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    Chapter 522 My Name

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    Chapter 522 – My Name

    Yan Tianhen looked at the high-end inn that had been set up to warmly welcome the disciples of the Wan family. He couldnt help feeling that Wan Yitong didnt look like a member of the Wan family at all. Compared with the Wan family disciples, whose coolness even Yan Tianhen himself admitted he couldnt match, Wan Yitong was more like a rough and vulgar man.

    Of course, Yan Tianhen couldnt let Wan Yitong know about this, otherwise, he would carry his sword to chase Yan Tianhen around the mountain ten times.

    But soon enough, Yan Tianhen found that the situation did not seem to be right.

    Because the second day after the Wan family arrived in Jade Ocean City, they all disappeared in the inn inexplicably.

    It was a Young Master of the Wan family who first discovered the situation.

    He fell out of the team, so he came a step later than the main envoy, and arrived in Jade Ocean City the next morning. However, when he went straight to the inn where the Wan family were staying, he found that there was no one in the inn, it was completely empty, but everything was still in place.

    The Wan familys young master immediately became angry and seized the boss from his sleep and asked him if he had done anything.

    When the boss saw this situation, he was flustered and said, "Where can I have the ability to fight against the Wan family members? I didnt hear anything last night, and I dont know what happened. My inn has been here for hundreds of years, and I havent seen any accidents in any year"

    Naturally, the disciple of the Wan family didnt believe it, but he had to believe it. After all, he turned the inn upside down and didnt see any sign of fighting.

    However, he made such a fuss that the whole Jade Ocean City knew that the Wan family were missing.

    Suddenly, someone began to panic and said, "I came with a disciple of the same sect, but he is gone today?"

    Another said, "I also have a friend missing."

    There were many such people.

    When the guards of Jade Ocean City came to check, the chief of the guard only said, "We will do our best to find the missing people."

    Then they continued patrolling!

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    They made it clear that they were just superficially placating people.

    However, after the disappearance of the Wan family, Yan Tianhen calmed down. He believed that this was a "prank" from Myriad Dao Academy. When Yan Tianhen asked about the missing people, they had the so-called ship tickets in their hands. The reason why the Yan family and the Wan family even disappeared together with their guards was probably because Myriad Dao Academy was worried that the guards of these aristocratic families were too fierce. Therefore, when they "got rid of" the disciples who came for the exam, they used the same method to make the guards disappear as well. Besides, according to the reaction of the guards in Jade Ocean City, they seemed to be informed of this matter.

    Looking at the leaf-shaped ticket in his hand, Yan Tianhen walked leisurely towards the place where he lived last night.

    As soon as he got to the door, Yan Tianhen stopped. He waved his hand gently, and a long sword of Yin flames appeared in his hand.

    There was someone inside!

    Yan Tianhen pushed open the door and saw a long-haired woman in green clothes lying on the ground with her eyes closed and her face looking pained. There was a wound on her arm that was currently bleeding. It looked terrible.

    Yan Tianhen felt confused for a moment. At first, he thought that it was a prank made by someone. Then he suspected that someone was trying to assassinate him by using an illusion array.

    But he soon found out that it was not what he had imagined.

    Because this woman in front of him, the Qi in her Dantian Qi Sea was empty. It seemed that she had no cultivation.

    Among these Nine Lands, how could there be any person who had zero cultivation?

    The girl originally had her eyes tightly closed, but when she heard the sound, she suddenly opened her eyes.

    Yan Tianhen seemed to be pinched in his heart, and his whole person was stunned on the spot.

    He had seen way more beautiful women than beautiful men. After all, women in the world always dressed themselves up, but men did not.

    However, Yan Tianhen had never seen a person who was as elegant and refined as the girl in front of him. Although that look was a little cold, it seemed to contain thousands of stars in it, bright and radiant, making people feel moved.

    "Good, good." Yan Tianhen said, "Ive offended you ah! Girl, since you have taken the initiative to find my room, then I just need to help when the road is rough, and be a good person till the end. Girl, dont think too much about it. After all, Im a cut-sleeve."

    The girl, ""

    After Yan Tianhen finished, he held up the girl in a princess carry. The girl looked at him straight and bit her bloodless lips. After struggling for a while, she heard Yan Tianhen say, "I dont easily hold others, so my skills are not good. If you move again, we will roll together in a moment. You should be more relaxed."

    The girl, ""

    Yan Tianhen put the girl on the bed, tore open her broken sleeve, and checked the wound.

    Yan Tianhens face turned black in an instant. The wound was obviously injured by a demonic beast. It was covered with black mist and was bluish-purple, and part of it had already rotted.

    How painful it must be.

    Yan Tianhen somewhat admired the woman who didnt make a sound. He looked at her and said, "Your skin is already rotten. I have to cut it off for you. Its going to hurt for a while, you can pinch the quilt."

    The girl finally spoke. She looked at Yan Tianhen with a pair of deep black eyes, and her voice was a little dry and hoarse. She said, "Shouldnt I be pinching you?"

    Yan Tianhen was taken aback for a moment, and immediately became happy. He said, "Dont pinch me. I am most afraid of pain. If you pinch me, my hand will shake and maybe I will stab you through."


    The girl said, "Can you do it? If not, I will take a short rest and do it myself."

    Suddenly, Yan Tianhen seemed to have been invigorated. He rolled up his sleeve, took out his knife, and began to act. He muttered, "I cant? Girl, as a man, I suggest you dont say that a man cant do it under any circumstances, especially if that man cant take provocations."

    The girls lips twitched, as if she had shown a very shallow smile.

    Yan Tianhen took out the dagger which was gifted by the emperor, sharp enough to cut iron like mud, thinking that if the emperor knew that the first cutting of the knife was a test by You Ming to see whether it was sharp enough to use, and the second time was to dig out meat to cure a wound, the emperor would probably be so angry that hed curse people.

    Yan Tianhen took the knife and gestured on her arm for a moment, and said with a frown, "Girl, it just so happens that I dont have anesthesia for pain relief. Why dont I go out and buy some? Its no trouble."

    He had never been hurt very much. Even if he was injured, someone else helped him to bring tea and medicine. So he didnt have any medicine to relieve the pain on him. The girl said calmly, "No need, you can start directly."

    Yan Tianhen said, "You really trust me. What if I dont have good skills and cut or pierce the good parts?"

    The girl said, "Then you should take responsibility for me till the end. So what if youre a cut-sleeve? There are always pills in the world that can cure you from being unable to get hard for women."

    Yan Tianhens hand trembled and was so scared that he hurriedly concentrated, not daring to make the slightest mistake.

    He thought to himself, This girl is much sturdier than his Elder Martial Sister Baishi, she is really a female hero.

    The knife was a good knife, and cutting flesh was as simple as cutting vegetables.

    Yan Tianhen saw that the rotten flesh was cut off, and even the bones in her arm were exposed. He could not help but feel the pain in his heart. Although the girls forehead was violent with blue veins, cold sweat was flowing, and her face was as pale as snow. Her body was trembling, but she didnt say a word, even the arm was as still as possible.

    Yan Tianhens technique was good, and soon scraped off the rotten meat.

    He quickly opened a bottle of pills that he had prepared in advance and stuffed two in the girls mouth.

    After taking the pills, the girl looked at Yan Tianhen in surprise and said, "Muscle Regeneration Pill?"

    Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows and looked at the wound that had begun to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye, and said, "This is not any ordinary Muscle Regeneration Pill, but a super invincible awesomely enhanced Muscle Regeneration Pill. I have developed it myself, and there is none other like it in the world."

    Girl, " "

    This man is so narcissistic.

    Although the muscle growth rate was very fast, it was a big injury after all, and it would hurt for a while.

    So Yan Tianhen sat by the bed, planning to divert her attention by chatting with this girl.

    "Whats your name, girl? I cant always call you a girl. How rude."

    The girl said, "Shouldnt you introduce yourself before you ask someone else?"

    "My name is Gu Tiantian."

    The name Gu Tiantian was an exclusive alias given by Yan Tianhen to himself when he didnt want to reveal his true identity when he went out. Moreover, the identity behind the name was very real and well documented.

    When Yan Tianhen came to the Myriad Dao Academy this time, he planned to act under the name Gu Tiantian.

    The girl said, "My name is Lin Zhizhi."

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Girl, are you serious?

    Lin Zhizhi said, "I also feel its very predestined. Your name also has two repeated characters."

    Yan Tianhen nodded while thinking, Laozi made up a fake name. Dont tell me that you also used a fake name?

    Yan Tianhens face, however, was smiling and said, "Lin Zhizhi, dare to ask you where is your clan is?"

    Lin Zhizhi showed a trace of confusion and said, "I dont remember."

    Yan Tianhen asked, "What do you mean by not remembering?"

    Lin Zhizhi said, "When I woke up, I was already here. I dont know why I came here. I dont remember what happened before. I just remember my name."

    Yan Tianhens lips twitched and he said, "Zhizhi, youre not be teasing me, are you?"

    Lin Zhizhi shook her head and said, "I wish I could remember who I am. Naturally, I want to find my family and friends to help me instead of being with a strange man like you."

    Yan Tianhen, " "

    So he was convinced like this.

    "Im not a disciple who will take advantage of others," Yan Tianhen said patiently.

    Lin Zhizhi glanced at him and said, "I can see it. Otherwise, what you just fed me wouldnt have been a Muscle Regeneration Pill, but an overpowering aphrodisiac instead."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Zhizhi, you are a girl."

    Lin Zhizhi said, "Not necessarily."

    Yan Tianhen, "???"

    Lin Zhizhi explained, "Maybe I have a mans heart."

    Yan Tianhen couldnt help laughing and said, "You are really interesting. I havent seen a girl who is unpretentious and strong like you in a long time."

    Lin Zhizhi said flatly, "Im alone. Even if Im not strong, who will care? The world will want to see me make a fool of myself, and they wont care about me."

    Yan Tianhen was suddenly hit with a knowing heart, and blurted out, "I care about you."

    Lin Zhizhi glanced at him and said, "Whats the use of talking about it, just now you didnt even let me pinch you, hypocritical."

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Lin Zhizhi turned over and said, "I am sleepy and want to rest."

    Yan Tianhen saw this and said, "Then Ill go to the next room to have a rest. I have several sets of clothes in my storage ring, but I dont think you can wear them. Otherwise, you will make do with it first?"

    Lin Zhizhis dull voice said, "No need, I have clothes on me. Ill change them myself later."

    Yan Tianhen then said, "Well, if there is anything else, you can call me."

    Lin Zhizhi gave a hum, and did not speak again.

    Yan Tianhen picked up the two green hairpins scattered on the ground and put them by Lin Zhizhis pillow. After checking the wound that was about to heal, he got up and left.

    After closing the door, Yan Tianhen rubbed his face, thinking, Indeed, Laozi really is a chivalrous gentleman.

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