The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 325 - TAE 325

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 325

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    Chapter 325

    Even if I drank one or two glasses of wine, I could not sleep because of some heaviness on my heart. In the end, I reluctantly called the royal doctor. I was going to sleep even after having some sleeping pills.

    While the doctor was prescribing the dosage of the pill, a servant asked the doctor cautiously. As I was puzzled by his question, I asked him to tell me about the details. Shuddering with fear, the servant said something surprising. He said he heard the rumor that the concubine laughed heartily when she heard about Jiun’s miscarriage, and that the maids whispered among themselves that they had never heard her laughing so loudly before.

    I blew my top at that.

    What did she do? How cruel she is! If so, was she responsible for Jiun’s miscarriage? Did she do it to keep her position as the royal concubine even at the risk of sacrificing her father?

    When I thought as far as that, I could not stand my anger any more. I wanted to behead her immediately.


    I threw the glass and the silver tray.

    The wine bottle was immediately smashed to pieces. The wine that poured from the broken bottle stained the marble floor and silver tray.

    Nevertheless, I looked around to grab anything to smash, controlling my raging anger.

    What a cruel woman! Even if she were caught, it was obvious that she would make excuses that her family was falsely charged. For nobody would think the Monique family would betray the imperial family.

    < Your Majesty, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your anger is rather excessive. I wonder if you are sick…>

    I stared at the female royal doctor intensely as if to kill her when she spoke cautiously.

    What did you say? I’m over the top? Do you want me to stay calm in this situation?

    At the moment, Monique’s indifferent look overlapped with her face. I got upset again at her condescending look. How dare you despise me?

    I took the sword from the royal knight who came into the room, then struck her down.

    Blood was gushing from the woman who feebly collapsed on the spot.

    As I felt some big load off my chest at that moment, I threw the blood-stained sword, then turned around.

    When I finally calmed down, I felt something strange. I didn’t realize it when I cut a couple of servants, but this time I felt I went too far after cutting the royal doctor a little while ago.

    I thought I might be suffering from illness, but called the marquis, holding my stinging head because I wanted to solve the most troublesome matter first.

    Called into my room, Marquis Monique stopped while trying to respond to the rumors that Lady Monique was the culprit. Then he opened his mouth after keeping silent for a while.

    His point was that he could disappear from me, saying he couldn’t allow his family to be disgraced on false charges.

    He asked me to disguise Lady Monique as dead because of the aftereffect of her miscarriage, saying that he and his daughter would never come back to the capital.

    I thought his request was ridiculous. The two dukes, his close friends, would not sit on their hands when he asked to retire from politics. Besides, there was no chance that Lady Monique, hungry for power, would follow him without any resistance.

    Did he notice my intentions? He said that he would take care of the two dukes’ possible opposition, and added that he already discussed the matter with his daughter.

    I was confused by what he just said. In no time, I was raging with anger again.

    What did he say? Lady Monique leaving the palace? With whose permission?

    What the heck is she thinking of right now? She spent her whole life preparing to join the imperial family, then she would leave the palace without any complaint? Does this make sense?

    I huffed and puffed for some time, then twisted my mouth when something suddenly came to my mind.

    Oh, don’t you want to sleep with me anymore because you can’t get pregnant? In other words, you don’t want to be humiliated by allowing your noble body to be touched by me who has a commoner’s blood? Is that what you mean?

    I suddenly recalled her indifferent look, her calm eyes and high-handed attitude that implied that I was nothing, compared to her.

    I once again felt a surge of anger rising deep down. Calming down my surging anger, I told the marquis to go home and keep a low profile. I didn’t want to see the same silver hair as the concubine, his daughter.

    I felt bad, watching her begging me, with her head down.

    Didn’t you always act as if you were superior to me? Didn’t you look down on even me, the ruler of the empire? Then, how come you are so servile to me? Where is your high-handed pride and arrogance?

    I twisted my mouth, feeling more and more disgusted with her submissive attitude. When I saw her kneeling and touching her forehead on the ground, I felt so crappy.

    Hey, are you such a cheap woman? How could you be so arrogant and rub me the wrong way?

    I felt like I was floating in the air. Am I now living in the real world now? How could she, with the blood of the noble family and praised all the time as the perfect candidate for the empress, lie with her face down, begging for her father’s life?

    I laughed like crazy for a long time. I just thought this unrealistic situation was so funny.

    She was still lying face down on the cold ground without moving a bit. I was going to tell her to raise her body, but stopped. I twisted my mouth at the sight of her jewelry hairpin with silver hair.

    What the heck are you doing now? Didn’t you always wear the tiara as if to show your status? Are you wearing that hairpin to get out of the imperial family like your father said? That’s why you are dressed like that?”

    At that moment, I lost my temper.

    How can you dare reject me? Do you hate touching me because I have a commoner’s blood?

    I breathed hard.

    Don’t be ridiculous! No matter how much you pretend to be noble and pure, you are the emperor’s woman. As long as I wear the emperor’s crown, you should sleep with me without any complaint even if a commoner’s blood runs through my body.

    I was satisfied with her getting embarrassed when I told her to please me during sex. Of course, you would say you couldn’t do it because as the concubine, you could not act like a vulgar woman, asking me to honor your opinion.

    But the woman who was trembling before me undressed herself without any resistance. Then she smiled faintly at me, who was watching her, dumbfounded.

    I hurriedly turned my head for fear I might feel depressed somehow. But I could not get her smile out of my mind.

    Unlike the last time she stiffened at my sexual move, she was more active this time, which I felt rather unfamiliar. Her quivering eyelashes, her tightly closed eyes, and her half-open lips due to her rough breathing, were so different from her defensive posture last time. When she caressed my body with her soft hands, she seemed to be a real girl, not a doll without any emotions.

    I instantly thought of getting angry with her by asking where her pride was, but left my body to her instead. This time I hugged her who was rather warm this time, compared to her stiff body last time. In no time my pent-up anger in my heart began to melt away.

    At that moment I opened my eyes wide at her voice, suddenly waking from a sexual pleasure. She already changed into new clothes and looked at me with an indifferent expression. I made a hollow smile at her lackluster eyes and flat voice, as usual.

    What did I expect from her? She just faithfully carried out my order to get what she wanted. Just like she put pressure on me to sleep with her with the goal of giving birth to a baby boy, the future crown prince, she allowed me to have sex with her to leave the Imperial Palace.