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    Chapter 516 Returning To The Imperial Capital

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    Chapter 516 – Returning to the Imperial Capital

    Yue Tufeng almost gasped out loud.

    If it truly came from the Yan family or Myriad Dao Academy, then it wouldnt be so easy to explain.

    Yue Tufeng calmed himself down and asked, "Who can it be?"

    "If you dont even know as the brother-in-law, then how can I know when I dont even have any friendship with Fu Yu?"

    He glanced at Yue Tufeng with great meaning. "However, the Yue family has been in the limelight for many years, and now this kind of thing has happened. As for this years sparrow spirit, the Yue family should consider a little and pay the tribute properly. Otherwise, Im afraid those people in the Royal Heavenly Capital will not give up easily."

    Yue Tufeng answered with a dark expression, "I know."

    Its all that damned bastard Fu Yus fault. He couldnt accomplish anything but was very talented at messing things up, which made life hard for their Yue family.

    Yue Tufeng thought darkly for a moment, then slowly eased his mood and spoke to Longyao Lingheng, "It seems that our plan will have to be postponed."

    Longyao Lingheng said nonchalantly, "In reality, its not hard to hide sparrow spirits for private use. It just depends on whether or not you have the courage. If all the Divine Clans can unite against the rules of the Yan family, it wont be difficult. Besides, geniuses have been born in all the Divine Clans over the years, and theyre no worse than the Yan family. Although they have a Yan Tianhen, he is young and frivolous, with half-demon blood and also an exceptional furnace constitution, so Im afraid his identity alone is enough to cause him death. He wont be a problem."

    A glint flashed through Yue Tufengs eye. "Thats true. The Yan family will not have a successor in the future."

    "But its not entirely true. Dont forget, the Yan family also has a main branch family member who is very popular in Myriad Dao Academy."

    Yue Tufeng narrowed his eyes. "Indeedbut he doesnt have the right of succession."

    Longyao Lingheng spoke with profound meaning, "The right of succession is not fixed. It may change in the future." Now that he had said this, there was no need to continue saying more.

    Longyao Lingheng changed the subject, "The Yue family will also send people to Myriad Dao Academy this year. You must remember to cultivate a good relationship with Huarong Sword Immortal. Although he hasnt stepped foot into the secular political world, according to my guess, he will be deeply mired in mud sooner or later, and he can never be independent and detached from the world."

    Yue Tufeng frowned slightly. "Where on earth did that Huarong Sword Immortal get such a reputation? The Divine Clans seem to be in great awe of him."

    Longyao Lingheng looked at Yue Tufeng with profound meaning. "Eight years ago, the Yin familys Divination Emperor tried to divine the secrets of Heaven and found that this Huarong Sword Immortal is the Star of Salvation. Moreover, he was born with an innate sword bone, and his destiny and fate were not contained within Heaven and Earth. In the words of the Divination Emperor, he was a person who had come from the Immortal Realm to pass a tribulation, so he is the chosen son of Heaven and has an excellent fate."

    Nobody knew where he came from, nobody knew how old he was, and nobody knew how high his cultivation was. He was personally recommended by the Sect Master of Fuyao Sect, Esteemed Lan Yue. When he passed the Myriad Dao Academys heart stone test, not even the heart stone, a spiritual item nurtured by Heaven and Earth, could sense his inner fear and greed. This person had no fear and no desire. He was born to cultivate the Dao.

    "Do you dare to offend such a person?"

    "Besides, you also witnessed todays scene. Even I was hurt to the point of nearly vomiting blood. Let alone fighting back, it was difficult just to protect myself, but Huarong Sword Immortal wasnt affected at all. It turned out that Fu Yu was killed in just a few moves. Such a cultivation level is extremely terrifying."

    For those outside of the Divine Clans, the most they had heard of Huarong Sword Immortals reputation was from rumors.

    In the past, the social ranking was not so obvious. Cultivators wholeheartedly sought the Dao, so how could they have the energy to engage in schemes and political intrigue? However, ever since people found out that it was impossible to ascend, and that ones cultivation journey came to an end once they reached Sky Realm, cultivators began to become impure.

    Even if they couldnt ascend, their lifespans were still very long. They longed for pleasure, power, and all the innate desires in the human heart.

    As a result, the Divine Clans status became more and more supreme, and schemes and political intrigue became more frequent. After the establishment of the Qianyuan Dynasty, imperial rule slowly took shape, and the Nine Lands became a huge secular and worldly playing field.

    The secular dynasties of those small worlds that were born later were nothing more than microcosms of the Nine Lands Dynasty. At this time, there suddenly appeared a person who could supposedly ascend. How could it not cause a great uproar? Yue Tufeng took a deep breath and kept the matter of Huarong Sword Immortal firmly in mind. He decided to go back and discuss this with the clan elders and family head, so as to decide the familys future direction.

    Inside the palace, Yan Tianhen turned the spearhead to Yin Nian.

    Yan Tianhen asked, "Why did you suddenly get involved in this matter?"

    Yin Nian answered indifferently, "We took a clients money to eliminate disasters for them."

    Yan Tianhen frowned and looked towards Baishi Shuying in confusion.

    Baishi Shuying had replaced her plain clothes and put on a gorgeous robe. Her hair was also full of luxurious hairpin and rings, with exquisite makeup. She was also painting her eyebrows in front of the mirror with an eyebrow pencil. Her whole person looked radiant and gorgeous.

    She looked at Yan Tianhen out of the corner of her eyes. "This has nothing to do with me. I clearly hid Yi Fang in an inn, but I dont know how she ended up with these people from Reincarnation Palace."

    Yin Nian laughed. "You dont have to guess anymore. In any case, I wont tell you. Reincarnation Palace has its own ways. You guys wont be able to guess."

    Yan Tianhen seemed to be able to see a wagging tail behind Yin Nian.

    To think such a rascal would be Demonic Spectre Venerables disciple. This personality gap is a little too big.

    Yan Tianhen murmured in his heart, yet his line of sight constantly shifted towards Huarong Sword Immortal.

    The Beast Empress had a headache. It was just supposed to be a nice wedding ceremony, but now it had become like this. She felt so wronged ah! Speaking of which, Fu Yu really was courting death. If he hadnt already been killed by Huarong Sword Immortal, she would have personally pulled Fu Yu out and whipped his corpse ten thousand times. He caused such a mess, so much so that the entire beast clan, especially the Fu family, had lost all their face.

    Moreover, if it wasnt handled well, then the Yue family might also have some bones to pick with the Fu family too, and she was afraid that Yue Lingxi had already become the laughingstock of the Nine Lands.

    Plus, there was the Beast Emperors current situation.

    Its simply an awful mess.

    After pressing her forehead, the Beast Empress said, "Originally, this Empress wanted to entertain you all and host a good dinner, but now this shocking event has happened. Some matters in the clan need to be verified, and people in the clan are still waiting for this Empresss explanation, so I will not keep you here for the time being."

    There was no need for the Beast Empress to speak. Yan Tianhen and the others had already planned to say their farewells.

    Yan Tianhen said with a face full of regret, "Im deeply sorry that such a thing happened, and I hope that the tiger clan can clear their name as soon as possible."

    The Beast Empress nodded. "As for the private dealings between the Southwest and West Lands, I still hope that Prince will not misunderstand anything. It truly is just a need for sparrow spirits."

    Yan Tianhen waved his hand. "The Yue family wont be able to cause any waves. Beast Empress need not worry about it."

    The Beast Empress breathed a sigh of relief. "Many thanks to Prince for your understanding."

    The Beast Empress naturally needed to investigate why the taboo method that had already been burnt was still being circulated. If not handled well, this might hurt the Fu familys foundations and implicate many people. Yan Tianhen and the others also didnt want to get involved, so they soon left the White Tiger Divine Palace and prepared to return to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital together.

    As soon as they left the palace gate, Yan Tianhen originally wanted to pull Huarong Sword Immortal aside to say a few words, but when he turned around, he saw a flash of sword light in the air. Huarong Sword Immortal had already disappeared.

    Yan Tianhen stamped his foot in disappointment and sighed, "He comes and goes without any trace. When will he get along with me ah?!"

    A delicate hand felt Yan Tianhens forehead. Baishi Shuying came over and arched a slender brow. "Say, Ah Hen darling, you still havent woken up yet? Why are you dream-talking in broad daylight?"

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Yan Tianhen grabbed Baishi Shuyings hand and rolled his eyes. "Elder Martial Sister, you have gone too far. You actually kept us in the dark from beginning to end. I thought you actually took a fancy to Fu Yu, that bastard, and didnt even want your other martial brothers anymore."

    "When you act, you have to act completely. But speaking of which, why are all of you here?"

    Yan Tianhen responded, "Didnt you send a distress signal to the sect asking us to come and save you?"

    Baishi Shuying was baffled. "How is that possible? Why would Laoniang ask you all to come over and slow me down for a matter I can handle myself?"

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    The martial brothers looked at each other, but none of them could figure out the identity of the person asking for help. If the person wasnt Baishi Shuying herself, then that person must have sent the sect a distress signal using Baishi Shuyings identity.

    But why would someone do this? What was their motive?

    After thinking for a while, they still couldnt guess that persons identity or motive. However, after all, there was no big loss, so they decided to suppress this information for the time being and wait for an opportunity to verify it later.

    On the way back, Yan Tianhen couldnt help commenting, "Its said that not even a poisonous tiger will eat its own children, so that Fu Yu really isnt anything good ah."

    Baishi Shuying spat, "When I was around him, I discovered that he had found a lot of beast clan girls and had them give birth for him. Originally, I didnt need to conceal my identity for so long, but I couldnt find any evidence, so I could only rescue those girls in secret. Later, Fu Yu was probably suspicious of me, so he climbed the big tree called the Yue family and even locked me up."

    Behind her, Wan Yitong touched his face. "Elder Martial Sister, your saliva landed on my face. Its a little disgusting."

    Baishi Shuying, ""

    Hai Kuanglang asked, "Was the Yue family truly ignorant of Fu Yus secret?"

    Yan Tianhen touched his chin thoughtfully. "Who knows? In any case, after this trip to the Southwest Land, I can confirm that the Yue family is dishonest and extremely ambitious."

    Wan Yitong mused, "If only the West Phoenix Monarch was still in the Nine Lands. He is very lazy, so he doesnt like to cause a mess."

    The phoenix clan was the king of all birds. When this worlds birds saw a phoenixs true form, they would subconsciously submit to him due to their bloodlines. Moreover, scarcity made something precious, and every generation could only give birth to one phoenix. A phoenix also needed to be nurtured for a thousand years before it could reach maturity, so phoenixes were very rare. The bird clans had always regarded phoenixes as the glory of their race.

    If Feng Jingyu was still there, how can the Yue family make any waves in the West Land?

    Yan Tianhen said, "Maomao is probably still searching for pieces of Ah Gus soul in the Five Continents. I dont know how much he has found."

    "This really is a curse." Hai Kuanglang shook his head. "The phoenix clan can never get around the curse of a scattered soul. This was also the case for his father."

    Everyone couldnt help sighing for a while, and they switched the topic.

    Half a month later, they parted ways when they were about to reach the Royal Heavenly Capital. Yan Tianhen went back to the Royal Heavenly Capital together with Qi Feiqing, while the others went back directly to Fuyao Sect, especially Baishi Shuying she had left the sect for a long time and also encountered some matters, so it was only natural that she go back and report her wellbeing to master.

    Before parting, Baishi Shuying patted Yan Tianhens shoulder and lectured with profound meaning, "Prepare well after going back. Make sure you get admitted to Myriad Dao Academy this year."

    "And then welcome the peak of my life by taking Huarong Sword Immortal as wife?" Yan Tianhen finished for her.

    The corners of Baishi Shuyings lips twitched. "No, or else your father will break your leg."

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Qi Feiqing burst into laughter.

    Yan Tianhen turned and walked away.

    These were all his martial brothers and sisters under the same master. Cant afford to provoke, cant afford to provoke.

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