Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 525 - ROTSCB 525

    Chapter 525 Twelve Evil Spirit Temples

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    Chapter 525 – Twelve Evil Spirit Temples

    However, when Yan Tianhen opened his eyes, he found that he was already in another unknown place.

    He was also still gripping a wrist. He twisted his head to look and saw a Lin Zhizhi who seemed to be in a comatose state.

    Yan Tianhen felt the pulse of Lin Zhizhi, and when he found that the other party was still alive, he let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

    Lin Zhizhis body was really worrying, it turned out she fainted again.

    Yan Tianhen looked at the environment around them and found that they were in a wilderness, and the wilderness was covered with tall grass, and trees could not be easily seen. It was easy to see pairs of green eyes in the grass.

    Yan Tianhen, ".."

    A wolf pack? Or some other wild beast?

    Yan Tianhen felt his scalp go numb, and immediately stood up from the ground. At the same time he patted Lin Zhizhis face and tried to wake her up. However, the latter entered too deep into an unconscious state. Yan Tianhen called for a while and there was no response. He could only carry the person on his back and set off together.

    He found that if he took one step, those eyes would move forward one step. When he stopped, those eyes also stopped, as if they were intentionally fixed on him and following him.

    Yan Tianhen felt his heart panic, so he grasped the Yin flame whip in his hand, and in his other hand dragged Lin Zhizhis thigh out of fear that she would fall off him.

    Yan Tianhen pledged that he has absolutely no inappropriate ideas about Lin Zhizhi, even though the thigh in his hand feels very good.

    In the distance, Yan Tianhen saw there was smoke rising from in front of him. He felt that there should be people at that place, so he quickened his steps and walked forward.

    When he arrived in a new place, Yan Tianhen didnt dare ride his sword to fly. Who knew what the eyes that lied in wait in the grass were? Since those things didnt rush to attack him when he walked by himself just now, it seemed that there was something around here they were afraid of.

    Lin Zhizhi was not heavy, and Yan Tianhen carried her and soon saw the city ahead.

    He called it a city, but in reality it wasnt that big. At most it was a small town.

    When they arrived at the gate of the town, there were two city gate guards dressed in bright red soldiers uniform watching them warily and spoke, "Foreigners, where did the two of you come from?"

    Yan Tianhen said, "It was from this road."

    He pointed the way which he came.

    The faces of the gate guards revealed a frightened expression.

    One of them asked, "Did you see anything when you came here? "

    Yan Tianhen thought about it and said, "I saw a lot of strange eyes. What exactly are they?"

    The guards expression looked shocked, as if he had heard something horrible.

    The old man looked at Yan Tianhen and Lin Zhizhi, and nodded and said, "Foreign visitors, those things you saw are wolf packs in the wilderness. They always come to hunt for food at dusk. They will pounce on those people who have not entered the city before sunset and bite them into pieces."

    Yan Tianhen remembered those eyes staring at him, and then looked at the old mans eyes, which had a calculating expression. He said, "Let us enter the city. What conditions are there?"

    The old man smiled and his eyes narrowed, and said, "There are a lot of newly born babies in the city recently, and there is not enough milk, so there is a need to hunt some wolves who already have breast milk, and then bring them into the city to feed these babies some milk. However, the hunters in the city have recently organized some large-scale hunting activities, and they are not in the city. I wonder if the two of you can help?"

    Yan Tianhen cursed them in his heart, They just want us to confront the wolves; its no different from not allowing us to enter the city.

    Just as he was about to ask questions, Yan Tianhen heard Lin Zhizhi lying on his shoulder lightly open her mouth and ask, "What is the time limit?"

    The old man said, "Seven days."

    Lin Zhizhi replied, "Okay."

    So the old man let them enter.

    There was nothing special about the town except that there was a tree he couldnt name in front of every household. There were not many leaves and very few branches on the tree. It could be seen that they didnt grow well, which was probably related to the lack of spiritual Qi here.

    Yan Tianhen walked with Lin Zhizhi on his back, and soon noticed that there was a writing brush hanging on each of these trees. The stick was white. He couldnt make out the material used for the top brush tip, but it was mostly gray.

    The old man took them to an empty yard, glanced at them, and said, "No one has lived here for a long time, so you should live here. Dont forget to find a female wolf who has just given birth to a cub within seven days, otherwise it is impossible to remain in our town."

    Yan Tianhen nodded. "I know."

    Yan Tianhen felt that those eyes were terrifying and also didnt want to go out, so he asked again, "Old man, what exactly is the wolf packs cultivation level? Are they easy to get along with?"

    The old man glanced at Yan Tianhen flatly. "Even if their cultivation is not high, wolves are pack animals, especially the Northern Wild Wolf, so you should be careful."

    After that, the old man turned and left.

    Yan Tianhen looked shocked and stood still for a moment before mumbling, "Northern Wild Wolf? He just said when its the Northern Wild Wolf? I didnt hear wrong, did I?"

    After three consecutive questions, Lin Zhizhi, who was still carried on his back, said indifferently. "Fear is fear, why doubt your ears? To think that the Northern Wild Wolf would appear here."

    Yan Tianhen couldnt help saying, "Where exactly were we sent? Is this place an illusion or a real place?"

    Lin Zhizhi got down from Yan Tianhens back. She had already recovered a lot by now, and her lips also had some color.

    "Have you ever heard of Myriad Dao Academys Twelve Evil Spirit Temples?"

    Naturally, Yan Tianhen had heard of the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples.

    And they were even quite famous throughout the Nine Lands too.

    Legend has it that the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples were the real evil spirit arrays that Myriad Dao Academy used to assess their disciples. There were twelve evil spirit arrays of different levels. If someone could successfully challenge the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples, they could then become Myriad Dao Academys Sect Master.

    However, Myriad Dao Academy had never had a Sect Master before.

    This meant that no one had ever been able to break through the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples.

    "The Twelve Evil Spirit Temples are ranked according to difficulty." Lin Zhizhi explained, "There are endless Daos and outstanding arrays in Myriad Dao Academy. The reason for setting up these Twelve Evil Spirit Temples is not to choose the real Sect Master, nor to assess the disciples cultivation levels, but to find magic treasures in different mysterious lands throughout the world."

    Yan Tianhen could understand each individual word, but when combined, he couldnt understand them.

    "What does this mean?" Yan Tianhen asked without shame. "I dont seem to understand."

    Lin Zhizhi looked into his eyes and said, "Its normal not to understand. To put it simply, the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples are transmission arrays left behind by ancient powerhouses. No one knows which world, which mysterious land, or which barren land these arrays connect to. These leaves in our hands are the arrays that can transport someone to the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples. Of course, if you want to activate the array, you need another array to complement each other. Its a stacked array."

    Regardless of whether others understand not, at least Yan Tianhen understood how he came here.

    Yan Tianhen suddenly flew into a rage. "I knew that woman was up to no good. It turned out that what she crushed was another transmission array. Shes really too shameless, but based on your words, could this place be one of the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples?"

    Lin Zhizhi said, "No one knows exactly how many arrays there are in the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples, but there are only twelve difficulty ranks. Primary, Profound, Earth, and Heaven Primary Rank are all illusion arrays created by Myriad Dao Academys Daoists and elders. If disciples enter these arrays, they wouldnt usually have to worry about their lives. However, the majority of evil spirit arrays, including certain Primary Rank Tier A evil spirit arrays and everything above Profound Rank, exist for real. Nobody can predict what youll meet in these, and youll die for real if youre not careful."

    "Theyre real?" Yan Tianhen was stunned.

    Lin Zhizhi nodded. "Real powerhouses can create worlds."

    Yan Tianhen was silent and didnt speak for a long time.

    Lin Zhizhi asked. "Scared? "

    Yan Tianhen said, "Definitely scared. Its so evil in here."

    "Speak when you are afraid, dont keep it bottled up."

    Yan Tianhen sighed and said, "Im afraid I will swear as soon as I open my mouth. Can I swear?"

    Lin Zhizhi, ""

    "Suit yourself!"

    Yan Tianhen was still puzzled and asked, "Why would they want to leave so many evil spirit arrays?"

    Lin Zhizhi said nonchalantly, "Naturally, it is because there are benefits to be obtained in these evil spirit arrays."

    Yan Tianhen looked around. "This stupid town? Benefits?"

    "If we cant find benefits, Im afraid we wont be able to leave."

    Yan Tianhen gasped. "Speaking of which, how can these evil spirit arrays be cracked? How can we leave?"

    Lin Zhizhi seemed to know everything. "For the Primary Rank illusion arrays made by the elders, one can leave as soon as they achieve a certain goal, such as killing the demonic cultivators attacking the city in the illusion array or getting a certain magic treasure, but these real evil spirit arrays have no fixed conditions for leaving."

    Yan Tianhen stared blankly once again.

    Lin Zhizhi patiently explained, "For example, there was once an evil spirit array where the condition for leaving was that there could only be one survivor, and the survivor could leave."

    "Thats a little too cruel."

    "But the purpose of most evil spirit arrays is not to kill people, nor to test human nature, but instead to bring out something that the outside world doesnt have magic treasures, medicinal pills, secret scripts, talismans, arrays, and other treasures."

    Yan Tianhen frowned slowly. "But how do these arrays know whether the conditions have been reached or not?"

    Lin Zhizhi said with profound meaning, "Therefore, the one who created the Twelve Evil Spirit Temples is a peerless genius. He is not only a prophet who knows divination, but he also has the ability to travel through different worlds and understands illusion arrays. There are three thousand different paths, each with its own profound and unfathomable mysteries. This evil spirit array is naturally wonderfully complex."

    Yan Tianhen said, "To put it bluntly, you also dont know how he did it."

    Lin Zhi nodded. "Thats right. How can we mortals guess the thoughts of someone who can create so many real people with his own power?"

    "Thats true."

    Yan Tianhen lifted his forehead, looked at the bare tree outside, and said, "It seems that we really have to find a way to get rid of those Northern Wild Wolves."

    The Northern Wild Wolves were the kings of wolves. They were not demonic beasts and had no chance of every taking human form, but they had a more frightening name people called them vicious beasts.

    These vicious beasts were even more brutal than the demon clans, and more nimble than demonic beasts. It seemed that every single one of them was born to kill and was completely without mercy.

    Northern Wild Wolves could never be domesticated, but they were easily assimilated by the demon clans.

    Nearly a hundred years ago in Qianyuan Dynastys North Lands, Northern Wild Wolves broke into the city and slaughtered people because they were controlled by demons. The Northern Wild Wolves fought in the vanguard, and the demon army then rushed over. After seven days and seven nights of constant fighting, the Tusu River on the border of the North Land turned into a blood-stained river. At that time, the master of the Ling family, Ling Feishuang, stayed behind as rearguard and personally wielded his red tasseled spear on the battlefield. He managed to protect the North Lands border at the cost of his life and repelled the demon army and Northern Wild Wolves.

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