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    Chapter 492 The Five Continents Barrier

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    Chapter 492 – The Five Continents Barrier

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    Behind Sky Peak Sect was the sea, with waves crashing on the bank. Lin Xuanzhi listened to the wind, birds, waves, and the flutter of butterflies dancing around. He listened to the long sound of bells coming from nowhere, and finally set foot on the last step.

    With the boundless sea in front of him and the mountains stretching for miles behind, the earth beneath his feet and the heavens above, Lin Xuanzhi held the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate in charge of life and death. Suddenly, his heart gave birth to an indescribable feeling of excitement and boldness. He remembered that many years ago, when he had repaired the Revert World Mirror in the soul plate, an abrupt existence appeared faintly in his consciousness.

    "There are 3,000 roads in the Great Dao, and life and death depend on fate. By opposing the Dao of Heaven and changing your life, cause and effect will be inverted, you shall part forever, and the life stars will fall into chaos. Are you ready for that?"

    Lin Xuanzhis heart did not fluctuate at all, but asked lightly, "Will I die?"

    That consciousness said, "The Dao of Heaven will always give life to those who are at the end of the road. Life and death are fated. You should think of yourself."

    Therefore, when the Revert World Mirror was about to be opened, a thousand words condensed into one meaning in Lin Xuanzhis sea of knowledge.


    Once he used the mirror and went against the Heavens, he would be completely obliterated by the Dao of Heaven. He didnt know what it meant to be erased, but he firmly let the Revert World Mirror take him back to the past.

    He returned to the fighting arena of Qing City. When he was almost beaten to death, a boy whose entire heart thought of him sold off the white tigers that had accompanied him for many years and exchanged them for money to save his life. When he opened his eyes and vaguely saw the image of a tender little face full of worries, he knew that his long-cherished wish had been achieved, even if he paid the price with his life.

    At the same time, it wasnt like he didnt think about what would happen if he treated Yan Tianhen very well and made Yan Tianhen fall in love with him again like in the previous life. If he then cruelly left him forever, was this fair to Yan Tianhen?

    But after thinking for a long time, Lin Xuanzhi finally figured it out. He had already died, so what was the point of thinking so much? The Five Elements Converging Soul Plate was thrown in the air, and the originally palm-sized soul plate suddenly grew extremely large, almost covering the sky and blocking the sun.

    Then the Four Directions Seal, Yin Yang Umbrella, Twin Lotus Lamp, and Heavenly Thunder Tripod were also thrown into the air one by one. The four magic weapons spun in hundreds of circles under the soul plate, and finally found their respective directions, settling in the grooves of East, South, West, and North the four directions. At this moment, a huge sound came from the sky, and the entire Five Continents seemed to be shaking violently. Many houses collapsed to the ground, and countless trees were uprooted and destroyed. Tsunamis suddenly gushed, and Lin Xuanzhi raised one of his hands to erect an invisible wall in front of him, completely stopping the tsunami that was about to flood the whole Sky Peak city.

    The sky was overcast with thunder and lightning, heavy rain pouring down. However, at this time, a thick thunder strike fell from the sky and struck at the zenith of Lin Xuanzhis head, penetrating throughout his entire body. He suddenly burst apart into pieces, turning into bloody rain and dissipating in the air.

    "Dag-!" Yan Tianhen was clearly seen in the mirror. He was stunned at first, then realized something, and suddenly cried bitterly. "You son of a bitch, you liar, Lin Xuanzhi!"

    He vomited a mouthful of blood and was knocked out.

    Everyone was astonished. No one could have imagined that Lin Xuanzhi would pay such a price.

    To die and end ones Dao; to die for a just cause.

    Yan Zhonghua lightly sighed.

    Unlocking this barrier could never have been done so easily. After all, when the Five Continents was sealed, four of the five great powers fell to the afterlife or were seriously injured from it.

    This situation did not last long, but gradually calmed down after the smoke of Lin Xuanzhis death. The fallen trees sank into the soil and broke out at the speed visible to the naked eye. After a while, they grew into towering green trees with birds tweeting and summer cicadas chirping. The clouds of vitality reappeared, and the sun showed a golden awn. Every dead person in all corners of the Five Continents was reborn, and their cultivations inexplicably improved a lot. It seemed that this was a blessing given by the Dao of Heaven.

    All living beings were born facing Yang.

    Suddenly, a purple thunder exploded down in the east, and the roar was deafening. Everyone looked toward the east.

    Under 81 strikes, a laugh wandered from the sky of the Five Continents, followed by a golden light that rushed up and disappeared into the sky.

    By the time this kind of magnificent spectacle died down, it was already after March. The barrier was completely broken, and his mission had been completed.

    You Ming laughed heartily. He was drunk on a balcony, raising his cup to invite the moon and dancing to his own shadow. Rarely did Yan Zhonghua see him so happy and wanton, You Ming jumping around on the ground, bare feet, before finally turning and falling into his arms.

    Yan Zhonghua encircled his slender body, listening to his soft and coquettish tone, "I really love you so badly that my heart hurts."

    Yan Zhonghua kissed You Mings cheek and said, "When you ran, you never thought whether Id be heartbroken."

    You Ming tightly hugged Yan Zhonghuas neck and sobbed. "I will never leave you again, never leave you again, n"

    Yan Zhonghua said, "If you dare to run again, I will break your legs and tie you to the bed."

    On the second day, Hai Kuanglang came with Zhan Fengting to bid farewell to Esteemed Lan Yue. "Master, Martial Uncle, Im going to leave the Five Continents today."

    Hai Kuanglang saluted Esteemed Lan Yue and You Ming and grinned. "I came here to say goodbye to you first."

    Esteemed Lan Yue looked at him and Zhan Fengting and nodded. "After returning to the Nine Lands, go back to Fuyao Sect first. Your Martial Uncle and I will go back in a few days. If we dont see you then, be careful of your bums."

    You Ming also nodded, and his eyes rolled a few times, saying, "I havent returned to Fuyao Sect for many years. Im afraid my house has already become dusty, so please help me clean it by the way."

    When Hai Kuanglangs smile stiffened, he had to answer with unshed tears, "Dont worry, Master and Martial Uncle, this disciple will sweep it clean and wont run away."

    Zhan Fengting chuckled. "I will definitely watch Little Lang for Master and Martial Uncle."

    At this time, Yan Tianhen ran in and saw Hai Kuanglang and Zhan Fengting. He smiled. "Eldest Martial Brother, Second Elder Martial Brother, are you here to say goodbye?"

    They both nodded together.

    Hai Kuanglang raised his eyebrows. "Younger Martial Brother, if you come with me, Elder Martial Brother will take you all over the East Lands."

    Without waiting for Yan Tianhen to answer, You Ming sneered. "You want to kidnap my son in front of me. I think you need to sweep clean the entire Fuyao Sect!"

    Hai Kuanglang dared not even talk. At the same time, he thought that there was still such a father who treated his child like his life. He didnt know whether younger martial brother could find a Dao companion smoothly in the future.

    Yan Tianhen said with a smile, "Ill go back to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital with my father and dad first. I havent seen it for many years, and I still miss it very much. I dont know what happened to my playmates when I was a child."

    Yan Zhonghua looked warmly at him. "They all miss you very much. The Gu familys boy is doing fine, and although the Qi familys boy is naughty, his cultivation has never been hindered."

    You Ming said, "The boy of the Qi family lingers among the flowers every day and has almost slept all over the pink field. Dont let Ah Hen contact him, he will be a bad influence to our familys Ah Hen!"

    Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes. "All that glitters is not gold. Little Qi was a round, fat fellow at the beginning, like a dumpling."

    Yan Zhonghua said, "Now he has lost a lot of weight. I am afraid that if you see him now, you will not recognize him."

    Yan Tianhen couldnt wait to leave the Five Continents and go to the Nine Lands to meet his old friends. At this moment, a gorgeous man with bare feet and wearing a wide robe walked in. He looked around the happy crowd and asked, "What about Lin Xuanzhi?"

    "Senior Yin." Even You Ming dared not make a mistake in front of this person. After all, this was an ancestor-level Divine Devil.

    "Who is Lin Xuanzhi?" asked Esteemed Lan Yue who frowned slightly.

    Yin Chongyue wanted to say, Isnt he your youngest disciple?, but suddenly, a ridiculous idea flashed through his mind.

    He looked at Yan Tianhen. "You dont know him either?"

    Yan Tianhen was puzzled. "Ive never heard of this person."

    Yin Chongyue asked, "What about Lin Zhan?"

    Yan Tianhen said, "Hes my adoptive father, and hes already in the Nine Lands."

    Yin Chongyue said with a tight throat, "Where is his own son?"

    Yan Tianhen suddenly became more inexplicable and said, "Since when did my Daddy have a biological son? I have been around him for many years, and I never knew that he had other sons. Daddy regarded me as his own son. I think it was me whom you heard about."

    Yin Chongyue almost wanted to laugh wildly, but he was also full of sorrow.

    "What is your relationship with Esteemed Lan Yue?"

    "I am his closed-door disciple." Yan Tianhen looked at Yin Chongyue with great concern and said, "Senior Yin, you already know this for a long time. Why are you just asking some strange questions today? Areare you okay?"

    "Who opened the Five Continents barrier?" Yin Chongyue asked the last question.

    Yan Tianhen shook his head and sighed. His eyes were full of longing and worship when he said, "I dont know where the great powerhouse came from. He always got these magic weapons one step ahead of us, and opened the barrier by his own strengths. He disappeared completely without leaving his surname or name. I really want to see such a genius with my own eyes."

    Yin Chongyue slowly raised his hand, swayed a little, and turned back to the exit.

    So the obliteration that Lin Xuanzhi once mentioned meant that all of the people in the world had completely forgotten him, and no one could remember Lin Xuanzhis existence among heaven and earth. But, why did he still remember?

    Yin Chongyue walked on a long street, only feeling that the temperamental nature of Dao of Heaven was really confusing, and he remembered that Lin Xuanzhi entrusted him to seal the memory of Yan Tianhen.

    In fact, from beginning to end, he was just an audience.

    Lin Xuanzhi had probably already known that once he unlocked the seal of the Five Continents, he would disappear from everyones memory forever.

    This was the true "obliteration" of the Dao of Heaven.

    No relatives, no friends, no lovers. He was alone and independent with no sons and daughters. He was born without death and turned into nothingness, turning into void from heaven and earth. From then on, dust would return to dust, and soil would return to soil, and later generations would have no other legends of him, let alone mention his name.

    Yin Chongyue couldnt help but shed tears. How could Lin Xuanzhi, who was so precious to Yan Tianhen, be willing to let him feel sad because of him?

    Under this circumstance, it was good that Yan Tianhen was not unhappy because of such a person as "Lin Xuanzh." After all, he didnt even know who this person was, and it was impossible for other people to mention him again. It was a thorough erasure, with everything figured out.

    It turned out that you had already laid out everything.

    Yin Chongyue staggered forward, and the world was empty, but there was nowhere to go. From dusk to sunset, from sunset to rising, and then from rising to sunrise, he didnt know how many days and nights he walked. Finally, one day, Yin Chongyue remembered that Lin Xuanzhi had not given him the Four Directions Seal.

    Yin Chongyue used the power of the contract, and suddenly tore a black hole in front of him. He went in without thinking, and came into the soul plate space which had been separated from him for a long time.

    A lotus platform was in full bloom on the water of the soul plate, and a naked young man laid on it. His figure was extremely beautiful, and every inch of him was a work of heaven and earth. Just like his appearance, one point couldnt be increased or decreased, which made people forget common customs.

    Yin Chongyue was stunned at first. Then he flew to the lotus platform and sat next to the young man. "Youve actually been hiding in this place. I have been looking for you for so long. I thought you were dead."

    Young crow-feather eyelashes trembled and slowly parted. A pair of dark eyes that shone like a vast sea of stars appeared, opened in a small smile.

    Heaven always left behind a glimmer of hope.

    Yin Chongyue stared at him and said, "You are a man who can do great things. You are so cruel to yourself. I have only seen you."

    Lin Xuanzhi laughed, but said nothing.

    "Ive come to ask for the Four Directions Seal." Yin Chongyue looked at Lin Xuanzhis eyes and whispered.

    Lin Xuanzhi said, "After I recover, I will return it to you."

    Yin Chongyue said, "En, now that its become like this, Im not afraid that you will run away."

    After muttering, Yin Chongyue said in a dull voice, "Well, I have been with you for the longest time in the previous life, and it is a thousand years before and after. I dont know how long we have to face each other in this life. Say, if the person I love is you, how nice it would be."

    Lin Xuanzhi said with a smile, "Then Im afraid Im going to disappoint your kindness."

    Yin Chongyue scolded, "Bastard. You are far inferior to him."

    Lin Xuanzhi said, "You are also far inferior to Ah Hen."

    Yin Chongyue, ""

    So why do they hurt each other?

    In the end, Yin Chongyue laughed, relieved, and placed his forehead on Lin Xuanzhis shoulder. He said in a soft voice, "Xuanzhi, from now on, no one will remember you in this world except me. And I I dont have anyone to remember. Now we both have nothing. Lets share each others company."

    Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand and pressed it gently on the back of Yin Chongyues head. He said, "Okay."

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