Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 493 - ROTSCB 493

    Chapter 493 Prince Returns

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    Chapter 493 – Prince Returns

    Translated by: Sarah

    Edited by: Ea

    Under the golden sunshine, glowing with boundless radiance, two towering gates opened to both sides. Some people on top of the city wall anxiously looked in the distance.

    Moments later, they saw a few young people riding demonic beasts and rushing towards the city gates. They were as fast as lightning, arriving at the door in the blink of an eye.

    They were led by a black-haired youth in red, who had a bow in one hand and the reins held firmly with the other as he rode a magic foal with a black horn. There was an evil smile on his beautiful and peerless face when he arrived at the gate first.

    After him were several young masters who were full of vitality and an air of arrogance.

    "Aiya, the crown prince has returned. Go and tell the prince and princess!" The housekeeper of the palace, who had been anxiously waiting by the city walls, hurriedly ordered the youths around him to quickly go back.

    "Okay!" A boy replied. He turned and disappeared from the city tower. Passers-by on both sides of the broad White Jade Street couldnt help but stop to cheer, and the many ladies threw their flowers toward the youth on the foal. However, these spiritual foals were roaring by, and the flowers could not fall on them.

    This didnt stop the girls infatuation though.

    "Those people just now are really arrogant. In the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital, they dare to gallop on demonic beasts. What are their identities?"

    Upon hearing this, the person next to him knew that he was from the outside, and he explained while chuckling, "You dont know about this. These are the most noble and respected generation of youths in the dynasty. The boy in white riding the red foal is Gu Ruyu, the son of the Gu family. The boy in yellow robes riding the black foal is Little Marquis Qi, and the one at the front is the youngest prince of King Ye, Yan Tianhen!"

    After listening to the identities of these three people, the foreign visitor gasped. "So it was them."

    Although Qi Feiqing ran fast, he still caught some flowers thrown at him and threw a wink at the girl.

    He raised his voice. "You two are so boring. What are you doing running so fast? They wanted to give me flowers."

    Yan Tianhen was running in front, but when he heard this, he turned around and smirked. "If youre not afraid of being surrounded, then you should slow down. Anyway, I have to slip away first."

    Qi Feiqing asked, "Will you directly go back to the palace?"

    Yan Tianhen answered, "Yes."

    Qi Feiqing gave a Tch. "Would you like to come out and play in the evening?"

    Yan Tianhen replied, "Yeah right. My father has already sent an order to urge me three times. Im sure Ill be beaten up when I go back this time. I dont think you guys will see me for a while."

    "Hahaha" Qi Feiqing laughed gloatingly, "I thought you werent afraid of anything."

    "What the fuck!" Qi Feiqings face suddenly turned green, and he almost fell off his horse. He was shocked and angrily said, "You guys are going to get me killed!"

    "Hahahahaha!" Yan Tianhen laughed happily.

    Gu Ruyu watched the two people bicker next to each other, and very calmly continued to ride his horse home.

    Towards the inner city, flowers suddenly fell from the sky, and the pink and red were lightly spread on the ground. It turned into a road paved with petals.

    Yan Tianhen felt a terrible premonition in his heart and immediately tightened the reins to get the magic foal to stop.

    Two front hooves were raised high, and the sharp single horn on its head drew a silver arc. After a loud cry, Yan Tianhen pulled the reins firmly and let the magic foal settle down. The other two people also stopped.

    After a million flowers, a veiled girl with long hair and a slim waist descended from the sky, her clothes fluttering around her. She looked very charming.

    Yan Tianhen cursed her mother in his heart.

    When Qi Feiqing looked at this spectacle, he said sympathetically, "That girl came to see you again. I cant help you, brother. This Gege will leave first."

    "You fucking stop." The longbow in Yan Tianhens hand turned into a whip and immediately wrapped around Qi Feiqings neck.

    Qi Feiqing couldnt slip away, so he had to stop with a bitter face. The girl had already landed on the ground.

    She raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yan Tianhen. "Tianhen Gege, youve returned?"

    Yan Tianhen nodded modestly and said, "I havent seen Princess Yuqing in a long time, but I didnt expect to meet her as soon as I came back."

    But Princess Yuqing didnt even bother with the pleasantries. She raised her voice, "This princess has been waiting for you here. Cant you see the flowers I spilled for you? Do you think just anyone deserves these flowers?"

    Qi Feiqing laughed. "Since Princess Yuqing has especially prepared them for Tianhen, then we wont spoil these flowers. Its best that we leave first."

    Princess Yuqing nodded and gave him a meaningful glance, as she said with satisfaction, "Very perceptive. I have something to say to His Highness Tianhen. If you are smart, you should leave quickly."

    Although Yan Tianhen loosened the whip clamped around Qi Feiqings neck, he didnt mean to let them go early.

    He urged the magic foal forward and glanced at Princess Yuqing, saying, "Ive been away from home for many days, and my father and his wife are anxious to see me, so I cant stay here. If you have some business with me, you should go to King Yes Palace and deliver a courtesy letter first, then see if Im free. Its really out of line to block the road like this. Ill take my leave first!"

    After he finished, Yan Tianhen pulled on the reins, and the one-horned magic foal suddenly spread a pair of broad wings, leaping over Princess Yuqing and flying toward the sky.

    Qi Feiqing was overjoyed with laughter, and also had his magic foal spread its wings too and fly in another direction.

    Gu Ruyu glanced at the ugly expression on Princess Yuqings face and said faintly, "Please give way, Princess."

    Princess Yuqing looked annoyed and glared at Gu Ruyu, saying, "Its all because you guys instigated His Highness to leave the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital for half a year, which made him act so strange to me."

    Gu Ruyu replied, "If His Highness likes someone, how can time and distance change anything? His Highness has always liked dignified, noble, and elegant people. Princess might as well think about how to change herself."

    Princess Yuqing angrily snapped, "You dare mock this princess for not being dignified, noble, and elegant? How dare you!"

    Gu Ruyu coolly said, "Farewell."

    His magic foal had accidentally hurt its wings when hunting monsters, so Gu Ruyu didnt want to let it spread its wings. However, Princess Yuqing clearly would not make way for a short time, so he had to let the magic foal fly away from this land of dispute.

    Princess Yuqing took out a whip and slammed it to the ground. Her hands shook with anger. "I worked so hard and prepared for so long, but he didnt even look at it."

    Princess Yuqing was feeling very wronged and a little maid next to her said, "I think His Highness was in a hurry to get home, so he ignored Princess."

    "Shut up!" Princess Yuqing hit the maid with a whip and said sternly, "How are you allowed to talk?"

    The maid immediately fell to the ground and no longer breathed in the blink of an eye.

    Several other maids and guards behind Princess Yuqing were calm and normal. Every time Princess Yuqing was angry, she had to kill people to relieve her mood, so whenever she came looking for Yan Tianhen, these old servants would send several new people to follow her for venting purposes.

    After Yan Tianhen and the others disappeared for a period of time, the guards behind them came on horseback. A moment later, Yan Tianhen had already broken into King Yes Palace.

    Before he could stop the magic foal, he was heavily brought to the front by a strong gust of wind. Yan Tianhen immediately jumped up from the back of the magic foal and suddenly hung upside down on the branches of a big tree.

    "You finally remembered to return?!" You Ming stood standing under the tree with brows raised and hands on his hips. He shouted, "Get down for Laozi."

    Yan Tianhen hurriedly shook his head. "I dont want to, youll beat my ass. Im already so old, yet you still beat my ass. How can I go out and be a man?"

    You Ming sneered, "Why, do you want me to slap you on the face?"

    Yan Tianhen, ""

    Yan Tianhen couldnt beat You Ming, so he came down obediently.

    You Ming didnt really spank him. He went over and pulled out the two petals attached to Yan Tianhens hair. "Crazy and running out of home. Do you still have me as a father in your heart?"

    Yan Tianhen was very good at playing cute. He cried out to his father affectionately. "Naturally, your child has his elders in his heart. I went to Yingzhou to hunt beasts this time, and I got a lot of good things. There are a few kinds of spiritual plants that are rare even in the Royal Heavenly Capital. I made a special trip to find them for Dad. Ill show them to Dad later."

    You Ming snorted and looked very proud and awkward. He said, "Who cares about your trinkets."

    Yan Tianhen smiled. "I know I know, you dont want mine at all; you only want fathers."

    You Ming stared at Yan Tianhen and smiled. "Son, you just went out for a trip, how can you get such a glib tongue? This is the seed of love, isnt it? Have you taken a liking to someone?"

    Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows. "Thats not it."

    You Ming began to get to the bottom of things. "You are not young. According to your age, you should be able to find a Dao companion. Last time you went to the banquet of flowers, there were people who arranged a matchmaker to be with you. During the time you left, scrolls of appointments were stacked three feet high."

    "Aiya dad!" Yan Tianhen felt his head about to explode when he heard this. "If you talk about this anymore, I will run away."

    You Ming rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay, we wont talk about this if you dont want to. However, exactly what kind of Dao companion does my baby son want to find?"

    Yan Tianhen learned from You Ming and also rolled his eyes, looking exactly the same as You Ming. "Other peoples parents are urging their sons to cultivate diligently and not think about finding a partner every day, but my dad is urging marriage all the time. I really dont know what you think."

    You Ming glared at Yan Tianhen. "Dont you know your own constitution? The more you dual cultivate, the faster you improve, and you can gain greater benefits. You are different from others. Marrying too early harms themselves and their partners, but youll be helping yourself."

    As soon as Yan Tianhen heard You Ming was about to lecture him again, he quickly raised his hand and held You Ming in his arms. "I was wrong, I was wrong. Ill go find the right person for me."

    You Ming said, "Both men and women are fine, but they must be of Yang constitution."

    Yan Tianhen nodded. "All right."

    You Ming asked again, "Which type do you like? Dad will also help look for you."

    Yan Tianhen thought about it and said, "Good-looking. The person Ill marry in the future must be the greatest beauty in the world. Ow, dad, why did you hit me?"

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