Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 507 - ROTSCB 507

    Chapter 507 Huarong Sword Immortal

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    Chapter 507 – Huarong Sword Immortal

    As soon as Hai Kuanglang entered, he heard Lianer, who was deceived by Yan Tianhen into not knowing what was happening today, saying, "There are many important people coming everyday, but the young masters and ladies in Wishing Lane also need to be separated into grades, and Lianers grade is still a bit short, and usually cant greet those important people. Of course, Lianer doesnt mean that Elder Brother is not important enough"

    "Could it be that even with us two fragrant nephrites by your side, Mister Elder Brother is actually still going to discuss these boring matters?" Ah Lan held a mouthful of wine and wanted to feed it to Yan Tianhen, mouth to mouth. At this moment, Hai Kuanglang entered.

    When Yan Tianhen saw Hai Kuanglang, he immediately stood up, and seamlessly pushed Lianer and Ah Lan away.

    Damn, these two women are really part of the beast clan. Theyre seriously bold and unconstrained to the point that I am embarrassed.

    Hai Kuanglang glanced at them and had a smile that did not reach his eyes. "Youngest Martial Brother is indeed a playboy, I really didnt expect it."

    Yan Tianhen gave two nervous chuckles. "Im only playing along. Elder Martial Brother, dont misunderstand me."

    Hai Kuanglang spoke, "There are only two beautiful women in this room. Who are you putting on a show for?"

    Yan Tianhen winked and said, "Its precisely because there are two beautiful women accompanying me that there wont be any problems."

    Hai Kuanglang stared at him.

    Yan Tianhen went on to cheerfully state, "Who let this heir be a homosexual?"

    "Pfft" Ah Lan didnt swallow the mouthful of wine, but directly sprayed it out. Lianer stared at Yan Tianhen in shock, feeling her coquettish glances were thrown in vain.

    Hai Kuanglang couldnt help laughing. He knocked Yan Tianhen on the head and said, "You are being naughty."

    Yan Tianhen nodded and said, "How did Elder Martial Brother find this place?"

    Hai Kuanglang and Yan Tianhen departed together. Hai Kuanglang answered, "I came back with Ah Tong, and Ah Tong found that you guys were missing, so he used that sensing bead to find Little Tian. I didnt expect us to walk and finally come to such a placeI can understand that you and Qi Feiqing coming to the red-light district, but how could Little Tian, that living ice cube, also come here?"

    Yan Tianhen clicked this tongue twice, spreading out his hands and shook his head, expressing that he also didnt know what was going on, only stating, "I suppose he had been suppressing himself for a long time. Elder Martial Brother Bei will have a hard time tonight."

    Hai Kuanglang said, "What will be so hard for him?I havent seen him care about Ah Tong all these years. The one who has a hard time should be Ah Tong. Ah Tong hasnt been angry with him yet. I dont know if today will be an exception."

    Yan Tianhen shook his head and said, "Elder Martial Brother really is scum."

    Hai Kuanglang said, "One wishes to beat and one wishes to be beaten, As outsiders, we cant evaluate this kind of affair."

    Yan Tianhen said, "That that could be the case, but youre still a slag."

    Hai Kuanglang, ".."

    Sometimes Yan Tianhen felt it unworthy for Wan Yitong, but Wan Yitong took pleasure in it and couldnt extricate himself. It might be that he had been chasing for too long, and it had turned from a habit into a part of his nature. However, this was not a long-term solution after all.

    Yan Tianhen, "! ! !" He wants to die.

    All of the sudden, Yan Tianhens eyes widened, and he pulled hard on Hai Kuanglangs sleeves. Hai Kuanglang also turned to look, unable to refrain from revealing an astonished expression. "Huarong Sword immortal?" Hai Kuanglang was somewhat befuddled.

    How could he meet Huarong Sword Immortal in such a place?

    The person who entered here had white clothes surpassing snow, black hair like ink, and was carrying a slender sword around his waist. His long hair, which was like silk, fell from his temples. He had jade white flesh, eyes like lacquer, and red lips stained with rogue. All in all, he looked like a person coming out of a painting.

    As soon as he came in, the luminous pearl that lit up the entire room seemed to darken. However, those who should have been attracted by him seemed to have never seen such a person. Those who were joking, joked, and the ones who solicited customers continued their activities. Just as before, no one looked twice at Huarong Sword Immortal. Huarong Sword Immortal moved his eyes around slightly and stood tall. He lightly said, "I didnt expect to meet you around here."

    Yan Tianhen suddenly shivered and realized what kind of vulgar place this was. He immediately desperately shook his head and denied, "I am not, I did not."

    Hai Kuanglang, "."

    Looking at Yan Tianhen, Huarong Sword Immortal said, "I havent seen you for seven years, but it seems that you have grown up."

    What does he mean, grown up? Isnt he just alluding to my newfound interest in romance? Yan Tianhen was crying with anger and said, "No, no, no, Im still a baby. I dont understand anything. I just watched Second Martial Brother come to this place for romance and in my heart it felt very inappropriate, so I thought I had the responsibility to save the youth before he went down the wrong path, which was why I set foot here. Otherwise, I would never have set even half a step into this place."

    Hai Kuanglang, "? ? ?"

    Are you fucking playing with me? So happy to throw all the blame on me?

    Hai Kuanglang thought, Ill settle accounts with you after we get back, and said, "How come Huarong Sword Immortal came here?"

    Huarong Sword Immortal just gently waved toward the top, and a white furball ran down the stairs and rushed into his arms. When he turned around again, an amethyst white tiger with a round head and round eyes shook its tail at Yan Tianhen.

    "Aoo Woo-"

    "My familys beloved pet ran around recklessly and accidentally ran into this Wishing Lane, so I chased it over here," Huarong Sword Immortal lightly explained.

    Yan Tianhen said dryly, "So its like that."

    Just as he thought, how could an Immortal character like Huarong Sword Immortal easily set foot in such a place as the red-light district? It turned out that he was looking for his own pet.

    When Yan Tianhen didnt yet finish thinking about what to say, he saw Huarong Sword Immortal saying, "Goodbye." He then turned around and walked towards the outside, and in a blink of an eye, he could no longer be seen.

    Yan Tianhen, "Wait, wait!" Let me explain! Please dont go!

    Hai Kuanglang pinched his chin and thought, "Shouldnt Huarong Sword Immortal be in secluded cultivation on Myriad Dao Academys Penglai Island? How can he suddenly appear in the Southwest Land? This is a diagonal line from Myriad Dao Academy Tsk tsk, but this one is really an Immortal character. Its simply just a few words, waving his sleeves and not taking a cloud awaysay, Little Martial Brother, why are you scared? You dont owe him anything."

    Yan Tianhen was about to cry. He pulled the sleeves of Hai Kuanglang and said, "Second Martial Brother, do you think Huarong Sword Immortal might have misunderstood me?"

    Hai Kuanglang swept his eyes at him and asked, "What did he misunderstand about you?"

    "Misunderstood that I like to visit brothels and that Im lecherous?"

    Hai Kuanglang smiled coolly and asked, "Then, did you not go to the brothel and have Lianer and Ah Lan accompany you?"

    Yan Tianhen: ""

    My life is over.

    Yan Tianhen couldnt help feeling anxious in his heart. He wouldnt have done anything out of line when he visited the brothel even if they hadnt been interrupted. Most of his motivation was to find out whether these brothels were a pure money squandering establishment or had some other mystery behind them, especially this Wishing Lane. Rumors said it had some inseparable connections with Reincarnation Palace. However, he didnt expect to be caught red-handed by Huarong Sword Immortal.

    He also couldnt abruptly pull Huarong Sword Immortal aside to explain in an illogical way. He guessed that Huarong Sword Immortal would think he was crazy. Yan Tianhen suddenly felt that the heavens and the earth were dark and life was dim. His mood was overcast like a cloud, and the whole person was not good.

    The worst thing in the world is to lose face in front of someone you value. Yan Tianhen felt very ashamed.

    The other party was here to pick up a tiger cub, yet he was here to pick up girls.

    The more Yan Tianhen thought, the more miserable he felt, and he almost cried out loud.

    Hai Kuanglang looked at his almost crying face and said, "I say, Youngest Martial Brother, are you really this sad? Is it not just him seeing you visiting the brothel? We are all men, and its nothing shameful."

    "What do you understand?!" Yan Tianhen sniffed and said with grievances, "I wanted to leave a good impression on Huarong Sword Immortal, but now its even less likely that hell take a fancy to me, and he will definitely think I am a frivolous and unreliable man."

    Hai Kuanglang, "No, you misunderstood. He will only think that you are still a little boy. No, thats not right, what do you mean by he wont take a fancy to you? Tell me clearly!"

    Yan Tianhen turned grief into strength and rushed to the guest room Qi Feiqing took. He pulled Qi Feiqing, who drank until his entire face was drunk, away from Lin Yufans body.

    "How long have I left you? You son of a bitch, yet you already look like this." Yan Tianhen tried to hold up Qi Feiqing, who was as soft as noodles, but he failed.

    Lin Yufan faintly smiled and adjusted his clothes, then got up and said, "This little friend of yours is quite good at chatting."

    Yan Tianhens eyelids jumped up and he asked, "What did he talk about?"

    Lin Yufan curled his lips and said, "Talked about his father, his eldest brother, you, and a young master surnamed Gu. I even know what incense his brother used for his inner clothes every day oh, yes, I heard that his eldest brother is quite big down there."

    Yan Tianhen, ".."

    Oh damn It!

    Although he had long known that Qi Feiqings mouth didnt have a filter, he didnt know it was to this extent!

    He fucking said everything both what could be said and what couldnt be said. The expression on Yan Tianhens face was hard to explain in a few words, just like his mood.

    Lin Yufan yawned and said, "Lets just leave it at this. Im sleepy, too. You should go."

    Yan Tianhen handed Qi Feiqing over to Hai Kuanglang and said to Lin Yufan, "Yufan Gege, you really wont come with us?"

    Lin Yufan waved at random and said, "Lets talk about it later. I think its pretty good now."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Then, if you ever want to leave, tell me and I will help you."

    Lin Yufans cold face revealed a slight smile and said, "I know. Take care of yourself."

    Yan Tianhen nodded. He suddenly looked at Lin Yufan as he started to speak, but then stopped.

    Lin Yufan asked, "Whats the matter?"

    Yan Tianhen thought for a moment and said, "Yufan Gege, do you still remember in the years when we were on the Five Continents, we attended the Hundred Families Gathering together?"

    Lin Yufan nodded his head and said, "I naturally remember it; its only been ten years."

    Yan Tianhen held many emotions between his eyebrows and asked, "Who took me to the Hundred Families Gathering? At that time, Daddy was no longer in the Five Continents. If I had no backing in the Lin family, I would not have been qualified to attend the Hundred Families Gathering."

    When he heard this, Lin Yufan was slightly shocked and said, "Why do you ask about things from long ago? At that time, I remember that you suddenly became very powerful and suppressed the other disciples in the clan and got the approval of Fifth Elder. Because of that, you received this qualification."

    Yan Tianhen seemed somewhat disappointed and gently shook his head. "I dont think things were that simple, but still, many thanks to Yufan Gege."

    Lin Yufan smiled and said, "You dont have to be so polite. After all, we used to be friends."

    Yan Tianhen was about to leave, but he suddenly paused and whispered, "But Yufan Gege, you always appear to people dressed as a woman, and I never realized you were a man, but why did I recognize that you were a man? I think someone told me, but I cant figure out exactly who told me. And you are not surprised when I call you Gege. It seems that you already knew that I have seen through your disguise."

    Lin Yufan touched his chin and said, "What you said is true. Its just that its been some time since then. If I talk about the details, I cant think of it. Maybe you suddenly found out one day that I was a man, but you just forgot about it."

    Some things really were difficult to explain. If Yan Tianhen didnt understand it himself, then others couldnt understand it even more. Yan Tianhen nodded and said, "That is also possible."

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