Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 528 - ROTSCB 528

    Chapter 528 The Third Person

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    Chapter 528 – The Third Person

    When he thought of this, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but sigh, the girl was even tougher than he wasalthough if they were a girl or not, still needs to be verified.

    Holding his breath, Yan Tianhen pulled up a chair, sat down with his legs crossed, and remaining calm, asked, "Whats the use of the writing brush hanging from trees?"

    The man stated while trembling, "It is used to ward off evil spirits and expel ghosts."

    Yan Tianhen said, "What evil spirits and what ghosts?"

    "It is those ghost infants at night, they are no longer living, they are dead, they are too terrifying, they will eat people, and will bite people until they are beyond recognition, Im so scared, so scared!"

    Yan Tianhen frowned and said, "Where did you get those brushes from?"

    "Its from the east of the town. There is a shop in the town that specializes in this kind of writing brush. Its run by the mayors family. You can buy it from there. We all buy the writing brushes from there."

    Yan Tianhen asked again, "Why are there so many ghost children in this city?"

    The man shivered with fear and shook his head furiously and said, "I dont know, I dont know anything. Dont ask me anymore, ask others."

    Yan Tianhen looked easy to bully, and when Lin Zhizhi started hitting people and threatening people, he stood by and didnt say a word, so when this man faced Yan Tianhen he didnt have much psychological pressure.

    However, it was quite obvious he thought wrong.

    Yan Tianhen took out a pill from the storage ring, and threw it accurately into the mans mouth with a flick of his finger.

    He said, "A Truth Pill worth thousands of gold, so youre really getting a bargain."

    The man stared at Yan Tianhen in panic, like he just ate intestinal poison.

    Yan Tianhen waited slowly for it to take effect and said, "Let me ask you something, why do so many ghost babies appear in the town at night?"

    The man opened his mouth and said in a trance, "Those ghost babies are all the children who have died in the town."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Why are there so many dead children in this small town?"

    The man said in a daze, "There are Northern Wild Wolves outside. Northern Wild Wolves like to eat human flesh and childrens souls. Our mayor said that he has already discussed with the head of the wild wolves, as long as we offer fresh flesh and a childs soul to the wild wolves every seven days it will keep us safe for seven days."

    Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded, he never expected it to be like this.

    He frowned and said, "Where are your children coming from?"

    The man said, "Its a child born to every household. All the families take turns to send a child to the wild wolves. My family only has me. There are no women and no children in my family, so it has not been my turn to send one. However, they wont let me go. They will definitely make me marry and have children as soon as possible. "

    Yan Tianhens heart couldnt help but sink. How could there be such a ridiculous thing?

    Yan Tianhen thought for a moment and then asked, "How do you settle the problem of human flesh?"

    The man said, "There will always be outsiders coming in, and the mayor makes them look for the Northern Wild Wolves mother wolf, and they never return. "

    Yan Tianhen thought that the old man really was not a good thing, and he said, "What if the outsider doesnt listen to him, and doesnt court death?"

    "At most seven days." The man smiled and said, "If you stay in this house for more than seven days, you will be eaten by the ghost babies. If the ghost babies eat flesh, they will revert to beings with flesh , the babies will run out of town and be eaten by the wild wolf. There is always a steady stream of outsiders coming in, and the wild wolf always has flesh to eat."

    Yan Tianhen trembled.

    This place is a cursed land, when compared to Fu Yu who ate his own children, it is even worse.

    The North Wild Wolves murdered and did evil. The people here didnt try their best to get rid of them, but used their own children and innocent passers-by as rafts, its a bit too detestable.

    Yan Tianhens expression turned cold and he said, "Are there any cultivators in your town?"

    The man nodded and said, "Yes, our mayor is a cultivator. Otherwise, how else could he have helped us think of this way to avoid the wild wolf?"

    Good, so good, so very good.

    Yan Tianhen said, "You can get lost."

    So the man ran away, rolling and crawling.

    Lin Zhizhi quickly came in and said, "I went to check the situation at our door. There is something wrong with our door. There are six bones hidden in it. "

    "Are the six bones human bones or"

    "Its human bone." Lin Zhizhi said, "And it is the bones of a babys skull."

    Yan Tianhen, ".."

    To think this can actually be used in furniture.

    Yan Tianhen said, "I just asked about some things, and its bizarre."

    Therefore he clearly explained the details and answers of the questions asked just now.

    After listening, Lin Zhizhi looked at Yan Tianhen and said, "Im a little scared."

    Yan Tianhen didnt expect Lin Zhizhi would say those words, because Lin Zhizhi behaved as though she were brave and fierce from the beginning, and even made a big man like him lacking and useless.

    But now, when Lin Zhizhi talked about being sacred, Yan Tianhen did not feel anything wrong with it.

    He patted his chest and said, "Dont be afraid, I will protect you. There is nothing to be afraid of among the people here, probably only the mayor is a cultivator. If there are any problems, you can just hide behind me."

    Lin Zhizhis expression softened and smiled, "En, thank you, Tiantian Gege."

    Yan Tianhen trembled for some reason and said, "Forget it, its better if you call me Ah Hen."

    Lin Zhizhi shook her head and said, "If you put on a show you have to do it completely. If there are people you know around here, your identity will be exposed."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Even if other people come, they should not be from our place."

    However, when the sound of his voice faded away, he was slapped in the face.

    "This is the house we have for people from other places. There is no inn in town, you will not be wronged if you live here." A familiar voice, a familiar formula, and an unfamiliar young cultivator.

    As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw a man and a woman currently looking at the door in the courtyard. The two sides looked at each other and confirmed through their eyes. They were people from the same world.

    When that old man saw the two of them, his expression changed slightly and he said calmly, "Dont forget the seven day deadline, or you will be driven out of town."

    Yan Tianhen nodded, and Lin Zhizhi rolled up her sleeves and walked towards the old man. Then she grabbed his collar. The old man was not tall, so he was picked up easily by Lin Zhizhi.

    His face flushed with anger. "What are you doing?"

    Although the cutivator next to him looked appalled, he didnt do anything. He just stood by and watched, and also walked back two steps. He even unconsciously touched a bag on his side. After opening it, he took out two peeled walnuts and stuffed them into his mouth. It was like drinking tea, eating melon seeds and watching a show.

    Yan Tianhen, ".."

    The person who came was probably not someone who was easy to deal with.

    Lin Zhizhi asked, "You are the mayor, right?"

    The old man angrily spoke, "Yes, this is how you treat people who are kind enough to let you stay here. Youve gone too far. Get out of town today."

    Lin Zhizhi hooked her lips and said, "Its impossible to leave. In my life its impossible. The pens you made are made of baby bones. The hair on them seems to be from wild wolves. You use babies to exchange with wild wolves, and the wild wolves leave a pinch of their hair as a reward. By making writing brushes with bones and wolf hair and by hanging them at the gates of those families you can scare off the ghost babiesalso you are the only one who can practice cultivation in this town. It turns out that you are not advancing forward, and you dont even think about how to get rid of those North Wild Wolves. Instead, you seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences and kill foreign visitors. What are your intentions?"

    The old mayor was red faced and coarse necked. He felt that he had lost his face, and he was lifted up by a woman like a chick. And he couldnt resist it, which was greatly shameful. Secondly, he had never met an outsider who came here and on the next day had discovered so many secrets in the town, so he was shocked. Of course, more of it was that he probably turned his shame into anger.

    The old mayors throat made a sound of hehe, and wanted to roll his eyes over.

    The man watching the exciting scene from the sidelines looked at it, he first slowly swallowed the walnut in his mouth, then came over and said, "This young girl, lets put the old man down first. Look at his appearance. Its probably not long before he dies. If you continue like this, Im afraid he wont last long."

    Lin Zhizhi felt it was very reasonable. Just now she just wanted to scare the old mayor. Who let him want to cause them harm before, but Lin Zhizhi did not want to kill him.

    As a result the old mayors life was saved, and he covered his neck with all his might, desperately coughing like he wanted to cough up all his lungs.

    The old mayor looked warily at Lin Zhizhi, as if looking at a brutal goddess.

    Yan Tianhen walked over, but ignored the old mayor. Instead, he opened his mouth and asked the young man who seemed to have clean and refined features, "Are you from Myriad Dao Academy?"

    The young man smiled and said, "The outsiders who can come here are all naturally from Myriad Dao Academy, but I have never seen the two of you in the Academy."

    While he was saying these words, his eyes stared at Lin Zhizhi.

    After all, if a woman who was so elegant, beautiful and refined, like smoke and mist, just like clouds, ever appeared in the Myriad Dao Academy, he would know it well.

    Yan Tianhen said in his heart, We are here for the exam, how could you have seen us?

    But he didnt say it, after all, they didnt know the other sides background.

    Lin Zhizhi glanced at the youth and said, "What are the benefits of getting out of this evil spirit array?"

    The young man seemed to be surprised and said, "You came in here without knowing the final reward? Are you kidding me? Many people have died in this evil spirit array. However many disciples come in, and many of them have died. Are you actually really not afraid of death?"

    Lin Zhizhi said calmly, "Just randomly picked one and came in. Will think about the matter of life and death later. "

    The youth, ".."

    The young man smiled and said, "That is intriguing."

    Yan Tianhen said, "What are you called?"

    The young man said, "My surname is Wan, Wan Miantang, a disciple of the East Courtyard of Myriad Dao Academy."

    Yan Tianhen thought to himself, the outside world said that there were twelve peaks and three halls in the Myriad Dao Academy. In reality, this wording was very amateur, the correct saying should be three halls, four courtyards, and twelve divisions.

    The four courtyards were the East, West, North, and South Courtyards, and the twelve divisions were the Dao Divisions, Alchemist Divisions, and Craftsman Divisions that belonged to each of the four courtyards.

    Among them, the Dao Division was subdivided into different specialties, which was even more.

    However, Wan Miantang, this name, Yan Tianhen had often heard it before.

    Wan Yitong used to say, "Our Wan family, in my generation, can actually be considered as half destroyed and not completely destroyed. My fathers generation was called talented people emerging in large numbers. My closely related little uncle, Wan Miantang, was what you would call a genius. He had outstanding talent and was a master in music cultivation, incomparable in the entire world. At 8 years old he was already Foundation Stage, at age fourteen he entered Dao and reached Primary Realm, at the age of twenty, he had already mastered the Guqin and beat all four of Myriad Dao Academys East, West, North and South Courtyards four great Dao Divisions, and that elegant manner is simply the sun and the moon avoiding the light."

    In fact, what he said was more or less exaggerated. Wan Miantang was indeed really powerful, but at the age of 20 beating the entirety of Myriad Dao Academy, these words were very exaggerated.

    After all, there were many miscellaneous paths in music cultivation, it could be used to attack, defend, advance, retreat, used in medicine, and break arrays. For the most part music cultivation was mostly a supplementary path, and few people specialize in one direction.

    As well as, Myriad Dao Academy had many sword cultivators and array cultivators, it would not be easy for a person from a musical family to win the top spot.

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