The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 364 - TAE 364

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 364

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    Chapter 364

    Rublis, who didn’t visit Jiun’s palace for a few days, headed for the palace after receiving a careful message from her. Although he didn’t like her these days, he decided that he would do his bit as her husband because he accepted her after abandoning the concubine.

    “Welcome, Rube.”

    Even when he saw her dressed up, with her face on heavy makeup, he responded impassively,

    “What did you want to see me?”

    “As husband and wife, do we have to see each other only when we have something special? I would like to have dinner with you since it’s been a long time.”

    “Oh, sure.”

    I was a little puzzled by his quick approval, which was somewhat different from his usual response, but he headed for the dining room without saying anything. While responding to her talking half-heartedly, he frowned, looking at the dishes brought by the maids.

    “What the heck is all this?”

    “These are the foods I used to enjoy in the world I lived in. Didn’t I make you some before?”

    “I think so.”

    “Although I was not good at making food, I made it for you. I hope you like it. ”

    “Really? Thanks.”

    “By the way, I had them implement the previous welfare policy as you instructed.”


    He briefly answered and lifted the fork. Although he took pains to spend time with her in a good mood, he found it was not fun at all to be with her. He even got annoyed by her endless talking, so he took the meat from a plate and put it into his mouth. Then he immediately frowned.

    “What is this?”

    “Oh, it’s called bulgogi or barbecued beef. How about it? You like it?”

    “…It’s a little salty. ”

    It tasted good, but he didn’t like it. All the food she made was a little salty.

    When he put down the fork silently, he suddenly recalled the event a few years ago.

    When he was frustrated on the day when the two dukes declared retirement, she gave him some food, saying she made it for him. At that time, the food was not good and much saltier, but he enjoyed it, moved by her cooking efforts.

    But her food now was the same as that back then, but he was not moved anymore. Rather he was annoyed by the salty food.

    “Oh, really? Didn’t you enjoy it last time? It’s strange. I’ve made the food less salty than before.”

    “Well, I didn’t like salty food from the beginning. Didn’t you know that?”

    “Oh, really? I thought you had the same taste as mine. All the dishes here tasted good, so I thought you would like them, too.”

    “… You don’t cook all the food here at the same time, right? Don’t you know that?”

    “Really? Well, I cook food with the same recipe in the same way. No?”

    As she showed reaction as if she didn’t know it at all, he stood up, with a deep sigh.

    “Don’t you want to eat more?”

    “I’m done. Let me leave first. So, enjoy your food.”

    He felt he lost his appetite because of her food, and ordered the chef to prepare dinner again when he went back to the Central Palace. He kept drinking water because of the salty taste in his mouth, so he frowned after getting a bite.

    Most people didn’t know that he was quite a gourmet. Therefore, there were not many foods that could satisfy his taste.

    Still, a few years ago they served some food that could satisfy his taste, but at some point, he began to lose appetite. Although he was not satisfied with the served food, he didn’t express his opinion because he could still have them. But now he came back after having some of Jiun’s salty food, he missed the food that satisfied his taste in the past. So, he told the Lord Chamberlain to bring the chief chef to him.

    “Your Majesty, did you call me?”

    “Yes, I have something to ask. How long have you been promoted to the chief chef?”

    “Oh, it’s been three years, Your Majesty.”

    “Three years.”

    He slightly tilted his head. Come to think of it, it was around that time that he began to lose his appetite.

    “Then what happened to your predecessor?”

    “That man…”

    “Answer me.”

    “He was executed as he was involved in the treason of the Monique family three years ago.”

    “Was the chief chef involved in the treason? Why? ”

    “Originally, he worked at the concubine’s palace, but he was transferred here at her order.

    So, he was rumored to be connected to the Monique family, and executed because of that.”

    Rublis laughed at that. These days he heard rumors and episodes about her everywhere he went.

    “If so, do you have any documents related to her?”

    “No, I don’t have anything like that. I’m serious, Your Majesty! ”

    Recalling his order to the director of the palace affairs office the other day, he knitted his brows at the chief chef who was shuddering with fear, denying he had nothing about her. But he took the chef’s knee-jerk reaction very strangely, even though his predecessor was involved in the treason case.

    “Bring it to me.”

    “I don’t have it, Your Majesty!”

    “I won’t repeat. Bring it to me. ”

    “I don’t have any documents directly related to the late concubine. I’m serious.”

    “Nothing directly related to her? Then what is it? Is it about the previous chef? ”

    “Well, that one is…”

    “Do you want to bring it here after you are beheaded?”

    The middle-aged man trembled violently while repeatedly denying it, then he jumped into the kitchen at his sharp glance. Shortly afterwards, he came back with a small notebook.

    “Here you go, Your Majesty.”

    Receiving it from the chef, he opened it quietly.

    In the summer of 962, the lady didn’t seem to be satisfied with the new food. He asked me to make more efforts to satisfy his taste because he was a gourmet.

    In the winter of 962, I made extraordinary food for the emperor, but the lady rejected it, commenting that he would not like it. She gave me a note, saying that it was a list of foods that he liked. On the note was written the passage as follows, ‘He likes duck, beef, and fresh vegetables, but he doesn’t like fish, pork, and Celery. He likes food with as little salt as possible, and he hardly eats smelly food.’ According to her, the crown prince has never complained about food. Then, how did she know whether he was a gourmet, which food he liked or hated? Nonetheless, as this was very special food, let me write down its recipe.

    In the spring of 963, I finally succeeded in making the food with the best flavor that the crown prince liked. The lady seemed very satisfied. In case I forget it, I wrote down the recipe carefully in the back of the notebook.

    In the winter of 963, after eight months of hard efforts, I finally developed a groundbreaking recipe for the fish that the crown prince hates. It doesn’t smell strong, nor salty, so he might be satisfied with it. The lady asked me to develop various foods if it’s good for the crown prince. Again, I have written down the recipe in the back of the notebook.

    In the summer of 964. How poor my lady! I thought she would be the empress, but allegedly she was to be the concubine. I was at a loss about how to comfort her, but she just told me to come to her palace. She also asked me to make more foods that the crown prince might like.

    In the fall of 964, the young lady seemed to have grasped everything in the inner palace within a month of entry. Shortly after her dinner with her Majesty, the young lady ordered me to be the chef of the Central Palace, saying that she was very pleased. According to the Serving Maid, the Majesty was expressionless throughout the day, how is she so sure? Anyway, I attach the recipes of the dishes I had today.

    In the summer of 965, the lady was reportedly beheaded on charges of treason. People around me told me to run away without getting entangled, but I could not. She promoted me, an unknown cook, to the highest chef position. How can I forget her grace and favor? I would not be even called a human if I forget it. Damned emperor! He would never know how much effort she made to make the best food for him. Curse to you, emperor! I will pray from hell that God will punish you by all means.>