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    Chapter 491 Outstanding Sword Bone

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    Chapter 491 – Outstanding Sword Bone

    "The Five Elements Converging Soul Plate, as well as the Revert World Mirror." Bai Wens voice was very flat as he said, "And the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate did not fall into your body when you were sealed it followed you as early as when you climbed out from Twin Moons City as a ghost."

    Yin Chongyue suddenly froze. He could understand every word Bai Wen said, but he also couldnt understand them.

    Didnt the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate appear after he was sealed?

    The fact that he was a ghost that came from Twin Moons City was his deepest secret. Except for Lin Xuanzhi and the others, even Xuan Lou didnt know it. How could Bai Wen know?

    "What exactly do you mean by that?" Yin Chongyue stood up, his eyes fixed on Bai Wen. "Why dont you explain it to me. Why was the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate on me as early as then? What does this have to do with Xuan Lou? How do you know that Im a ghost from Twin Moons City? What role did you play in all this?"

    Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly but didnt interrupt.

    Bai Wen leaned back and said, "The Five Elements Converging Soul Plate was the magic weapon of the Yan family. Its believed that it could nourish the soul and calm the mind. On the second day after the great slaughter of Twin Moons City, Xuan Lou had already arrived there in a hurry. He saw the tragic situation in the city and saw you die a miserable death. When he thought about the eight-year appointment with you, he was in great pain and remorse. He gathered your bones and asked for the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate for you. He let your vengeful soul condense into a ghost and secretly protected you. He killed the Divine Devil whose body you later possessed and ensured you a lifetime of peace."

    Yin Chongyue was dumbstruck in an instant. He murmured, "Impossible he would never do this. He had completely forgotten the eight-year appointment. He couldnt have remembered it."

    "Outstanding Sword Bone a promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold. How could His Majesty Xuan forget such an important agreement? Just like how he still accepted Yan Xueyis engagement in exchange for the soul plate even though he doesnt love women."

    Bai Wen sighed faintly and paused. He then continued, "In fact, its true that I dont know if he really loves you, but he does feel pity and guilt towards you. Otherwise, he wouldnt have asked me to find the Revert World Mirror for him when you had already reached the point of no return."

    "What was he doing looking for a Revert World Mirror?" Yin Chongyues voice trembled.

    "He had wanted to start all over again, but unfortunately, when I returned with the mirror, his soul was so weak that he could no longer refine the mirror that was cracked. Before he died, he asked me to put the mirror and a remnant of an ancient crafting manual into your Five Elements Converging Soul Plate, just waiting for you to reunite your soul once again, repair the mirror, and then choose whether or not to go back in time." Bai Wen smiled and looked at Yin Chongyue, who was already shaking all over. "A long time ago, probably after you had became sworn brothers with him, I once asked him why he was so attentive to you. He told me that he needed a proper and legitimate identity to protect you from the wind and rain and to protect you from the worries of the world for the rest of your life."

    At this moment, Yin Chongyue felt as if hed been struck by lightning, and his body was overcome with a tidal wave of feelings.

    How did this happen?

    How could this be?

    What had Xuan Jiuxiao done?

    And what did he do?

    Bai Wen said, "The reason why I told you this is to let you know that your life was saved by Xuan Lous desperate efforts. If you dont want him to spend so much effort in vain, then dont hurt the land he has guarded for many years. Moreover, in the end, you owe us an apology."

    Yin Chongyue put his hands over his face and choked so much that he could hardly speak. He sobbed, "I Im sorry Im sorry, Im sorry. Its all my fault, its all my fault "

    Bai Wen gently responded, "I forgive you in their place. From now on, you should stop constantly thinking about the past; just carry your burden and move forward. I have already found the reincarnation of the person I love, and a dim light appeared on the West Phoenix Monarch Jiushaos soul stone. The South Sovereign is not dead, and Xuan Lou has re-entered the reincarnation cycle you see, everything has started anew in a new cycle of life."

    Everything has started anew in a new cycle of life, but his Xuan Lou would never come back. Yin Chongyues mind was greatly shaken. After crying for a while, he stood up from the ground and walked outside in a trance. After leaving the house for a few steps, the people inside heard him scream "Xuan Lou!"

    This sound was like the cuckoo crying blood or the shore ape whining, as if his heart had been pierced by the tip of a blade, making peoples scalp numb and causing heartache.

    Lin Xuanzhi seemed to have a lot he wanted to say, but in the end, he couldnt say anything. It turned out there were so many so-called cruel and heartless resentments in this world. After removing the surface layer, all of the hate could not hold out against the enthusiasm of the heart.

    Finally, a chivalrous and courageous man with flesh-and-blood stood in front of Lin Xuanzhi. The Ling Xiao Venerable, who stood above all he really did deserve the honor of standing above all ages.

    Bai Wen looked at the bamboo grove outside the window and was silent for a moment before recovering his mind. He said to Lin Xuanzhi, "Now that his affairs have been solved, we might as well talk about your affairs again."

    Lin Xuanzhi looked up slightly and asked, "What about my affairs?"

    Bai Wen replied, "Revert World Mirror."

    Lin Xuanzhi saw that Yan Tianhen was a little confused beside him. "Its better to wait until later to discuss this."

    Bai Wen was quite understanding. "I didnt expect that the Revert World Mirror was not used by Yin Chongyue, but it had created opportunities for you instead. However, the Revert World Mirror is a magic weapon of the Dao of Heaven. When you used it, did the Dao of Heaven speak with you?"

    Lin Xuanzhis pupils suddenly shrank, and then he hid it.

    "Never." Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, "Maybe because the Dao of Heaven doesnt want to care about me."

    Bai Wen nodded. "Thats for the best. Deceiving heaven and hiding from the world is only a temporary feat. One day, you will pay the price. You should be prepared."

    Lin Xuanzhi said, "Im grateful for Crafting Monarchs reminder."

    Bai Wen shook his head. "I havent been the Crafting Monarch for a long time. When you return to the Nine Lands, Im afraid the title of the new Crafting Emperor will fall on you."

    Lin Xuanzhi did not comment.

    Yan Tianhen asked, "Young Master Bai, arent you going back to the Nine Lands?"

    Bai Wen looked at Yan Tianhen and said gently, "I wont go for the time being. After all, there are still people I am looking for here. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely return to the Nine Lands."

    Lin Xuanzhi said, "Huangfu Jin?"

    Bai Wen nodded.

    Lin Xuanzhi told him, "I thought about those powerhouses who sealed the demon back then, and only the Northern Emperor, Longyao Canghai matches. Can Huangfu Jin be his reincarnation?"

    Bai Wen said, "Its him and its also not him. After reincarnation, there are still some differences, so I dont understand it whats the point of me trying my best to find his next life?"

    Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but ask, "I dont understand why you split off a part of your soul into Leng Jixue and made him cultivate the Dao of Indifference. You even made Huangfu Jin become a couple with others."

    "I have sacrificed a lot in order to seal the demon and also to enable Longyao Canghai to be reincarnated, so my health is not so good up to now. In the past few years, my body has experienced ups and downs with a faint sense of fading away. However, I am unwilling to end my fate with Longyao Canghai like this, so I created Leng Jixue, this person, to renew my relationship with him."

    "Its just that I didnt expect for Leng Jixue to be an emotionless person Later, my body became like a dry tree that had sprouted leaves again, and inexplicably became a lot better. I thought about absorbing Leng Jixue back. If I want to live longer, I must have a complete soul. Its just that Ah Jin already has deep feelings for him. Im afraid that once Leng Jixue dies, Ah Jin wont be able to stand it for a while, and some disasters will happen"

    Yan Tianhen nodded thoughtfully and said, "The reason is actually so complicated. No wonder I always thought you liked my Dage."

    Bai Wen chuckled. "The reason why I liked your Dage at first sight is because he looks like my best friend Xuan Jiuxiao, but you misunderstood."

    Yan Tianhen stuck out his tongue, thinking of the vinegar he had drank before. He was deeply ashamed.

    Lin Xuanzhi said, "But you cant let him marry others."

    "Do you know who is in charge of guarding the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate?" Bai Wen then answered his own question. "In the hands of the Huangfu family. What you dont know is that the Huangfu family is a chess piece buried in the Five Continents by the Dragon Palace from the North Land of the Divine clans. They are a reclusive family, and their only mission in coming to the Five Continents is to guard the Five Elements Converging Soul Plate. However, one day a few years ago, the soul plate disappeared, and the news was revealed. Other reclusive families all planned on singling them out for this crime. I dont know how the head of the Huangfu family knew of my identity, but he begged me to shelter the Huangfu family from the Divine clans. He was willing to let the Huangfu family serve the Bai family for many generations as a price."

    Bai Wen smiled coolly. "I naturally refused. The Five Continents Bai family is merely a small branch of our Bai family in this Smaller Realm, while Huangfu Jin is from a noble Divine clan. How could I let him serve others? I could only let the Bai family marry Ah Jin. In this way, the Bai family has become the brother-in-law of the Huangfu family, and those reclusive families would always have to weigh the consequences of offending a craftsmen family. "

    Yan Tianhen always felt that something was wrong.

    When he thought about it, a light suddenly flashed in his mind. "But you are so powerful that you can protect the Huangfu family even if they dont marry."

    Bai Wen said, "Thats only when Im alive."

    Yan Tianhen was stunned.

    "My time is coming." Bai Wen said softly, "Only by taking back my soul can I continue to live. However, the present situation doesnt allow me to take it back. After I die, no one can protect him anymore. I always have to leave him with a back road."

    With a complicated expression, Lin Xuanzhi looked at the man in front of him, whose sickly countenance still couldnt hide his elegance. "Have you told Huangfu Jin about these things?"

    "No need to let him know. In the past life, I became his inner demon, the tribulation on his cultivation road. Let him not remember me from beginning to end in this life."

    There was an indescribable affliction in Yan Tianhens heart.

    Bai Wen didnt stay too long on that day. He was never the kind of person who could express his mind thoroughly, so it was very profound that he even spoke this much.

    When Bai Wen was sent away, Yan Tianhen looked unhappy. He didnt understand why there were so many helpless people in the world. They were all so powerful, with a wave of their hand, they could overturn the clouds and stop rains, but when it came to love, they were afraid of their hands and feet and became hesitant.

    However, it was Yin Chongyue and Xuan Lou who made Yan Tianhen suffer the heaviest impact. It was unknown where Yin Chongyue went. They never saw him again, even when they went to Sky Peak Sect. Lin Xuanzhi summoned Yin Chongyues soul with the soul plate, but suddenly realized that the three souls and seven spirits of Yin Chongyue had already been integrated into one, and he was no longer that sliver of wandering soul in the soul plate.

    August 15th, mid-autumn day.

    On this day, Sky Peak City was crowded with people, and the scenery was hard to see. Cultivators from all over the Five Continents came in order to witness this historical moment with their own eyes.

    It was just that they could only stand in the distance and watch from afar, but they dared not approach at will.

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