and know where it came from.

    These young people dressed in different styles were chattering away in twos and threes. Those who wore swords and the same uniforms that seemed like they had the imposing manner of hosts were naturally the actual students of Myriad Dao Academy.

    These disciples seemed to come from different divisions, so their clothings colors, style, and decorations were all different. Some were dressed in black robes with numerous embroidery, some in scholarly womens opera robes, and some in noble and clean, simple yet elegant white clothes.

    Some sashes were embroidered with the design of Alchemist medicine bottles and Alchemist furnaces, some were embroidered with forged engraving pens and magic tools, and some were embroidered with swords. You could tell at a glance which division they came from.

    Most of those disciples didnt pay much attention to these new students, but there were also a few warm hearted disciples who were surrounded and were answering their questions and doubts.

    Yan Tianhen suddenly appeared on the boat, but it didnt attract much attention. But not long after he arrived, another student inexplicably appeared beside him. Seeing the situation around him, he suddenly screamed.

    The people around him came towards him, and some also laughed.

    "Its another one who just came out of an evil spirit array. It seems that he was very scared."

    "The evil spirit array is really scary, people cant see what is real or not. However, Im considered lucky. In the same evil spirit array I entered was a good friend of mine. He is very powerful and not after long he took me out of the evil spirit array."

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