The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 366 - TAE 366

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 366

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    Chapter 366

    I think I was dumped by the woman I was dating until recently. I took her to the restaurant she wanted to visit, but I didn’t know how expensive the menu was there. After all, I didn’t have enough money to pay the balance. I had to borrow just a little bit of money from her. I had another great plan after eating, but she just went away. Did I do so wrong? I just have no idea. Is she petty?

    Tut, tut, that’s why you are doomed to be single.

    Oh, you are single again, man. Congratulations! I’m married, though.

    Is she pretty?

    How stupid! Didn’t you realize that the small-breasted woman you dated was wearing silicone breasts?

    Ah …

    Because it’s too dry these days, even the trees look glassy. I was feeling languid, so I was resting under the shade of the tree. I saw her! She is unusually placid.

    Did you say Ella is ordinary? Damn it, let me ask for a duel!

    Are you crazy? Do you know who I am? Sure, bring it on! Decide the time and the place.

    Hey, calm down, men. This is not the place for the duel, isn’t it?

    His Majesty, the Emperor, doesn’t look as healthy as before. Is it true?

    Well, I hear that he has entrusted his work to the crown prince these days. That’s why everybody at the palace is whispering now.

    Shush! I’m afraid you will lose your life if somebody overhears you.

    By the way, if the crown prince devotes his time on running the empire, don’t you think it will be much faster for him to accept his wife, right? Oh no… He shouldn’t! Your Majesty, the Emperor, I wish you a long life!

    Long live the emperor!

    Long live the emperor!

    Oh my God! Our goddess is allegedly leaving the capital…So sad…

    No way! Where is she going? To her estate?

    Hey, you’re out of the loop, man. Can you say you’re a big fan of Sir Monique? She is going to the summer palace with the emperor.

    Ah, I see. I can go there after taking vacation leave?

    Me, too!

    Me, too!

    Why don’t you suggest we go to the summer place for our summer training?

    That’s a good idea. Let me make the proposal right now.

    Stupid, man. Who is going to defend the capital then? Why don’t you suggest changing our assignment with the 1st Knights Division?’

    Who said he wanted to make the suggestion? In fact, I’m completely exhausted after one hour of training with the captain. You want it, too?

    No way, well, I think we have to pray that Sir Monique can come back early. Lord Vita, although people are thirsty because of drought, we’re losing our energy because of Sir Monique’s absence here. Please help her come back as soon as possible.

    Today I patrolled the western garden. The maids over there talked about something strange. According to them, a dark-haired woman suddenly fell from the sky.

    Really? If that were true, it wouldn’t be quiet like this.

    It’s true, dude. I heard it from the royal knight that I know.

    I heard the emperor saw her.

    Are you sure? Did the emperor see her? Where is she now?

    I think she is in a prison.

    How can you make up the rumor when you have not confirmed it? What if you get punished?

    Well, I would rather get punished, so I can go to the summer palace.

    What a scoop! The black-haired woman was released from prison. I hear she will be staying at Rose Palace for a while. It seems the noble faction is putting a great pressure on the emperor, arguing that she is indeed the child of God’s prophecy…

    Nonsense! Where did you pick up such rubbish rumors?

    What? Then, what happens to Sir Monique?

    Well, it seems like the noble faction’s on the strong offensive this time. They are arguing she was given by God.

    No, no, it’s not bad to have the information about her. We are on the same page on our goddess, right? We should not be swayed by such rumors.

    But what if there is a spy among us?

    Hey, are you crazy? Don’t you see these guys now look very serious?

    Well, there is supposed to be an odd man out who doesn’t grasp the atmosphere.

    I drew a picture of our goddess. Although I could not depict her beauty at all, I dare to attach it here.

    Don’t you think her eyes should be more clearly drawn?

    Nope, my goddess’s eyes aren’t like that.

    You drew her very well.

    Let me stop drawing!

    Oh, no! Please keep drawing!

    I heard that the black-haired woman became the duke’s foster daughter. It looks like there is a fierce fight between Sir Monique and Lady Jena over who is going to be the crown prince’s spouse.

    What, Lady Jena?

    I’m worried about the crown prince’s choice.

    Well, I think he will choose Sir Monique, given he has paid lots of attention to her until now.

    Of course! Who is going to beat our goddess?

    Stupid! Then our goddess becomes the concubine. Can’t you be more smart?’

    Well, in the present situation, it is a problem if she can’t be the concubine. Oh, this makes things complicated.

    In any case, I hope our goddess won’t be hurt. You know she is small and slender.

    You bet. I would like to be of any help to her.

    Shall I find out what she likes by consulting with those close to her? How about giving her some presents to cheer her up?

    It is a good idea.

    I agree.

    Me, too!

    What is love? When I think of her, my heart is broken… Ha, my heart aches.

    How cruel you guys are! We have our goddess! Cheer up, my friends! In the end, I succeeded in finding my lover as of yesterday!

    Hey, is she pretty?


    It seems our lady is pretty much depressed since that green-haired guy disappeared.

    Any good way to cheer her up?

    How about a gift?

    Well, that’s good, but you know we gave her lots of presents last time.

    Then, we can give her something special.

    How about a new sword? Or a new sheath?

    Well, that guy was a pain in the ass, as you know. Good riddance! How can we allow him to have her?

    Hey, are you Marquis Monique? How can you say you use the expression ‘allow’?

    Then, if you were the marquis, can you send her to him?

    No way!

    Anyway, I didn’t like that greenhorn!

    That guy seemed sullen, but he was so happy when he saw our lady…Anyway I’m sad to know she is depressed because of him.

    She is seen touching her hair tie often. Could it be his gift?

    Then, how about giving her hundreds of hair ties as a gift?

    Hey, calm down. That guy disappeared already. So, don’t talk about him.

    My heart ached when I saw her wielding the sword all day. I wonder why she is getting slender and skinny.

    Well, she is so skinny that she is going to be blown away by the wind…I’m so sad. My lady!

    I would devote myself if I could work for the lady!

    I’m more qualified than you!

    Still, it was good to see her in the training field all day long.

    Well, it happened that she was practicing when I was off!

    How about giving her snake soup for her stamina? I had a roasted snake recently, man. It was so good for my stamina! Especially when you make love during the night, it could not be better.

    Snake! My lady lives only on dew!

    Hey, are you kidding?

    Dang it! Are you going to challenge the story of Princess Dew? Are you a spy?

    Hope you dare not think about some sexual things about our lady. If you do, you’re breaching our rule!

    No way! Unless you are ready to be beaten severely, you can’t.

    I heard this from a friend in the Royal Knights. These days, the crown prince often visits the 1st Knights Division. But he doesn’t ask any questions. He just stops by, looks around the training field, and goes away.

    Is he looking for our lady?

    Oh my God! No! Is she now almost confirmed as his wife?

    Can’t she remain as our goddess forever? I know it’s my vain wish.

    Is he really interested in her? Well, she is treating him coldly. Man, I think she is in a difficult situation.

    I’m opposed to him marrying her. She has to succeed her family by all means!

    I’m opposed, too.

    Don’t you think they can make a good couple? I wonder why she is treating him alone so coldly.

    Oh, our goddess, please do not abandon us!