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    Chapter 497 Honorable And Glorious Person

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    Chapter 497 – Honorable and Glorious Person

    "Right? The Palace Master originally sent two protectors together with the Young Palace Master to deliver the goods, but he shook them off halfway on the road, which was why the Palace Master was in such a hurry to leave. Who knows what kind of accident happened."

    "It seems that the Young Palace Master will be miserable again."

    "Say, why do you rejoice in others misfortunes?"

    "Arent you the same?"


    Once he closed the door, Yin Nian no longer seemed to have a glib tongue like he did earlier. He was as quiet as a chicken, standing against the door and not daring to move at all.

    Demonic Spectre Venerable did not remove the mask on his face. He quietly and calmly sat on the only chair in the room. "Do you know the identities of those four people today?"

    Yin Nian nodded and took a small step forward to report, "I once saw Bei Shitian at the sword conference. The Killing God Sword is very powerful. A preliminary estimation of his cultivation level is Profound Realms Return Origin Stage. The one next to him is called Wan Yitong. Hes a member of the Wan family from the Northwest Lands. Its just that he doesnt cultivate music but cultivates the sword path instead, so his relationship with the Wan family is very poor. It seems that ever since he withdrew from worldly affairs, he had even fought the Wan family once. As for the one with the dead father, the heir of Royal Heavenly Capitals Qi family, hes nothing. As for the red-robed black-haired Yan family prince who wore countless top-grade magic treasures on him" Yin Nian dragged out the final syllable. "His background is the greatest, and his cultivation should also be the highest. I feel that he has even reached Earth Realms Small Perfection Stage. Its very puzzling. Hes only in his twenties, isnt he? To reach the Small Perfection Stage in his twenties thats a little too excessive."

    "Not necessarily." Demonic Spectre Venerable shook his head. "Its merely because his technique is special and he is very experienced in actual combat. His cultivation level has not reached the Earth Realm yet."

    Yin Nian nodded. "Exactly. How can there be someone who has already broken through the Earth Realm before the age of thirty? Even the most powerful East Sovereign was still a hundred years old when he reached Earth Realms Small Perfection Stage."

    "There may be." Demonic Spectre Venerable said, "Its just that you have never seen them with your own eyes."

    Yin Nian smiled. "Master, Ive always wanted to know exactly how old you are in your esteemed old age this year."

    "Youre already calling me an old man, yet youre still asking me how old I am?"

    Yin Nian, ""

    Demonic Spectre Venerable changed the topic, "The Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill wasnt delivered, right?"

    Yin Nians face froze. "Master, who wouldve thought that a Yan Tianhen would pop out of nowhere? He really isnt simple. I didnt expect his temper to be so wild; he started fighting as soon as we had a disagreement. We were also a little unlucky to have actually chosen today of all days to make the trade. A pity, those sparrow spirits." Yin Nian grieved and lamented while knowing that it was too late for regrets.

    Demonic Spectre Venerable, however, curled his lips. "When you encounter Yan Tianhen, you definitely wont be able to send the item out."

    "Why? Cant we just schedule another time?"

    Demonic Spectre Venerable explained, "Do you know what Yan Tianhens other title is?"

    But Demonic Spectre Venerable only smiled when he heard this. "Prince Yan is the most honorable and glorious person in the entire Nine Lands. He has half demon blood and half orthodox Daoist blood, so both the righteous and demonic paths have to give him face. There will naturally be someone to present him whatever he wants with both hands. Its nothing more than a pill formula; if he wants it, he always has a way to find it. Moreoverthe reason why hes called Little Pill King is precisely because he can refine pills higher than his own realm, so it is not impossible for him to refine a Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill."

    Yin Nian still didnt believe it. "I dont believe that he can refine it. Master, you searched for this pill formula for a long time before you got it."

    It was easier said than done.

    "Your Master has already told you that there are countless talented people in the world. Its just that youve never seen them before with your own eyes."

    Yin Nian couldnt speak for a while.

    "Is he really so incredible?" Yin Nian still felt incredulous.

    "In the future, there will be opportunities to see for yourself." Demonic Spectre Venerable changed subject again, "In fact, it doesnt matter even if he cant refine the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill."

    Yin Nian, "Eh???"

    "Because the Beast Emperors problem cannot be resolved by the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill at all."

    Yin Nian, "" The fuck? Then why did you still sell them the pill?

    Demonic Spectre Venerable explained leisurely, "Since they wont tell the truth and only want the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill, then naturally, I will pretend to be deaf and dumb, as if I am ignorant of everything."

    Yin Nian secretly wiped away some cold sweat. He felt that his master was becoming more and more unpredictable. Although he thought so, Yin Nian still glibly spoke words of flattery and praise.

    After Yin Nian ran his mouth, he felt his mouth get dry and became thirsty. Demonic Spectre Venerable went on to say, "However, we will put this matter on hold for the time being. We didnt make this trip here just for the sake of the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill."

    Yin Nian nodded. "I know. That Fu Yus wedding date is set at the beginning of next month. Will we leave as soon as we rescue the person?"

    "Of course. Or do you want to wait for someone to catch you?"

    Yin Nian, "" Of course not.

    Yin Nian asked, "Master, this is obviously not a difficult matter. Why did you come here in person this time?"

    Demonic Spectre Venerable glanced at him. "Ever since you started following me, you havent left my side even half a step, and you havent suffered any hardships either. Sooner or later, youll have to go out and train yourself to gain experience and become independent."

    Yin Nian sighed. "Alright."

    They never mentioned whether or not Qi Feiqing would seek them for revenge. After all, some matters werent worth mentioning, and some people couldnt even enter their eyes.

    Inside the White Tiger Divine Palace.

    When Hai Kuanglang, who didnt chase after Yin Nian, heard that one of the two people Yan Tianhen met was the Palace Master of Reincarnation Palace Demonic Spectre Venerable his entire person seemed to fall into a state of depression and mania. He dearly regretted not following them. After all, these junior martial brothers cultivation levels were not as high as his. If something went wrong, he would probably have to apologize with his life.

    "However, Demonic Spectre Venerable never leaves witnesses." Hai Kuanglang frowned and pinched his chin. "Almost all the people who had seen him are dead. Even if they survived, they still went insane, or became idiots or cripples. You guys were actually able to get away completely unharmed. This is not normal."

    Yan Tianhen said, "Those may just be rumors. From beginning to end, Demonic Spectre Venerable had no intention of killing anyone."

    "He didnt put us in his eyes at all," Wan Yitong complained. "Laozi has never seen anyone more arrogant than him!"

    Hai Kuanglang shook his head. "Its definitely not a rumor. Master has been investigating Reincarnation Palace in recent years, so Im still somewhat certain of Demonic Spectre Venerables nature."

    Yan Tianhen frowned. "Dont tell me that he really thought we were too weak to be worthy of fighting him?"

    Hai Kuanglang felt that this possibility was the greatest, so he nodded. "Being weak also has its own advantages ah."

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Im not comforted, and Im even a little angry. Why does he think Im weak? If he has the ability, then lets fight it out ah!

    Qi Feiqing swayed as he walked over.

    He was probably the one who had been hit the hardest.

    When Yan Tianhen saw that his friend was slightly more normal, he came over and patted him on the shoulder. "Dont feel bad."

    Qi Feiqing shook his head. "I just feel sad. I once vowed to avenge my father, but now that Ive seen my enemy, I couldnt do anything about him. I cant even compare to a single finger of his. How can I talk about revenge?"

    "You are not fighting alone; we will always help you."

    Qi Feiqing said, "He is too powerful. I cant sense the fluctuation of his spiritual Qi at all, yet he had already disappeared before my eyes."

    Yan Tianhen clenched his fist. "Perhaps hes a thousand-year-old monster. You and I are still young. As long as we live long enough, we can kill him sooner or later. In a short while, we will go to Myriad Dao Academy. When you get there, you must cultivate diligently and not slack off."

    Qi Feiqing nodded heavily with teary eyes, like he was determined.

    Wan Yitong couldnt help commenting, "This Youngest Martial Brother really is a positive little ball of sunshine, shining bright rays of holy light everywhere."

    Bei Shitian glanced at him. "Take your arm off my shoulder."

    Wan Yitong pouted as he put his arm down. "Weve already gone through so many life-and-death situations together. With our current relationship, I cant even lean on you? How mean."

    Bei Shitian was expressionless and silent.

    A little while later, the old fox who had taken off his imperial robes walked towards them. His expression was livid. He had an aggressive and angry aura, as if he really wanted to crush the stone slabs on the ground with his foot.

    And beside him, there was a beautiful woman with a healthy and vigorous figure, fair white skin, and long blond hair. Compared with the fox officials anger, the Tiger Empress next to him was much calmer.

    When the fox official saw these boys who had ruined his matters, he got angry and pointed to them. "Your Majesty, theyre the people who suddenly rushed out to interrupt the transaction and even chased down the envoy from Reincarnation Palace. Now Reincarnation Palace will never trade with us again. I dont know what to do."

    Yan Tianhen couldnt help but curl his lips and cross his arms. "What you said is really a reversal of right and wrong. You clearly know that Reincarnation Palace is a forbidden organization decreed by the Royal Heavenly Palace, yet you still have dealings with them. This is the first crime. Sparrow spirits belong to the Divine Clans and are used as sacred objects of tribute and exchanged in trade amongst the Divine Clans. Others are not allowed to trade it in private, yet you used it to exchange for the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill. This is the second crime. Pretending to be the Beast Emperor is the third crime."

    Of course, the third one didnt have to be counted, but Yan Tianhen always felt that something was wrong if he didnt mention three things at once.

    After Yan Tianhen finished talking, the Beast Empresss amber eyes fell on Yan Tianhen. "These are indeed the faults of my white tiger clan. However, everything has a reason. All matters have a degree of flexibility just as King Yes Consort is a Divine Devil, yet could still marry into a Divine Clan. I ask Little Prince to forgive these transgressions."

    This person actually brought up You Ming; she had guts.

    Yan Tianhen nodded and curled his lips. "There is some truth in Beast Empresss words, but if there is a reason for this, I wonder what it is."

    The Beast Empress swept a glance at the guards around them. "Lets talk somewhere else."

    Yan Tianhen readily agreed.

    The Beast Empress said, "Its just that this matter is very critical right now and concerns the safety of my white tiger clan and the entirety of the Southwest Land, so its not convenient for this Empress to talk about it with the others here."

    Wan Yitong frowned, "You want the Prince to chat with you in private?"

    The Beast Empress responded, "Dont tell me youre worried that this Empress will use violence against the Prince?"

    "No," Wan Yitong said without thinking, "Im worried that you will take advantage of him."

    Beast Empress, ""

    Yan Tianhen, ""

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